Let's Talk About . . . Dirty Dancing!


I just started to read Austentatious, and I guess being set in Regency times makes the stakes of Baby falling in love with someone not from her world more intense. Plus, I love Baby’s swearing in her thought bubbles God, I used to be such an Austenite!

Just wondering, has anyone read Timeless yet?


I just started Austentatious today and oh my god. The directing is exquisite.


I’ve read Timeless and Blurred Lines which I really enjoyed.


Before I close this, I do wish there was more conversation about how the winner was an author less than <10k reads before they won. This is exactly what the community was hoping for, and I really wish there was more conversation about it.

@Sydney_H you may close this ^-^



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: