Let's Talk About... Episode's Survey

Since Episode is asking our thoughts on the content guidelines here: [SURVEY] We want YOUR thoughts on our Content Guidelines! I’m just curious to know what everyone thinks it’s about.

Some topic starters…

  1. Do you think it’s related to the changes coming to Episode? Re: Changes Coming to Episode

  2. Were there any questions you didn’t understand?

  3. Were there any questions you wanted to elaborate on? (Feel free to elaborate here)

  4. Do you think this means Episode will be making changes to their content guidelines?

  5. Do you think this means Episode will be making changes to the type of stories they write and/feature?

  6. Do you expect Episode will explain their content guidelines more in depth after our feedback?

  7. Could this mean the app’s rating will potentially change to allow more mature content?


I have no doubts about this being connected to the big changes post. I hope episode makes changes to their guidelines. Do I believe that they will be making changes? Eh, I mean, I would love to say yes, but part of me feels like it won’t be changes that need to be addressed, clearly.

I doubt episode will change how they write featured stories. They write cliches and a lot of people like those. So, no. I don’t think so.

Based off a question or two that I saw in the survey. It does seem like episode is thinking or gearing towards that way (‘mature section.’) They also made that secret/ in beta “Love Life” app with featured stories. So, I wouldn’t put that off.

My answers aren’t in order, sorry.


Ooooh I totally forgot about that


Because of this line…

…yes, that’s what I believe.

I thought the “what do you look for when starting a story/what keeps you reading a story” questions were odd, but if it’s because they’re thinking of making changes to the kinds of stories they write and feature, then that would make sense to ask.

They don’t usually hold surveys, so Episode having a survey implies something is in the works to me.

The more I think about it, the more I think this is a possibility. Wasn’t like 1/3 of the questions asking about what kind of content (late teen/older adult vs general fiction) we read and write?


Yes, especially with their apparent want to make guidelines more clear

Which is good because some of their guidelines are vague and people go on thinking they can do a certain thing, but then get their shit shut down because it turns out that thing isn’t allowed, but no one knew for sure because it was in the ‘etc’ part of the listed content guidelines.

I mean of course the author could message and ask for a clearer explanation, but like…who’s really gonna do that?

I forgot a good number of the questions :joy: All the ones I do remember I understood.

I just found it funny how they asked whether Episode and community stories follow content guidelines when they know damn well they don’t LMAO!

On the question they asked what will not make me keep reading a story, I basically listed almost all the things they do themselves lol! Specifically things like how when offered CC, I will customize my character to be black, with afro textured hair, brown eyes, and a wide nose and my mama come out looking a mess. She turns up having the same skin color as the MC, but with lips either barely matching her skin tone or just straight up white. Her hair texture never matches my MC’s. There’s nothing wrong with her having straight hair, but it’s not hard to incorporate a code that will recognize textured hair within the template (clarkie.eps has done it. People should take notes :upside_down_face:). For some reason she stays having green/blue/hazel eyes a lot of the time and her nose be narrow asf. Those are just things that throw me off and it’s 10x worse in community stories too.

I customize my MCs in the 07 to 10 range just to see how much consideration was put into characters with darker skin tones and it’s just…:woozy_face:

On the question of what I look for that makes me start a story or not, one of the answers I put is I look at the author. I wrote in I absolutely will not click on a story written by a problematic author that has and continues to act despicably. No siree.

Another one being overly sexual covers and summaries indicating the story is gonna be an erotica written under the disguise of a romance. Yeah, just no. No.

So far I only see them elaborating them further.

HA! No. As Aaliyah said the type of stories they write and feature make them the money they crave. There’s no way they’re giving that tactic up.


I don’t think on the current app they’re trying to change it? Again, as Aaliyah mentioned

So I’ve started thinking. What if they’re pondering making a mature version of the app?? They may want to see if enough people would be interested in a mature section so they could be reassured the app won’t flop. Practically, just them trying to find a way to let the porn in without breaking rules :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


This is an interesting theory. Were any of the stories new or just official/featured stories that were already published on Episode?

Then again… I remember them making a separate app for the Demi Lovato stories too at some point and I didn’t understand that move beyond them utilizing Demi’s celebrity status.

Question 1

Definitely. First it’s the LL Wish List and then it’s this not too shortly after.

Question 2

Too bad I don’t remember the questions perfectly, but the one which stuck out to me is the ‘general/older audience’ reading preferences one. Because I have a different definition to Young Adult/Older teen than probably Episode has. So I wonder if there would be some miscommunication.

Question 3

Probably the ‘whether Community stories follow guidelines’ one. Episode Official/Featured stories, for the most part they’re hit or miss. However, for Community stories, the ones I prefer obviously don’t break guidelines 98/100 times, but there is a cluster of ones which do.

Question 4

To be an optimist, hopefully yes. But they didn’t really ask about specific stuff on the guidelines (which makes sense because it’s applied to a broad spectrum of Episode users) so I’m not sure whether they would, say, clarify what violent content is or isn’t allowed.

Question 5

Let me say this:
Written by themselves: Probably, they’re the ones who have more at hand about this content.
Featuring others: Not so much, since the latest ones are a makeover story, and rags-to-riches, with both questionable main LIs.
Though I hope in the meantime that Episode would monitor and change certain scenes in Featured stories better to actually make it both different to the original to a certain extent, and give a more positive message.

