Let's Talk About . . . February Picks


Dear Inmate by Sharon Rose
Godsend by Kagomae
Fade into Me by Kaylee
Unfaithful by B.B.
Tears on the train by Charliee.episode
The Princess of Veneficia by writtenbymegan

Random Topic Starters : What did you like / dislike about the stories? Would you recommend? Does the story fit the shelf? Would you reread? Doe the choices matter? Does the cover art represent the story? Does the story fit the genre? Is the story complete?


I really enjoyed Dear Inmate. It deals with some mature topics and the author portrays them very well and uses many disclaimers. The author is also very brilliant with diversity. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had, not one but two, albino characters. Albino people are not portrayed in media and especially in Epsiode often. She also included a transgender woman character :)) The plot does build a little slow. She hasn’t posted the part where the two main characters meet yet.


Unlike most people I’ve come across on here, I’m a sucker for romances and the occasional cute romance cliche, so Godsend is a HUGE favorite of mine. I think the story is executed beautifully and originally and I find myself attached to every single character, even the antagonists. I think it’s the perfect mixture of a drama and a romance, and even though I feel I’m gonna get a bunch of shit for loving it, I can’t help but be shamelessly addicted.


Who do you think her target audience was?


Do you have a favorite scene?


I’d definety say 16+. The plot includes heavy topics such as sexual assault so it’s not suitable for young readers.


I can’t think of one particular scene being my favorite, unfortunately. I discovered the story as I was looking through the favorites of my favorite authors, even before it had been selected for February Picks, at around 7 AM in my bed, right after I had finished my homework. I was super attached to it, so I continued reading until about 1 AM or so, when I had finished the entire thing. My favorite memory of that night was being super, super giggly at everything the love interests said and singing along pretty loudly to the music I was listening to. That’s 1 AM me for you, I guess. It was a lovely story though - I don’t usually feel the desire to stay up so late just to finish a book!

(sorry this is so unnecessary lol)


per the recommendation, I read the first few chapters of godsend.

I liked the cuteness of it, but I eventually lost interest and stopped reading. I disliked the predictability.
Anyone who is into fantasy romance will love this.
Meh, the shelf didn’t really have a theme.
I would not reread.
Choices do not matter.
I don’t think the cover represents the story too well. It’s like two guys over the girl, I don’t know if one is Sam and one is the sibling’s best friend.
Yes it’s a fantasy story, and I stopped at 7 so I don’t know if it’s complete or not.


It’s definitely not for everybody, and quite frankly, in the beginning, I didn’t see myself liking it either, until I actually started reading it. I found it unique to other stories. Even though I love the romance genre, I often find myself reading more action and adventure type stories, as it’s hard to find a romance story on Episode that isn’t cliché or rushed, so it would be hard for me to get bored of the genre as a whole.


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