Lets talk about Hollows eve!



What is everyone’s favorite thing about the month of October?!
I love the rain, the grey skies, the changing from summer to fall, all the pretty colors and the fact that its the witching month!
:japanese_ogre::ghost::heart_eyes_cat: ~ Signture


Just pretty colors i dont get rain or grey skies but i do get smoggy skies :joy:


Aww man I feel sorry for you. Its such a pretty contrast with the colors and the grey skied clashing together. :scream_cat:


I know i’ve seen it in other states but cali doesnt have it :confused:


I live in the mountains, so everything is green until the snow comes. I do however love the smell after it rains, love all the horror movies and pumpkin everything… plus… candy goes on sale so yeah… lots of candy.


The festives! And my birthday. :sweat_smile:


Of course :thinking: how could I forget the wonderful candy!


Yup festivities are the best and don’t forget dressing up!


The costumes though!


My birthday :birthday:


Ugh the worst ones are the couples ones… The cheap ones! :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:




My favourite thing is my sister’s birthday


It literally snowed last night ??


btw I ike all the spooky stuff

and candy >:D


When I was a child in Germany, we did not celebrate this day at all, neither Halloween nor Samhain. We only heard about it because of movies and series from America. Maybe 20 years ago the first children would ring at your door and ask for candy, but most people would not know what they want. It’s been just a few years now that this hollyday made a comeback. However, even with me becoming a child of the night in 1999, I never really celebrated this day. :jack_o_lantern::disappointed:


My fav thing about the month of October is the nice weather : )

Perfect time to go on a relaxing walk ^^

Halloween used to be my fav, but I stopped celebrating, so…:rofl:

P.S The holiday is spooky cool though and one of my favorites to write about :jack_o_lantern:

So, to sum it all up, the best thing about October, in my opinion, is the WEATHER :orange_heart:


For me it’s been snowing for weeks :expressionless:


The best thing for me is that feeling of moving toward Christmas. :blush: Also Halloween. :smiling_imp:



RIp to you


Shoot I wish I could get snow in Georgia all we get is cold winds and beautiful colors.