Let's Talk About... Episode's Survey

Yes, especially with their apparent want to make guidelines more clear

Which is good because some of their guidelines are vague and people go on thinking they can do a certain thing, but then get their shit shut down because it turns out that thing isn’t allowed, but no one knew for sure because it was in the ‘etc’ part of the listed content guidelines.

I mean of course the author could message and ask for a clearer explanation, but like…who’s really gonna do that?

I forgot a good number of the questions :joy: All the ones I do remember I understood.

I just found it funny how they asked whether Episode and community stories follow content guidelines when they know damn well they don’t LMAO!

On the question they asked what will not make me keep reading a story, I basically listed almost all the things they do themselves lol! Specifically things like how when offered CC, I will customize my character to be black, with afro textured hair, brown eyes, and a wide nose and my mama come out looking a mess. She turns up having the same skin color as the MC, but with lips either barely matching her skin tone or just straight up white. Her hair texture never matches my MC’s. There’s nothing wrong with her having straight hair, but it’s not hard to incorporate a code that will recognize textured hair within the template (clarkie.eps has done it. People should take notes :upside_down_face:). For some reason she stays having green/blue/hazel eyes a lot of the time and her nose be narrow asf. Those are just things that throw me off and it’s 10x worse in community stories too.

I customize my MCs in the 07 to 10 range just to see how much consideration was put into characters with darker skin tones and it’s just…:woozy_face:

On the question of what I look for that makes me start a story or not, one of the answers I put is I look at the author. I wrote in I absolutely will not click on a story written by a problematic author that has and continues to act despicably. No siree.

Another one being overly sexual covers and summaries indicating the story is gonna be an erotica written under the disguise of a romance. Yeah, just no. No.

So far I only see them elaborating them further.

HA! No. As Aaliyah said the type of stories they write and feature make them the money they crave. There’s no way they’re giving that tactic up.


I don’t think on the current app they’re trying to change it? Again, as Aaliyah mentioned

So I’ve started thinking. What if they’re pondering making a mature version of the app?? They may want to see if enough people would be interested in a mature section so they could be reassured the app won’t flop. Practically, just them trying to find a way to let the porn in without breaking rules :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: