Let's Talk About . . . Game On!


In the Works : A Shelf For Sports <- More Awesome Suggestions

Foul Play : Inbounds by Desultory Writer
Unbearable by Bambi
American Boy by Susannah Moon
Heart over Wheels by Eleanor G.
After Hours by meghan silvers @episode.meghan
Race and Love by whatsername @whatsername.episode
My Coach’s Son by Soph
If only she knew by Xime_episode @xime_episode
Scoring The Soccer Captain

What did you like, would you recommend ( and who for? ) Does it belong on the shelf, does the cover represent the story, does the summary represent the story?


@FallenAngelNight13 After Hours is by @episode.meghan :slight_smile:


American Boy was one of the first user stories, so seeing it up there makes me feel happy & nostalgic! It’s entertaining, but also covers an important mental health topic like anxiety.
I read the first episode of After Hours and I found it quite interesting and entertaining.
Heart Over Wheels is another story that covers mental health and has stellar directing!
Overall I find this a good shelf, especially because After Hours was featured when it had >3K reads!:confetti_ball:
I can’t wait to read the others!


Not to be that person but I have to say this.

I really though Episode was going somewhere with this Hidden Gems shelves. But, it proved me wrong. Anyways, congrats to all those who were featured.


A shelf called Game On with no video games? This is offensive to gamers everywhere. :triumph::triumph:
Gamers rise up! :fist:t2::fist:t2::triumph:


In all seriousness, I won’t be reading this shelf. Not a huge fan of sports stories, and all of them seem to be romance based.
I did read Unbearable before it was put on the shelf, though, and it’s not bad! I liked it.


The only video game story I know of is Game Life (which has been featured before, but would have fit the theme very well). Do you know of any others?

That was my first thought, too. There’s maybe one or two on there which look interesting (to me).

I have actually read one story on the shelf but I’m not going to say which one because I honestly don’t know why I kept reading it :joy:.
Edit: I hate being negative, but I just read a second story on the shelf and I can’t name it either :confused:. The only reason I finished the first episode is because I needed to read one more episode to claim my daily reward :joy:.


… Not really, oop. I know Wincy W. (author of the Ruby Tiara) is going to write a video-game based story. I suppose it wouldn’t be very easy to include video games, though, without copying one from real life or making up your own.
I don’t think Episode would like it if your story was based around two characters falling in love through Fortnite.


Ohhh there was a spotlight story (and contest winner) where they fell in love through an online game :joy:. Both Sides of Me (I’m super far behind on this one and I need to catch up).


I had a story that revolved around a video game. I didn’t continue it but I’m pretty sure Episode wouldn’t feature me anyways.


I made such a terrible effort with this shelf, but anyway…

After Hours

This was already on my list so I started with this one and I read all the episodes that were available, so I’m about to date too :laughing:

  • I found it a bit fast paced (think Gilmore Girls), but I think that style of writing suits the comedy genre, so it worked well. I quite liked it and will definitely keep reading.
  • I actually don’t think this was the right shelf for it. The premise and summary would lead me to believe that yes, it is indeed about a game… But I was expecting it to revolve around the game Dare or Dare and I was imaging lots of dares would take place before the murder would actually happen. Instead it felt like we skimmed through the game, and I found this to be a lot more about friendships - The Squad Goals shelf would have been perfect for this story imo.
My Coach's Son

This was also on my list, so I checked this one out next…
After reading the first episode, I’m actually kind of angry… It started off kind of funny, with MC being a spoiled daughter who gets everything she wants, so eventually gets all chubby because her parent’s can’t say no.

Why I was upset...

But I was really upset with how the anorexia was dealt with. I understand everyone has different experiences with mental health, and this is why personally I try to avoid mental health stories - because I find that most of them don’t represent “my truth”.
I know episode is “just an app” and this is “just a story” and that certain things can’t be realistic in order for a story line to work. In fact, a lot of the stories I read on this shelf have thrown realism out the window. This is mental health we’re talking about… I guess what I’m saying is… Idk… I just hope there’s no impressionable young readers who get to the end of the first episode and think that if they are severely underweight or struggling with anorexia/bulimia that it can be cured by running. It takes a lot more than that.

Just to add though, I think making the MC have an eating disorder was unnecessary. Her becoming great at running could have been from her wanting to lose weight in a healthy way. I didn’t understand why she became anorexic to lose weight, and then the solution to combat her eating disorder was running. I won’t be reading on, so I’ll never find out if it was actually crucial to include (but if someone’s read the whole thing and wants to let me know, by all means…)

So um, yeah. I do agree/believe/think it fits the shelf for the running aspect of the story. I’d say the cover represents the story - but not the first episode, as the love interest is introduced in episode 3… Pretty flawless directing… But, unfortunately, it wouldn’t be something I’d recommend to people.

Scoring the Soccer Captain

I like the title of this because it’s like a play on words. Scoring … What does a soccer player do? Score… Hahaha, get it? No, ok, nevermind
I know it’s been mentioned on this thread already that this shelf seems to be a lot of romance based stories - and this one totally is - but so far I’m WAY more invested in MC’s best friend’s flirtationship with MC’s boyfriend’s friend… And if I continue on and there’s no time spent on their relationship developing, I’m going to be really upset :slightly_frowning_face:


I read this one after seeing some else talk about it on this thread. I loved that the sport is ice-hockey. It was definitely along the lines of what I was thinking would be on the shelf, so I was happy to say that.
I had to laugh though when MC introduces her brother, rolls her eyes and says “yes, I’m adopted,” as if it was obvious… Because my CC version of MC looks exactly like her dad and her brother and not too different from her mother either


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