Let's Talk About . . . Love Yourself!

  • Fire and Ice by TOPH /// (41.3k reads)
  • Therapy 101 by Kat Doll /// (1.4k reads)
  • Angie is a PunK! by Gally /// (4.4k reads)
  • SILENT NIGHT by H. Noelle /// (574 reads)
  • FOREVER by Nicole.episode /// (3.1k reads)
  • CELEBRITES by S. Winter /// (489.1k reads)
  • Unexpectedly Yours by Xarnish /// (3.9k reads)
  • A Poisonous Rose by Alesia /// (11.3k reads)
  • Wasted Rosea by Genevieve M. /// (569.1k reads) /// @GenevieveM

What do you think ‘love yourself’ means? Do you think a story should of been on the shelf that isn’t? Notice any patters? Why did I include the read counts? Are you satisfied with this shelf? What story is your favorite, why didn’t you like the story? Is the cover misleading, is the summary misleading?


I actually read Wasted Roses when it won the Valentines Day Contest (like idk how many years ago) and it wasn’t my type of story. It’s def an adult - romance. (not like bedroom stuff, just more serious rather than falling for the bad boy.) It’s about a doctor that returns from something to her hometown, and finds her like x- crush / boyfriend in a sticky situation and they bond & such, but her being an emergency room doctor comes into huge play. Now that I think about it, I’m wondering if she based some of this story off of herself, being a doctor herself.

I think love yourself, is mental - health but more with a romance focus. For example, from the descriptions two or three have mental health.

I’m also very happy to have nine stories up, and in hopes to encourage more 9 story shelves I’m going to read more than I usually would

I’m planning to read Therapy101 & SILENT NIGHT (that description though, so vague!) Not any of the others interest me. From description seems like a bit of ‘romance is the only thing that can safe us’ type of story.



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I’ve read a few of these stories on the shelf by recommendation by an author that SHOULD have been on the shelf.
Fire and Ice, Therapy 101, Angie Is A Punk, Silent Night, and Celebrities have all been featured as Mental Health Highlight stories by @J.Miley who’s story, Speak is a huge mental health awareness story that was featured on the Health and Wellness Shelf a few months ago.
I am a bit disappointed that they decided to feature a story that has been discontinued and the writer no longer supports Episode and did not feature a huge mental health advocate in this community when other stories have been featured on multiple shelves.
I understand that they are trying to support smaller authors, per the stories will fewer reads, but there are also two stories from very well known authors on the shelf as well.
That being said, congratulations to those on the shelf. I know that the four I have read are very good (the first four).


This must be the new one just released. I didn’t get to see it yet. I am guessing this is the one for Mental Health Awareness that was mentioned a few weeks ago when they were looking for suggestions. I read Angie is a Punk and it is very good. I started on Silent Night. I haven’t read any of the others yet.

Thank you for sharing.

Which one was the discontinued one? I remember a few months ago they featured a story where the author hadn’t even made a ‘episode account’ when they released the accounts, clearly the person hadn’t been around for several months, and it was upsetting because that story will never be finished.

I’m also surprised her story wasn’t on the shelf, I am going to assume it was because she was on the last one.

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Do you plan on reading any others?

LOVE Wasted Roses. It absolutely deserves to be in this list. It’s not only an amazing romance but Drew who attempts suicide in the story, Rose shows him many ways to cope and how to live on which was beautiful. Such a good one for this shelf imo.
Well done story.

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do you plan on reading any others? (oof spoilers D:)

Oh I’m sorry!
Yeah I was just defending the story of why it’s on the mental health awareness.
It seems like more of a romance at first but it deeply becomes a story about mental health & romance at chapter 5 or 6.
I’m currently reading Celebrities already so that’s a plus :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about the others but I’ll check out their bios :slight_smile:


My mistake, I read somewhere that one of the stories had been discontinued, but I looked again and it didn’t say that. I was mistaken.

no worries !

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Any stories you guys believe should be on here?

Maybe Wasted Roses and Celebrities and maybe a few of the others, perhaps Xarnish’s and S. Winter’s story. I’d have to look more into it.

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Wasted Roses is an absolute recommend & Celebrities is great too

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So why did you include the read count? :thinking:

Great to hear. Thanks.

When I first looked at the shelf, one of the stories definitely said discontinued.


That’s what I thought too.

Perhaps that was the delay in the release of the shelf. The shelf is usually released around 2am PST and it wasn’t released until this afternoon. I don’t know, but I could have sworn one said Discontinued when they first released the shelf.