Let's talk about Mafia stories 🖤❤

A lot

I like the character development especially the gang leader

There’s always a rat or they have enemies

Gang leader changing for the better and if there’s romance, slow burns.

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yes why are they always italian or mexican. can we for once get the yakuza into the game or another culture.


in my new story Racing Hearts
the LI is gualimatico


so I had to google that, and google did not have an answaer


Or Egypt, Greece :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Didn’t know racing hearts is a mafia story

its guatemala boy
sorry i spelled it wrong I was in a rush :sweat:


Yakuza? Japanese Mafia? Sounds interesting :sunglasses:
But It’s nowhere to find :disappointed: Maybe in fature… I hope.

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How many Mafia stories did you read?

Not really sure. I haven’t counted. I’ve started quite a few but only finished/kept up with 3.

What do you like in Mafia stories?

I honestly don’t know. They’re really cliche 90% of the time. The first one I read because I hadn’t seen one before. The second I read because the writing was better and the third one I’ve kept up with (but is unfinished) because of the directing.

What do you dislike in Mafia stories and why?

They’re so cliche. Also what the h_ll with the warehouse/docks? Like do they just hangout there? That sounds like a really good way to get arrested. Completely unrealistic LIs 90% of the time. Also, why is the gang in question always the “most powerful” and then gets sh_t on? There’s also always like five members. Ten max. They’re never realistic. The characters never react the way they should. The MC almost always gets pregnant/abducted/both at the same time. It’s fairly clear that most authors have just ignored the general history of organized crime in the US, specifically the mafia, specifically the Italian mafia (y’all know what I’m saying, I know), and most of them are set in New York. Someone mentioned this in a different post and it’s annoyed me every time I’ve seen it since: I hate how they have random words in different languages. (As someone who speaks more than one language and has lived in a country that does not speak my native language, I know it’s really weird for me to switch languages randomly.) Almost always, the MC has some creep (and it’s always a creepy looking guy) hitting on her at a club (that the LI owns) and y’all, sexual assault is not it. Also, there are almost always no repercussions for criminal behavior regardless of how overt it is. There’s more, but I’ve gone on for a while.

(Note: In the story I’m currently writing, there’s organized crime, so I’m not opposed to it as a theme.)

What do you want to see and don’t want to see in Mafia stories?

I don’t want to see cliches or literally anything I listed above. (But I’m going to see it anyway because Episode is cliche.)

I do want to see people actually doing research on organized crime and its history in whatever setting the story is taking place.


I’m just going to respond to the fourth point: I want Mafia to be the REAL Mafia, not just a fantasy of a teenager. I actually don’t like the fact that Mafia is romanticized so much.
Also I’m italian and I hate the thing that the gang leader is italian, but the author don’t do any tipe of research about Mafia in Italy.


In Mafia stories, I like when the characters are hit and there’s not always going to be one main character love interest. I’ve read a good handful of them and sometimes it gets me bored but I still read it to put me to sleep. But it would be interesting if you input things that the readers wouldn’t expect. I can tell you more, if you want. @queen_Phoenix30

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1 How many Mafia stories did you read?
I don’t think I’ve read any, I stay away from mafia stories. :skull:
2 What do you like in Mafia stories?
I don’t like mafia stories, most of them glorify violence and the LI is extremely controlling over the MC.
3 What do you dislike in Mafia stories and why?
I dislike a bunch of things. Most of them have LIs that are terrible people. I’ve seen possessive, manipulative, and overly jealous LIs. Some characters in these stories also kill people for no reason and act like it’s nothing. They glorify violence. The toxic masculinity in these stories also has to stop.
4 What do you want to see and don’t want to see in Mafia stories?
I would LOVE to see a mafia story that actually portrays the mafia as dangerous. I don’t want to see anymore of the usual mafia stories there are on the app.


I read Chain Reaction: King Theo and I stopped half-way through the first episode. I thought community stories would be better. Wrong. Community stories are even worse. Now I just try to stay away from them.

When the LI isn’t abusive. Which so far, I’ve seen nothing of.

First, the fact that in 99% of mafia stories, the LI physically, mentally and verbally abuses the MC. And it’s not okay to romanticize abuse. Second, they literally encourage falling in love with a criminal and getting sucked into a life of crime. Third, there’s very graphic scenes that could trigger people, without warning or an option to skip the scene. Fourth, they’re really problematic. At least most of them are.

I do want to see more healthy relationships and actual portrayal of what the mafia is really like. All these stories are about a teenager that gets kidnapped and the mafia leader falls in love with her in, like, what? Two days? And they all live happily ever after. I want to see more realistic stories. I don’t want to see practically everything I mentioned that I dislike.


nah I don’t like mafia stories, I see them way to often on this app, so it became annoying quite quickly. Besides, usually mafia stories contain harmful stereotypes towards Spanish ppl so it’s problematic. I hate that in practically all mafia stories there’s hardly any research done and the LI always calls Mc a bitch or slut or something along those lines yet the authors always romanticize it.

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  • how many have you read? im really not that picky, but also dont do too much digging. I guess whichever ones come up in the search
  • what do you like? I like that theres a lot of action to keep you engaged, same goes for these kinds of movies
  • what do you dislike? its kind of annoying how everyone hates on mafia stories, like yeah theyre cliche but like whatevs. i mean like were reading stories about cartoon characters on an app, just enjoy it for what it is
  • what do you want to see? I think itd be cool to see a girl-gang mafia story haha, its usually oldmen which is cool but it might be nice to see one run by ladies. oh and definitely use sound, ive gotten spoiled by these incredible stories and feel weird now when a story doesnt use music
  1. How many Mafia stories did you read?

A fair amount.

  1. What do you like in Mafia stories?

Definitely the action. The drama is more interesting than stories that
create drama through miscommunication/gossip.

  1. What do you dislike in Mafia stories and why?

Naive and “helpless” MC’s. A bit of research since the Mafia and Mob are similar but different. All Mafias are mobs but not all mobs are Mafia.

  1. What do you want to see and don’t want to see in Mafia stories?

Rushed romances, more LI options, more action/drama than missed enemy opportunities or a jealous girl he was frequently hooking up with before the MC showed up.

I don’t know if I fully agree with introducing the reality of gangs or mobs. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the point of view. We have to remember that most viewers are 13+ (regardless if there are warning labels), these are works of fiction, and as writers want to stay within guidelines.

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I have read about 4 mafia stories, but now i am having difficulty finding a mafia story i read about 3 years back. Could anyone please help me to find which story it is. This is all i remember from it. The mafia boss name was santini something. He had only a brother and a mother. The girl he sort of kidnaps they start a thing and in the end they get married too. I loved it. Unfortunately i dont know the author name nor the story name.

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