Question 6+7

Heck yes, I didn’t spend a few weeks monitoring stories just for this thing to not be specific.
Honestly, Episode has to make a choice. Because you cannot claim to be 13-years-minimum, and have questionable advertisements like they had in the past and promote stories with heavy sexual content - at the same time.

IDK, but overall I’m hopeful that Episode is taking a positive direction. They’re not perfect not even 90% of the time, but Episode is trying. And we need to make sure to push Episode too

  1. Probably

  2. I found the questions to be straight forward and not confusing.

  3. I love how the first question is “did you know Episode has Content Guidelines” - I get emails reminding me to look at the guidelines, click a button approving my updates that I have read the guidelines and there’s a CHECK OUT OUR GUIDELINES in the dead middle of the portal home menu. I want to see the chart of the responses so badly… like… yall feel…
    Hypothetically, if Episode allowed 18+ content that would be ALOT of new animations (heh), outfits (heheh) and body… sizes (heheheh). That would be costly. I do understand that simply narration will do, but part of what makes Episode stand out is their animations, character movements, etc.

  4. I guess. Stricter please.

  5. Stricter please. Less naughty more family friendly. Yeet.

  6. Its like 1am so I might be blanking on a time but all the guidelines have always made sense to me.

  7. Nuu. I want to see a crackdown on stories. A purge. An elimination. No survivors(ish).


I just woke up so I will need some time to put my thoughts together before I fill in the survey, but I just checked it and while I think there are things that should be revised in the guidelines, I’m kind of afraid they’re going to change others that they shouldn’t. As you mentioned, it really feels like they’re thinking about allowing more mature content, and sorry to everyone who supports this, but… Please. Just. No.
I’m already cringing when I see certain covers and descriptions, and that’s not because I’m prude or something, but because in many cases they’re absolutely unnecessary, and in this amount it’s just getting ridiculous.

Instead of this, they could have asked us what else we would like to have added to the guidelines, because I would have many ideas, but since this question didn’t come up, guess I will share my thoughts on this in the final thoughts and comments section.


For me personally, the main issue with allowing more mature content would be that it’s happening within the established environment on Episode which is essentially: largely teen demographic constantly being exposed to mature scenes by other teens and especially adults. Which… we’re grown. Adults know better and should be mindful of who is taking their content in the most, but I see it happen over and over again anyway. Discussing :eggplant: size in comments, blatantly sexual undertones (or overtones) in story and out, just letting it go too far when their readers are teenagers and coming into their own. Lines keep getting crossed.

Allowing even more mature content would just feed the beast.

It might be different if Episode had started out as a more adult app and that had shaped the community’s population, but that’s not what happened. It’s too late to shift gears. Even though I write with more mature themes in mind, I still think mature content needs to be more curbed if anything. The sexuality of stories I see in trending stories devolves into power struggles and sexual dominance and you can see the effect it has on the community + individual ways of thinking - especially, again, for its younger demographic.


I completely agree with everything you said, but unfortunately I see that many young readers are like: ”Add More Secks PLZ”, and because of that I’m kind of afraid to see the results of this survey (if we ever get to see them).
But yeah, what really makes me disappointed is when adult authors refuse to acknowledge that their content might have influence on young readers, and they take advantage on this instead :confused:


This concerns me too. I hope Episode will pay close attention to the ages and nuances of the community when thinking through their decision - if they are indeed thinking about adding an adult section.

Yes, this in particular bothers me. At best, it’s negligence and completely self-focused (because high sexual content is something they themselves want). At worst, it’s profiting off of curious teenagers. Maybe a bit of both.


I was disaponited i thought they would ask what kind of story we want .


There was actually a question like what will make you and what will not make you want to keep reading a story. I wrote a small essay and although I never mentioned it, I think I made it pretty clear that I’m not a fan of Episode featured stories :smiley:


I emphasize in my statement: I really hope Episode also goes the extra mile in following the guidelines and triple-checks the type of content/authors they’re featuring. Not absolutely sanitized, but making sure especially the ones with mature themes would handle them in a ,well, mature manner.

Like, say, being a bit hypocritical on the type of care put in teens of different genders and sexual misconduct


Based on what I saw, it was original episode stories.


I remember the Demi Lovato having its own app, but I don’t remember it looking like a duplicate of episode.

I think either two things. Episode is going to turn (episode interactive) into a mature app. Or this Love Life app will be filled with all the episode originals for younger people, and have all the bought out featured stories (that clearly targets 16 and older) on this app. I hope this made sense because I confused myself a bit lol

They are definitely thinking about this possibility because other wise they wouldn’t had mention it.


This kinda troubles me if there would be a separate app of just Official stories for younger readers, namely since they would have the gem choices, and it might encourage reckless spending.


I didn’t really think much of the survey, I think it was great they had questions about the guidelines and wanted to see our opinions, personally, I have no problem with guidelines. I liked the survey.


I agree with you, however, I think the guidelines would still apply. I believe it says somewhere in there, that children, 13, should ask a parent before using this app or using in purchase?


Ok, that’s cool. I hope in the very least though that there the gem choices are less costly to be more kid-friendly or something