Let's Talk About . . . Hot Pursuit!


I Despise You by Isabella Costa
Classified by Lexi L.
Organized Crime : The Underground by DaziCat (maybe the one on the forums?)
Shadow Hunter : World on Fire by CeCiWrites.Episode
Imprisoned Chemistry by Queen Alii
CSI by E. Walker
Undercover Agent by Lina Hills
DREADFUL by Madeline Ives
Revival by Grace

Does the cover fit the story, or is it misleading? How about the summary, is the summary misleading? Does the story fit the genre? Is there a story you think should be on the shelf, that isn’t? Does the story fit the shelf?


Wuuhh, two for two? I’ve read a story on both of the last two shelves before they were on the shelf? This right here is goals.

ANYWAY, I read the story I Despise You not too long ago, but it was not my type of story because it was more on the ‘predictable’ end, and not my type of comedy.

Does the story fit the shelf? Yes, and I would recommend the story to anyone who likes impossible but destined to be together relationships. The cover / summary portray the story well,


Oh, I also just read CSI by E. Walker. Wasn’t my type of story either, maybe because I am a comedy-looser. anywho

Summary isn’t misleading.
Story def fits the shelf, and I would recommend it for anyone who likes Fast-Pace Crime Action.


Wow, I’ve always wondered why ‘I Despise You’ is not in the top 5 in the comedy section. It is actually my favourite comedy on Episode, but I guess we all have different taste :slight_smile:

I haven’t read anything else from the shelf yet, but I love the theme so I will definitely check out the other stories too.


I’ve read Revival by Grace - futuristic action type of story. I think it’s paced really well and there’s a good distinction between season one and season two. I actually reviewed when she had released the first season (she did all first 10 episodes at once) so it’s been really interesting to see it grow. Like one of the quickest growing read counts I’ve ever seen! Episode lengths are perfect and good character development


I read Organized Crime and Shadow Hunter. They are both very good. I haven’t read the other yet. This isn’t my preferred genre but I do like some of the stories from time to time.



very different taste, have you read any others on the shelf?


What is Organized Crime about ?


Not yet, I’ve been too busy lately. I added some to my favorites and I am planning to read them at the weekend.


This shelf is no longer on the app, and has been replaced with the Global Tales Shelf.

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