Let's Talk About . . . July Picks!

Forbidden Fruit by Hasna
Iridescent by Indigo
Dear Future Husband by CodyLouise
pyrrhic by Christina Dawn
Dark Side Daddy by Zee @ZeesMusic

Does the cover fit the story, or is it misleading? How about the summary, is the summary misleading? Does the story fit the genre?


I’ve only read Dear Future Husband and I’ve had pyrrhic on my list to read for a while now.

Dear Future Husband I found to be a pretty light hearted read, although I some times get confused between all the characters because there’s so many like secondary main characters and quite a few that look similar. It’s got some good funny moments. I’m not sure where the title comes from though - perhaps just the Meghan Trainor song?

I read the first episode of ANNABELLE when it was a H&V entry. It wasn’t really my thing and I was a bit confused about what genre it was supposed to be (some parts made me think it was a comedy so I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be serious or not) however, the directing is really impressive.

I haven’t read any of the others but I really like the sound of pyrrhic so I’ve just added that to my list.

I have no idea how or why I was included on this list - I’m honestly still stunned (and very thankful), but I can’t wait to check out the other authors’ work! :heartpulse: :smile:



The only one I’ve read is pyrrhic but I really loved it! Great directing and engaging + unique plot. Would definitely recommend it.

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I liked the selection, stories seemed different from each other.

I’ve fully read Dark Side Daddy, which is one of the best stories I’ve ever read on Episode and I made a thread about it a while ago (my thread talked about three underrated stories I recommended). It is the best romance I’ve read in a LONG time. Clearly Episode thinks it’s one of the best stories, too.

I started Iridescent but it’s not really my vibe, and the directing bothered me initially tbh. My true opinion is it’s a little overrated, not to say that it’s bad, just not AMAZING.

I’d like to check the others out as they seem promising.


Your story was included because it’s incredible.

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bump !

Do you want to give a quick summary about Dear Future Husband? (like why is there so many secondary characters?)

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If you read pyrrhic, what did you think ?

Do you want to pitch the story to us?

Do you want to give us a quick summary of Dark Side Daddy?

Messy Summary of Dear Future Husband

Sure… (I read it a while ago so I forget names, bare with me…)

So MC is a nerdy nobody, her mother passed away and her dad is very busy with work so she does a lot of the responsibilities, like taking care of her 5 siblings. Yes, five! If I remember correctly, they’re all customizable, but if you’re like me and leave them all default, they’ll look the same as a lot of other characters. All the siblings have similar names. I think they all start with L maybe. Lander, Len, Lexi? Something along those lines.

Anywho, main LI has just moved from England to become neighbors with MC. He has a shady past with the law.

I forget how but MC becomes friends with two girls, one has a crush on MC’s twin brother and the other is dating/dated/had a thing with someone the head cheerleader wants. They all end up joining the cheer squad. There’s another LI I believe who is friends with MC’s brother, but I sorta forget how that one came about. I think he was her crush before the British neighbor moved in…

I made this story sound like it’s a mess, whoops. But there are some funny moments, just a lot of characters with having 5 siblings, multiple love interests and multiple friends who also get love interests.


Also, I have started reading pyrrhic. The directing is super amazing and also, I’m making all the bad choices! :woman_facepalming:

lmao, how so?

Well, choices matter and every chapter stresses to make good choices. The first one I did alright, but every other one since I get a reader message telling me I’ve just lost someone’s trust now or that they will be unsure of me in future, blah blah blah. Even in one episode, I got a reader message to say: It appears you haven’t been making very good choices :joy::joy::joy:


I get told that all the time, except it’s not on Episode, it’s in real life :woman_shrugging:



:scream::heart_eyes: Thank you!! xoxox