Let's Talk About... Kidnappings In Stories

I like the point you bring up here but I also want to add that I am 15 (young and "impressionable) and by reading stories with the kidnapper being the love interest doesn’t give me a desire to be kidnapped or make me think that a kidnapper would be some sexy bad boy. I think most kids even 12 and above would understand that this wouldn’t happen in reality! And what these stories are that have kidnapping portrayed in this way are fantasy stories and aren’t meant to cause any harm. I believe it isn’t a problem unless a story actually convinces someone to either kidnap someone/try to get kidnapped.


Wow, ok. First of all, I’m so glad you have your head screwed on right for starters. Gives me a bit of hope to know there are readers who can actually differentiate.

Tbh, at the time I made this thread, I had a personal vendetta against this one story who had included a particularly alarming choice in their story in which the reader was basically punished if they stood up to the kidnapper (but I’m pretty sure author changed this not long after publishing because of backlash). Anyway, I noticed all these comments on her instagram posts from what I can only assume are younger “impressionable” girls who were commenting how hot the kidnapper was and could the author add more sex scenes with him. The posts alone disturbed me a lot because there shouldn’t really be that much sex on episode to begin with, but the author’s responses of encouragement to these fans really tipped me over the edge. I would have expected a “remember it’s just a story and in real life this is not ok” comment at least, but instead she kinda turned it into a way of promoting and so that actually inspired this whole thread lol.

I am curious though, is this a genre you like/read in? Not trying to shame you, but if it is, it would be nice to know just because everyone else’s comments so far have mostly been against it, so to get the opinion of someone who reads kidnapping stories without getting brainwashed would be interesting :sweat_smile:


I can see how that would be creepy and if I wrote a story like that I would definitely remind people that this story isn’t real life and wouldn’t actually happen. This isn’t specially a genre I like to read in, I mean I love, “My Psycho” but that isn’t really kidnapping and though it does portray a psychopath as “hot” she does give many disclaimers! I don’t think I specifically read genres with kidnapping especially since theres a lot of stories like that and I don’t like reading similar stories! And yeah I don’t think I’m getting brainwashed :joy: :crossed_fingers: I also noticed a lot of no one really stood up for kidnapping stories and I was surprised because their are many popular stories that have centered around kidnapping and the main character falling for the kidnapper.


All the brainwashed readers aren’t on forums, that’s why :laughing: Otherwise they’d come for my neck!

  1. I have read very few kidnapping stories, mainly because of my taste :man_shrugging:From what I see in instagram, they seem to be pretty popular and the kidnapper is usually called “daddy” and girls are drooling over them. From the trending section, it seems like kidnapping stories have lost their glory( lol I’m always analysing it.)

  2. Yeah I’ve read some stories from the new story section where the kidnapper wasn’t a love interest. I don’t remember the names as I quit all of them.

  3. Definitely. The best way is to make the kidnapper a villain. But even if the kidnapper is a love interest, a skilled writer can portray it beautifully. The love kidnapping stories I’ve read are by kids themselves so maybe…

  4. Romanticizing Stockholm syndrome/ mental illness/ anything should be against the guidelines. As far as falling in love with a kidnapper is concerned, I think it varies from story to story. I haven’t encountered any tasteful story about kidnapper LI so far.

  5. It seems laughable. What I infer from this is they might be sex deprived 🤔 or raging with hormones.

  6. I think kidnapping is an interesting plot point and a good writer can use this to create great stories whether the kidnapper is LI or not. The problem is many writers have no idea on character development.

  7. N/A


I’ll be able to reply with a more… Uh informed idk the words. Whatarewords? Response in a bit.

Anywho kidnapping/lowkeyBDSM isn’t my thing… I do believe a kidnapper should not be a love interest… Never tho? I’m thinking of Fantasy stories where like they try to turn the MC to their side and like oof drama.

Can someone write a story where the MC is the kidnapper? Like I kinda wanna see this.


This is a good idea. I nominate @EliseC


Well I never read a story where the kidnapped was a love interest, but it really depends.
If the kidnapper kidnapped the MC, and then realized it was wrong and let’s her go, I think it’s fine if she develops feelings for him (Beauty and the Beast vibes lol).
But if the kidnapper does something bad, and doesn’t admit it was wrong, then no. That’s just messed up.

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Haha I totally would. Although I’m having enough issues trying to figure out the prequel for Maternal Instincts. It’s from Aiden’s perspective (the guy who eventually kidnaps the girl for anyone who hasn’t read it) and I feel like it’s going to break a lot of guidelines :rofl:


Eeeek :confounded::confounded::confounded:


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I think there is. The story must not include Stockholm
Syndrome for it to be unproblematic.
Maternal Instincts by Elise C is a perfect example of an unproblematic kidnapping story.

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1. Do you think there is a trend in how kidnappings are portrayed in Episode stories? If so, please explain.
Yes, it’s usually about a gang leader who finds a girl on a street then kidnaps her and they fall in love. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that one.

2. Have you ever read a kidnapping story in which the kidnapper wasn’t the love interest?
I’m sad to say it, but no.

3. Is there a way to include a kidnapping plot without it being problematic?
This is a tricky one… I’ve written a story kind of about kidnapping except I tried to make it not problematic by making sure they weren’t actual psychos (as you already know from your reviews thread) I think as long as it doesn’t include Stockholm’s Syndrome then it could be considered as passable I guess.

4. Should “falling in love with a kidnapper” be against the guidelines? (i.e. romanticizing Stockholm Syndrome)
Gosh no!

5. How would you feel about someone promoting their story by making the kidnapper look “hot” or using hashtags/photos on Instagram that make the kidnapper look desirable?
I don’t like this at all… and unfortunately I see this a lot. It hurts to witness.

6. What’s your overall opinion on including kidnappings in stories?
I usually don’t like them but sometimes on the very rare occasion when it’s written well, I could bear with it.

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RIP :wilted_flower: That’s so sad and I can’t even be surprised

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1: I believe that most kidnapping stories have the MC falling in love with the kidnapper. I really don’t like this. Kidnappings should not be used to create a romance.

2: Actually, yes, I have! However, the story was a parody. So… I don’t believe that counts.

3: Yes. Don’t glamorise it, don’t promote it and don’t put it in a good light. Make the readers aware of what kidnapping can actually be like.

4: I personally think that the ‘falling in love with your kidnapper’ overused plot has got to be one of my least favourites. Making kidnapping look ‘sexy’ and ‘romantic’ is not a good thing to do at all. These kinds of stories should have many trigger warnings. I’m not sure if they should be against the guidelines, though.

5: Looking at that would just make me feel enraged.

6: I would be okay with the kidnappings if they were put in a bad light, like they should.

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Ugh I’ve seen too many stories where the kidnapper is the li. It’s sooooo problematic and uncomfortable. It’s like the equivalent of a sexual assault victim falling in love with their rapist. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:Not good
A good idea for a story with kidnaping is half way through having the mc get rescued then they fall for their hero. Maybe the heroic person helps them deal with the trauma. I’d maybe read that.