Let's Talk About . . . For the Fam

  • Meet the Adams by Rasha S.
  • Let’s Play Pretend by Shania R.
  • The Watchers by Cassity Caravella
  • TAKEN : The Series by Nicole F.
  • Modern Family by Bolu
  • Destined To Be Protected by Moo

Does the story fit the shelf, how do YOU like the story? Does the cover represent the story, or is it misleading? How about the Summary? Any story YOU think should be on the shelf?


I actually read the first few chapters of Meet the Adams, but it wasn’t my type of story. I don’t recall why it didn’t catch me.

Anyone else recommend something on the shelf?


I read Let’s Play Pretend a while ago. I liked it! The story is complete. I think that both the cover and the description fit. It’s in the mystery section which is appropriate. It fits the “family” shelf, but it’s definitely not a “happy family” story.

I haven’t read any of the others yet. I might try Taken- I believe this is a revamped version of the original story (which was very popular).


Read lets play pretend before it was out on the shelf i liked it. It was cool and eeriee.
I tried with meet the admas before it hit the shelves too but was not intresting to me.


I believe that ‘Taken’ doesn’t fit For the Fam. Though it does include family, it’s not an overall family comedy to me. (Like ‘Meet The Adams’).


I did R4R with Bolu, I love her story sm,


LPP, is it a horror or mystery? Do the choices matter?


If you could pitch LPP in one or two sentences, what would be your pitch?


Do you know of any other story that might of fit the shelf?


Awesome, what is Modern Family about?


It’s about teens of two rich family, the story revolves around them, I think their parents went on vacation or business trip (don’t remember that detail much) pretty much shows their daily life and their struggles in their life.
It has a comedic sense, I recommend reading it if you like comedy.


You thought you were getting out…now its only begining x3

Theres no way i can say anything tht would make the story not sound cliche. Sorry


What do you guys think about the plot of Taken: The Series? I loved the story! It was so captivating. So far, I’m on the 2nd episode.


It’s a mystery :slight_smile:
I think that’s the best fit. I definitely wouldn’t place it in the horror section. I guess it kind of has elements of a thriller? But for the most part, I think mystery is best.
Choices don’t matter (at least, not that I can remember).


I read the story Let’s Play Pretend by Shania.R.
I strongly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good mystery because it kept me in tension till the very last chapter.

I have also started to read Destined to be Protected by the author Moo. I haven’t completely finished it yet but by the handful of chapters that’s I have read so far I realised that this story shows the close relationship between seven brothers and their younger sister and their eagerness to always keep their sister safe and out of harms way. It’s also a story I highly recommend and a great one “for the fam”.


I read Meet the Adams and it was funny. I heard Modern Family is good and funny too. I’m not familiar with the others though.


A kind of annoying thing so far in Meet the Adams is that I have to individually CC every family member, even though the author used a template for the hair colour.


I noticed that too, maybe its for grandparents ? (Didnt finish the story, you tell me xD)


Don’t get me wrong, I totally support the author. Her overlay use and directing is spot-on. I myself is still on episode 2, but I’m not sure grandparents are coming yet


I’m reading Meet The Adams and it’s hilarious!! Lol I love it