Let's Talk About... January Picks!

While Fallen’s on a break, I’ll be taking over these topics… Unless someone else beats me to it hahahaha

  • My Alien Lover by @Anyanka
  • The Bridesmaid by Kimber Valmont
  • Good Cop, Bad Delinquent by Carllies
  • A New Start by Jasmine Z
  • Kidnapping Prince Charming by Bea

Some questions you might want to answer: Have you read any of these stories? Or will you start reading any?What do you like about it? Does it fit the shelf theme Does it fit the genre? Do choices matter? Who would you suggest it for?


I follow My Alien Lover. I really like that story (I have a thing for any kind of non-human love interests :,D) and the directing is something awesome. Choices do matter, CC is available, the background story is decent and implies some bigger conflict in the future chapters than only just a “Who am I gonna end up with?”-kind of stories. I also find the characters interesting and most of them are lovable (even Cindy Gaultier has a cameo with a fun subplot in the story). I would suggest it to any fellows who are dreaming about being in a love relationship with a survivor ufonaut of the Roswell incident and who would like to feed 'em with some chocolate, lol. :,D



I love my alien lover it’s a cool story what great backgrounds and stuff!! I just started the bridesmaid but I like it so far it’s interesting!


My Alien Lover is amazing. I actually started reading it a day or two before the shelf was released and was kind of shook that I saw it when I looked at the shelf. I’m loving the plot so far and I’m excited for updates. Plus, I’m glad there’s another good sci-fi story besides Galactic Game.

EDIT: Also, the Cindy Gaultier cameo is pure GOLD.


I’ve read both My Alien Lover and The Bridesmaid!

My Alien Lover

I read this one originally for the College Days contest! It’s fun and light hearted and I mean… it has aliens? I’m all about adding a little bit of sci-fi to your story! Since the shelf is a picks shelf, I’m going to assume that all the stories technically fit the shelf. I can see why this story was placed in comedy, but at the same time, there’s so many serious moments and plot devices in the story that it’s almost borderline for me. Choices do matter for sure! They mostly matter for romance points. I’d probably suggest this story for those who like rom-com’s with a few sci-fi elements to spice it up.

The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid actually surprised me. Mind you, these days I don’t read stories that are straight romance. I just find them all to be the same and they don’t really grab my attention. However, this one seems a little different than the rest! The main character learns to deal with her problems in a healthy manner, and any and all drama I’ve encountered in the story so far isn’t over the top or ridiculous. I like the main character and the love interest for her (you only get one love interest in this story which is fine by me) isn’t a manipulative, bad boy asshole. I’m curious to see how it’s all going to play out. From what I’ve seen so far, choices have a minor impact on the story, but it’s nothing too large over all. I suggest this story to those who love sweet, adorable romances.

There was another story that grabbed my attention by title alone, but once I read the word gang in the blurb, it instantly made me lose interest. I hate gang stories. :see_no_evil:


Like most others, My Alien Lover is the only one I’ve read. The Bridesmaid interested me, but my reading list is far too long right now. Someone remind me in a couple of months to read it please :smile:

So, anyway… My Alien Lover. I really thought this was a shoe in for the College Days contest tbh. I quite enjoy it, I think it’s a cool idea, I’ve always loved alien sort of stories, and I love the concept of using the ash tones for aliens (although I think Zee doesn’t look good as an alien hahaha, but the rest of his family do). I don’t think it suits comedy, in my eyes, I see it more as a romance. The Cindy G and Bender scenes make me cringe… I think it’s Mr Bender’s appearance that does that. He just looks like a creepy pedo teacher, which is fitting but also ewww.
Choices do matter, but so far I’m only seeing major outcomes from my ones that relate to Zee, and I am actually really looking forward to seeing what my points with Clara will eventually lead to. Oooh, on that note, I’m way more invested in Clara’s love life than I am in the MC’s. (sorry)
Also, the whole pregnancy story line doesn’t bother me(?) I guess because even though she’s obvs pregnant, it actually feels like it builds on the plot. Like, with all the drama at the home planet and the betrothal… Can you imagine how a human-alien pregnancy is going to affect this? DRAMALLAMA




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