Let's Talk About K*ss List & What We Know So Far

Recently, Episode showed us some sneak peeks for a new Episode called Kiss List.

The story uses some new features that may be released in the future. Some new features include a new type of dressing game where outfits can be seen through the spotlight format, a new type of branching and choice setup, and some more.

I’m curious to hear what others think about what they’ve leaked so far and to see if they’d read it.

Personally, I would read the story just because I’m curious to see where it leads. It could potentially have some new features that could allow readers to be more engaged with the story. However, I do wish that Episode would change the story’s name because at first I suspected it to become another romance story. It could be called Queen Bee of blah blah or Worship. There’s many more possibilities.

I wanna know what you guys think about this new story… :slight_smile:


Lol all those outfits were in gold spotlight bubbles which makes me think you’ll need to pay gems to wear anything cool (of course).
(The set up actually looks almost identical to the one Choices uses to choose an outfit.)

I cringed during nearly every screenshot. I don’t think this story is for me but I’ll give it a chance :rofl:


Screenshots from Episode’s IG story:

Click this

Part 1


More screenshots from Episode’s IG story:

Click this

Part 2


There’s an user story named “Kiss List” I- :skull:


Better tell “Swiper! No swiping!” to Episode :skull:


Thanks for sharing @JemU776 . I had no idea what this was about :sweat:
To me, it looks like they’ve taken a whole lot of great things community authors have already been doing for a while now…

  • The point thing with the +fear and +admiration is similar to survival points in Maternal Instincts, or the points you can make with villains in Villain Rehab.

  • The Kiss List itself is a name of another user story… I can’t really comment on that until we see how different the actual plot is.

  • The last two screen shots don’t really seem like it’s new features to me… Again, user stories do this all the time. Maybe it’s just new features to Episode Original Stories since they’re always rejecting our choices and making us pursue love interests we don’t want


I’m just a little peeved that Episode isn’t using this opportunity to use a story from one of their trailers (eg. Magic Love, One Last Chance) to promote these new features. However, as long as the new story isn’t too egregious, I don’t mind it as much (since as a lot of users like me care a lot more for the features) even though they also should have made this a COLLEGE story. You know, for their contest


I think the Episode team did this, because when they would implement this in the future, maybe new/beginner user authors can develop their coding and branching more. Maybe it would be nice if they mentioned they were inspired by those certain user stories though


Maybe they realized people actually like reading stories where choices matter? Hahaha


You mean ones that don’t revolve on gems and outfits right? :smirk:


I’d like to give Episode the benefit of the doubt here and presume that the title is just a coincidence (and that they didn’t take it from a user story intentionally).
Wasn’t there also a user story called “The Baby Project” as well?

I’m assuming that if we want our choices to actually matter we’ll probably have to pay for them lol. “You want to rule the school? Sure. 6092834902862 gems please”



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I guess it’s a catchy name so it’s probably a coincidence… I can give them that…

I can see it now:
EliseC is now a worshipper and is part of your squad!
Do you want to keep her in your squad for 35 gems even though I literally just told you she was in it already and that she worships you?


On the bright side, I think the team also realised that stories starring a (comically) typical mean, rich girl are getting popular, at least I think so, because this story looks like this as well


I’m worth more than 35 gems. Just saying :rofl:

But honestly, I do think we’ll probably have to pay for the “good” choices (so I’m going to end up as a nobody with zero worshippers and unknown by everyone lol) but maybe they’ll prove me wrong.


I’m honestly looking forward to it. Instead of falling for the badboy or celeb, i get to be the mean bitch girl :joy::joy: and destroy lives :joy::joy:


I’m not playing a bully, and plus, the story looks cringy… They spelled “worshipper” wrong.

But then again, I hope the MC isn’t weak.


I was very turned off by the whole premise of it, but we’ll see!


To me, it looks like they’ve taken a whole lot of great things community authors have already been doing for a while now…

This is so sad if it’s true. They could easily collab with these writers and give them a great opportunity instead of rolling out an “original.”