Let's Talk About . . . Hidden Gems! July 13th, 2018

July 13th, 2018

  • Dangerous Space by Natalie Sky
  • The Plus One by Castel
  • Angels of Bliss by Francesca M.
  • In Too Deep by Sweet Stories
  • Changed by G. Lambert
  • Villain Rehab by @Caitoriri (Congrats Girl :3)

I think I will read a few, def In Too Deep, very compelling Cover Art. Any others?


This shelf could also be called “Stories Elise has had saved in her favourites forever but has never gotten around to reading” lol. I think all of those stories except one are in my favourites :joy:

I started reading Dangerous Sky a while back and it’s really good (and currently in my Episode recommendations)! I definitely consider it to be a hidden gem. I’m not up to date, but I’ll definitely be continuing once I find the time.

Also special congrats to @Caitoriri and now I’m going to stop procrastinating and finally read your story :joy::see_no_evil: I’ve been meaning to read it for ages now!


I’m honestly waiting for @Caitoriri to come on and see this xD


I love this shelf, I checked and all the stories selected are written by authors with only a few thousands of reads, overall, so huge thank you Episode! I will definitely check them out.

Congrats to @Caitoriri and @Sweet_Stories, and the other 4 authors I couldn’t tag.


Sorry @FallenAngelNight13, I was fast asleep :joy:
But oh my gosh, thanks you guys :sob: :sob: It’s such an honor being on a shelf, especially considering it’s with a story that was a contest entry but didn’t win…

I also suggest everyone read Dangerous Space. I was talking to the author yesterday and she was SO NICE.


Girl, you deserve it! :heart:

Villain Rehab is seriously so funny. I binge read it a couple of weeks ago so I feel so proud of myself that I’m ahead of the shelf.

I read In Too Deep back when the H&V contest started and I didn’t really like it at first so I gave up on it, but then I went back a few months later (I think it had been revamped a little bit) and it kept my interest the second time around. It gets very interesting and it’s the type of story you’ve got to pay attention to or you might miss something.


Thank you so much love <3 <3 <3

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LOL I learned a lot and changed a lot about In Too Deep from when it first was published it for H & V ahahah. Gave it a major revamp after I studied up on directing a bit <3

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy it <3

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Congrats to all the authors <3 <3 <3 !!

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Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it! :sob: :heart:
I was actually really apprehensive about publishing it, because I was worried no one would laugh at my jokes :joy: I even said to my sister while I was writing, "…what if we’re the only people who think a woman with the power to turn cheating men into cake is funny?

@Sweet_Stories oh my gosh, does this mean we’re both H&V non-winners who got put on the Hidden Gems shelf?


YASSS GIRL! You want to know what else love? We got put on a "forever shelf " too!!
Have you seen “Stories we love” -> editors pick??? This entire shelf was uploaded there :heart_eyes: Our stories are mingling up there with the big boys!

Are you kidding me? She’s my favourite character! Lol

congrats @Sweet_Stories!
i remember reading ur story for a review and also loving your story!


Oh, really? Thank you so much! :blush: I’m touched that people actually recommend it to others!


I like this shelf and I was happy that there were a number of stories that were under 3K reads. I haven’t read any yet but I am considering reading a few of them.

LOL and thanks for your recommendations.

Oh my goodness <3 that means so much! thank you so much for reading!!

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