Let's Talk About . . . Hidden Gems!

  • What’s on Sunday, by Nour Debian
  • Too Far by Alix
  • NEON GHOSTS by Lillith Hills
  • Half of Me by Cece
  • Stuck in the Middle by Steph
  • Escaping Eternal

I didn’t do last week because another person got to it before me

Random Topic Starters : What did you like / dislike about the stories? Would you recommend? Does the story fit the shelf? Would you reread? Doe the choices matter? Does the cover art represent the story? Does the story fit the genre? Is the story complete?


I haven’t read any of them yet, but I am glad Episode has done this.
I shall definitely be checking some out later.


same, most of the stories were under 10K reads, even then I think the average was like 3K.


Stuck in the Middle is Great! It’s more of an action comedy in which I liked. Also, choices due matter. But it is currently incomplete


Do you plan on reading any other stores on the shelf?

Hidden Gems Found

I’m thinking if reading escaping eternal


I haven’t read any of the others yet, but I was super excited to see Escaping Eternal on here! As a huge sci-fi fan, I’m really excite to see more and more of this genre being featured on the app! :heart: And Escaping Eternal is definitely on my top five of sci-fi stories here on Episode (I even have it on my recommendations list on the app). It has it all- great characters, intriguing plot, diversity, choices that matter, and was one of the first stories that REALLY made me sweat when it came to picking choices. Literally every choice matters and the life of every crew member is on the line so choose wisely! It’s a short story that’s complete and the amount of branching that must have gone into this story is honestly insane. The cover fits it quite well, and I definitely think that it fits this shelf. I hope that more people will fall in love with Jinx’s writing and this story as I have.

As to what other one’s I’ll read… I’m not sure. Neon Ghosts sounds like it might be something I could get into. And I think that might enjoy What’s on Sunday? So I’ll probably give those two a shot!


I just started NEON GHOSTS and it’s really REALLY good. It’s a hilarious comedy/drama with a well portrayed gender fluid character- the first I’ve seen on episode- and a sexuality fluid character as well, place many Asians and other POCs around too. I may check out some of the other shelf stories later.


I’m glad you were able to find a hidden gem before it came on the shelf! I’m hoping eventually they will add a Sci - Fi section on the app (Hopefully it won’t be filled with like alien - cliche stories though? lmao)

If you had to pick the next shelf, what would you pick?


What’s is about my Lady ;3


Omg I would so love a Sci-fi shelf! And thankfully about 96% of the sci-fi stories I’ve read so far on Episode have been unique and fantastic! I’ve loved it all.

Hmm… Next shelf? I would love to see a male leads shelf! I think lately Episode has done a fantastic job with shelf themes so I really am excited to see what’s next!


Actually - about 2 weeks ago on Instagram, maybe three, episode creators asked what type of shelf people would like and they are planning and the most requested shelf was male lead and an lgbtq Shelf


I remember seeing it on Instagram, but I never really saw a tally for most popular shelves. I’m glad to see that so many others are interested in a male lead shelf as well!


This shelf is now gone, but feel free to continue conversations!


What’s on Sunday is sooooo good! It’s one of the only Episode stories that’s made me laugh out loud.


Want to give a quick summary?


It’s basically about these friends, all adults, and one of the main characters finds some old pictures of them from college - it alternates between flashbacks from when they were in college, how they met, etc. and their adult life.


@ryan and this :3`