Let's Talk About... February Picks!

  • Telvoikai @Vaena
  • The Wrong Number @LaytonBeckett
  • Intoxicate Me by Melia A
  • The Fire Inside Me by Bevs
  • Contagious by Lenny was here
  • GUILTY by Sadet Khalil

So… Which ones have you read? What were your favourite moments? Do choices matter? Who would you recommend it for? And so on and so forth…


I FLIPPED OUT seeing Telvoikai on that list!!! I can’t believe it got the recognition it deserves. Every choice matters, she does her own art scenes, the coding and branching is absolutely nuts, and the world building is just!!! Ah!!!

I’m so happy :sob:


I’ve only read Telvoikai and I’m so happy the story and the author are getting their rightful recognition. The directing, storyline, and artwork is amazing! :star_struck:

Edit: Oops I replied to the wrong person :upside_down_face:


Was so happy to see GUILTY on the shelf!


I have not read these yet but telvokai is on my list


I’ve only read Telvoikai and Intoxicate Me, however, I stopped reading Intoxicate Me because of the overwhelming amount of generic features, cliche’s, and the fact that I customized my character with darker skin & my arms/hands were still white because of the overlays. That’s laziness there in itself :woman_shrugging:t4: The author definitely could’ve scripted the arms/hands overlays to match the color of my customized skin. Like E.R Gurney, for example, did in Austentatious & Under You. But it didn’t, so that, and the fact that I could’ve sworn I’ve seen every character in the story in other stories is the reason I didn’t even bother finishing the first episode. :woman_facepalming:t4:

However, I am in love with Telvoikai and the amount of effort it took to make that Episode story. It’s absolutely incredible, from the coding & branching, the tappable overlays, the storyline, etc. It’s just astonishing. I’ve never heard of that story before, so I’m glad it was featured so I, and many others, can appreciate just how much blood, sweat, and tears that story must’ve/still is taking. I can’t wait to read more when I have the time. :smile:


Thank you so much for everyone who has read Telvoikai. I am a bit overwhelmed at all the supportive comments I am getting right now. :sob:I am so glad you enjoyed the story, it makes all the work worth it when I know people enjoyed what I did. :two_hearts:


That’s amazing you two!


I’ve read these ones so far…

This one is like… next level Episode. Everything is just honestly too unbelievable. Every choice matters. tappable overlays make extra interactive, the menu and ability to change the background of your room/closet thing is possibly the closest any user story will get to replicating the wardrobe thing in the Demi stories. I feel like no one ever talks about this one small overlay: the helmet. Like helllloooo, can we just appreciate how much it actually looks like it could be an item of clothing on the portal? And it matches the jacket so well. I read it a while ago, so if I’m remembering correctly, my main choices were to stay with searching the ocean and I did convince 3 other characters to come with me in the last episode too because I’m good at maintaining relationships like that :tipping_hand_woman: Also, I’m happy to see Episode featuring a completed story for their Editor’s pick shelf. I just feel like it’s rare for them to feature a story that’s actually finished and they should do it more often because too many stories get discontinued.

The Wrong Number
I love this story. I’ve been reading it from the start virtually and I have probably sent like 4 or 5 fanmails lol. Fun fact: it’s based on a true story. The title technically only represents like the first couple of Episodes in my opinion, and then it heads into all sorts of different drama. So “The Wrong Number” is what starts the story basically, but it grows into something more. Author updates pretty fast and frequently too, so safe to say we don’t have to worry about it getting discontinued. Yay!


That helmet oof… I actually originally planned to have a lot more items like that- for example, a true ‘outfit’ for Phimeia, but I just couldn’t get it to work smoothly enough and a full outfit would be really tricky with the animations. :thinking: Thank you for the commentary. <3

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