Let's talk about first episodes

They are always the hardest, a lot of my friends complain about the fist episode being trash but I feel that they should be trash it highlights how even the best coders started without knowing what they were doing and featured stories have been altered so it’s no surprise that they have good directing, YOLO. The first episode are never as good as the other one on episode and on real tv

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first story dosent have to be bad. I seen a lot of first time writers who has good stories and directing.
I have also seen some who has multiple stories out and there directing still looks bad.

I also feel some are just to lazy to learn. I seen stories where I just sit how come your story is so bad.

my first story did not have good directing. if I wanted to write I had look at my phone to see how the script look. we did write on the internet we could just not see what we made on the computer. I did not have access to the forum and joseph evans had not started on his youtube videos.

but I made sure charaters enterd the right way and faced the right way. and when I see stories who cant even do that I just feel like they dont put effort into their work

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lol i learned everything I knew from Joseph, absolute king of code

Well of cuse if people do start writing it is not such good directing as later when thay learn it…but most readers will not go on with the story if first pisode is bad in any way for them… 1 is free but why to spend passes on 2 chapter when the 1 chapter is not looking promising… so in every writer interest is to make the first chaper as most atractive as thay can …if thay want to atract the reader to read more of the story.

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