Let's Talk About . . . June Editor's Picks


Hey, I’m back <3

This shelf isn’t up for me yet, but I so badly wanted to post it first, so I will update with the authors later


  • Assassins of Blackwood by Dana Violet
  • The Pact by Kaytee
  • Deep Blue
  • The Art of Falling in Love
  • Teen Years
  • Fine Line by Evil.Ebonni


I’ve read The Pact by Kaytee, It is a hilarious comedy surrounding two high school friends that make a pact to get married if they aren’t otherwise married by 35. Of course they sabotage each other’s relationships. It doesn’t help when Kolton, an awkward outcast, returns from the military BUFF and HOT.
Love Kaytee and SO happy my girl made the shelf!!!


The Pact
The whole pact to marry someone if you’re still single at a certain age has been done before, so reading the description I though hmmm, sounds like this could have a twist. But it was even different from the twist I was expecting. I actually thought it had some really funny moments.

Teen Years
I started this a couple of months ago, but it didn’t really grip me enough to read on straight away, so it’s just been sitting in my list for a while.

Fine Line
So I’ve heard of Evil Ebonni but never read one of her stories before. I started this one after seeing it on the shelf and now I totally understand what the hype is. The directing is amazing. I can’t even!


assassins of blackwood is so good tbh. the directing is amazing and the characters are rlly interesting and unique.


To me, Fine Line and Assassins of Blackwood are the best out of these six stories!


How exactly are these stories determined? Are we ever allowed to suggest a story to the editors if we think it’s underrated and should get more exposure? Just wondering.


usually the editors picks are random, and don’t really fit a theme sorry. But for the other shelves, they (@/episodecreators) usually ask on Instagram.


I read The Pact last night, and it wasn’t my cup of tea. Def funny moments around Katie.


The Pact is amazing and hilarious! The dad is my favorite lol. :joy:


I told Kaytee that I want Bruce. He so hilarious.
Several of the characters are based off real people that are in our Episode group (pretty much the whole sorority).
They all make fun of me and my obsession with coffee… so… well… you know.
It has been great watching the story grow from it’s inception a few months ago up till now.
Can’t wait to see where she takes it.


Oh, that’s amazing! I didn’t know that they were based off actual people! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one obsessed with coffee. :wink: :joy:


I just read The Pact and it was very funny. I haven’t read the others yet though.


You are funny in her story too! :grinning::grinning:


Brielle’s father is so funny. I love the scenes in the sorority, especially the parts about the socks and the coffee machine.


That makes sense, I just don’t get how they’re picked. Like based on what criteria.


Yeah I read that but it still doesn’t make sense. lol. If they were based on reader engagement and reader scores alone, they should be called “readers picks” and not editors picks. I don’t know. I’m know I’m being over-analytical here, I just wish Episode was more transparent about exactly how they choose which stories to feature.


I’d also like to add, after reading the Pact, I am tempted to create a pact with my Best Friend.

I’d also like to add, that I’ve been doing (most) of the shelves for about a year now, and happy that they helped change the EPC into a non-story sharing thread (like the old forums where it was.)


This shelve has now been removed, the new one is up.

@Jeremy you may close this.