Let's Talk About K*ss List & What We Know So Far


I don’t know, it’s not like those are completely original things no one’s ever heard about. Nobody in the Episode Community invented those things, and a lot of community authors and interactive apps do those things, so… I don’t really know what would be the problem with the Episode Team finally catching up?


Hahaha, when I said that, I just meant that it wasn’t some new features or a new way of branching (well, it might be and we’ll never know coz we don’t see the script), because Episode has always had the tools to be able to make choices matter, etc, and has just never quite pulled it off the way some community authors have.


Whatever did happen to Magic Love?


I don’t know. It was a typical Episode romance thing but I thought the fantasy bits looked interesting. I don’t get why Episode hasn’t done at least a few published chapters yet!


The outfit choices really remind me of the outfit choices and the customization in the Choices app. Hopefully it’s just a huge coincidence because I really like the way it looks.


The outfit layout is a so-obvious Choices rip off. It’s absolutely ridiculous.


The fantasy part also caught my interest, so I’m pretty disappointed that Episode didn’t choose that story to showcase their new, upcoming features. Oh well :unamused:


Hopefully this story would have a system like in order to get a GREAT outcome of a choice you either choose the ‘right’ one for a situation or a gem choice if the player didn’t get it first. That way it would feel more ‘earned’