Let's Talk About . . . Global Tales!


Does the cover fit the story, or is it misleading? How about the summary, is the summary misleading? Does the story fit the genre? Is there a story you think should be on the shelf, that isn’t? Does the story fit the shelf? Pitch the story to someone! Would this story be better on a different shelf?

Realms by Thea Dee
The Dream And The Dreamer by Nour D.
The Stolen Child by E R Guerny
Hidden Shadows by Anyanka @Anyanka
Divided by Priscilla Arina
Diary of a Middle School Teacher by Marianna I. Escalante
City of Tragedy by Haileda
Bad Royals by LadyDianna
Spotlight : The Empereor’s Bodyguard


My streak . . . of having read stories before the shelf has . . . ended . . . many tears

anyway, besides that, I am happy to see at least three stories on the shelf were non-contest winners, but still got their chance to be featured. (Realms [60% sure], The Stolen Child and Spotlight : The Emperor’s Bodyguard)

Update : Just learned Hidden Shadows is one as well. Was a fantastical entry.

I think I’ll be reading a few…


I could be wrong, but I think this is the first time a spotlight story (in the new spotlight style, I have no idea about the old style) has been featured on a shelf (excluding the contest shelf of course)?
I read Spotlight: The Emperor’s Bodyguard back when it was a contest entry and I really liked it. It was one of my favourites and I thought it would be on the shelf tbh. It’s set in Japan so it suits the theme. It hasn’t been updated since the contest period though and I believe she plans to redo it in cinematic? But hopefully she continues it in spotlight too now that it’s on a shelf :slight_smile:


Hidden Shadows was one of my favourites from the Fantastical contest. It’s very well written and the overlays used in it look amazing. I really liked the old cover though. Like really liked it, so I’m sad to see it got changed. But I just think it’s a really well paced story, and has exceptional character development.

Diary of a Middle School Teacher is the other one I read. (I remember it being promoted on the forums and seeing Marianna promising it wasn’t about a teacher-student romance hahaha) I think this story is just super cute, it’s a pretty light read despite it being such a dramatic story. Definitely suits the shelf, I honestly feel like I’ve learnt bits of another language just from reading this.


I’ve just started reading Divided and I’m really enjoying it so far. Currently on episode 8. The location of the story is fictional so I guess it counts as a global tale?

I have also read The Stolen Child but I truthfully don’t remember much. It wasn’t really my thing, but I remember thinking that the directing was really good. It takes place in Ireland so it fits the shelf.


I just started reading The Emperor’s Bodyguard and I really like it! I love how it’s set in Japan and the characters are Japanese.

Diary of a Middle School Teacher is my story… I’m thrilled that it made it on the shelf, since it takes place in Mexico and all the characters are Mexican. When I first promoted it on the old forums, I was worried people wouldn’t give it a chance because most stories that have ‘teacher’ in the title are about student-teacher relationships, and my story definitely isn’t about that… so I made sure to set the record straight about that from the beginning. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!
I’m sorry to hear that about the cover :frowning: I felt the characters in the old one were too small, and it was overall too dark. :confused:



It’s amazing to see contest entries that didn’t win featured on this shelf :slight_smile:
It really gives me hope that Episode is finally noticing stories we’ve worked so hard on.
And it’s such a good shelf, it’s so humbling to be featured among those amazing stories.


Ahahaha! Ok, the cover is not really that big of a deal, so apology accepted :wink:

But like…

I was the first fan of your cover way back when you made your promotion thread :joy:


Hahaha oops! :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


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I have finished reading, Hidden Shadows - and like above. I really really liked the story. ^-^

I could relate to the MC Anna, I found the directing not over powering as well. However, I don’t know if it fits the theme of the shelf. I know it takes place somewhere different where I live, but I didn’t catch on to where.


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This shelf is no longer on the app

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