Let's Talk About . . . Hidden Gems! (2)

Rivals by monica
CHILDREN OF STARDUST by Captain Willow @captainwillow
CHAOS by Viktoria S. & Ryan C.
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX @XxAlphaBetaxX
Why Today? by nuzhat
Donor Baby by Elle C. @ElleC
HEART OF GLASS by Tinaofficial
Temperamental by Sam & Renae (@sam.c, @Rcoote48)
Eternal Flame by Jules M. @JulesM.episode

What ones have you read? Do they fit the shelf? Do they fit the genre? What are your favourite moments? Who would you recommend it for? Do choices matter? Do you plan on reading any others?


Well done everyone! I haven’t read any yet but I’ll try to read them all. I’ve seen Welcome to the amazon forest be recommended quite a few times so I’m glad it’s been featured.


I’ve read Welcome to the Amazon Forest and Temperamental both are very good stories. They both definitely are hidden gems.


YES!! Welcome to the Amazon Forest is easily one of my favourite fantasy stories on Episode. The directing and the dialogues are amazing and it has a male MC, so I just wish the author would update more often lol. I’ve read Temperamental and Why Today? too, and I enjoyed both, but I’m just so happy for @XxAlphaBetaxX, I’ve been waiting for this for ages!


I’ve read Children of Stardust, Chaos, (and I believe, Rivals? there’s too many stories with that name),

I’ve only read one chapter of Children of Stardust, the directing was SUPER good and the characters were memorable.

Chaos was pretty good! Directing and art scenes is pretty and well done. There’s a bunch of instagram edits of the story so I’m not sure if it’s truly a hidden gem.

Congrats :partying_face:


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LMAO! Now I’m really gonna have to update! Someone set me up, I swear!


You just cut the “lol” from the end of my sentence! It’s important, it was there because I was expecting you to react like this :smiley:


LMAO! I fixed it!

You and Amber’s favorite pasttime will be attacking me now :rofl:



I’m so happy right now!

Welcome to the Amazon Forest is literally the most underrated story. It really deserves to be on the hidden gems shelf. I can’t wait for updates :sunglasses:


I knew that message was ominous af!


LOL! :heart:Thank you!:heart: All this attention got me like:



I read Eternal Flame before it was featured on the Hidden Gems shelf. Actually, I read it about 2 months before that. IT IS SO GOOD and I get super excited every time it gets updated. Also definitely a hidden gem. I was completely surprised when I saw how many reads it had.

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Oh my gosh, I’m absolutely speechless! Thank you so much for the love and support, and I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the story!:heartpulse:

Yessss, it has Children of Stardust! :grin:

Yessssss, it has Welcome to the Amazon Forest! :heart_eyes: :blob_hearts:

(Ofc congrats to everyone else who made the shelf! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

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I read temperamental and it is good story.

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Oof! I barely said anything about the stories. Okay, so…

I reread Welcome to the Amazon Forest since there were new scenes added that I was seeing screenshots of. I forget the level of directing in this story, like it’s actually flawless. I think I basically confirmed I think it’s a good fit for the shelf. For genre, whilst I do agree it’s a fantasy, it could even work as an adventure story too. There’s a lot of funny moments too, not enough to be comedy but enough to make me chuckle from time to time. Fave scene either has to be, um, the throwing-powder-scene which I now know depends on choices… and the steamy swim in the pond scene which I really mean is ~steamy~ and also depends on choices too now I know thanks to my replay :slight_smile:
I also read C H A O S last night and would highly recommend. I’m like an anti-art scene reader AND an anti-action reader, but this story literally had me gobsmacked. There wasn’t that many choices, but I really think you don’t even need them to enjoy this story. It really made me feel insecure about my own abilities and even though that sounds so depressing, that’s a compliment
I started reading Donor Baby now too :blush: If I finish it when this thread is still open, I shall be back.

I miss talking about stories


Places story in comedy section

“What do you mean it’s not a comedy??? I have like two jokes per episode! It totally counts!”

Really?! I was sure you were gonna say the leg scene lol!


It would fit better in comedy than the romance stories that work their way in lol.

And I like the leg scene but how can I deny the steamy scenes or the whole dizzy effect you literally created? It’s too hard.

However look at my screenshots of the leg

Funny, right? Full body



Straight up forgot how I even directed all that lmao! But I can see why floating puffs of steam covering privates can become a favorite.

Look how fun following guidelines can be~

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Giving a new image to the saying “Do those legs go all the way up?”