Let's Talk About ... Envy by Cindy Gaultier



So I have read the original but not the featured and I did really quite enjoy the original. I don’t think I am going to read the new featured version though as I my opinion I think it will just I gues ruin the experience of the first one. Like I mean I hope they didn’t change much especially the ending if the story but I am also quite curious to see what/if they changed the story.


I think it’s just a marketing gimmick. They will release everything eventually (otherwise community writers will let them have it lol) but for now while it’s unreleased they want to make money off of the fact that it’s not available yet.


Same ):


I actually paid 20 gems to decorate MC’s locker after the photo got defaced and it’s this cute mini game with tappable overlays, though it was this weird thing when Mei was holding a photo album and it appears in all of the picture choices.

You know how in the original there was the bonus scene when two guys stalked the girls at the Lake, and … relieved themselves? This counterpart has the gem option of stealing the guys’ clothes when they are skinny dipping. Sex parts jokes aside, this scene (prior gem choice) is pretty funny (in its weird and creepy way).


30 gems?! Bullshit!


Woah, I could choose any hairstyle I wanted for free! What’s going on?


I only did the locker too :joy:


I was able to do that the first time I played, but when I replayed to see all the new hairs again it only showed those…


I love Envy! The original will (of course) always be my favorite. Loved both limelight and ink.

Glad that the featured one isn’t shaming us for having no gems! I only had some for the mini game and it was cute. Seems like it’s actually worth it using gems unlike some of the other stories.


Episode sometimes contacts authors whose stories have performed well in reads and retention and asks to buy the rights to the story off the creator. So essentially Episode now owns the rights to Envy, and Cindy is working with them create the new featured version.


Started reading. All hairstyles are there and a whole bunch of new cool ones.
Story is quire good, I liked that contrary to usual episode stories, mc and li aren’t too crazy about each other right from the start and no excessive drooling too. Episodes are kinda short too for me.


Couldn’t hold myself and read up to chapter 6 (right before exam, thats how much I love it :sunglasses:) i figured out there are actually bonus scenes in the original one, this probably helped epify-ing the story. (adding gem choices to community stories)

The gem choices are really good. One of the best I’ve seen (along with I Married a Prince) keep up the good work Cindy!


Wow… I guess.


I read the whole story before it was featured and it was well-written and I was excited for every update. Hopefully Episode doesn’t ruin it. :roll_eyes:


You have six episodes?
I only have three.
Or are you talking about the original :sweat_smile:


Original. The story is too good :smirk:


The story is great. I finished it in one day, couldn’t go to sleep until I was finished :DD
I read the one without gems, that is fully released


That’s what I’m saying.


The plot is almost the same. There’s gem choices, previews of new hairstyles and new clothing (we’re finally getting cheer uniforms). If you want to skip out all the gem choices, just read the original ink or LL versions on Cindy’s profile.


I don’t know if it actually has anything to deal with this BUUT
On my smartphone (Android) I could choose any hairstyle I wanted for the story, but
On my iPad I had the gems choices for the hairstyles

Maybe it has something to do with the operating system? :woman_shrugging:t4: