Let's Talk About ... Mafia's Fallen Angel (featured)

So Episode finally released this story officially in What’s Hot and I finally began to read it even though I found a beta version in the author’s bio. I mentioned it previously in the discussion I linked above but I’ll repeat it here: this is the second story Episode made into a featured story which is based on a sequel/spinoff of a story Episode featured prior. First it’s I Married a Millionaire and Always/Protect Me - then it’s The Mafia and His Angel/Falling for the Enemy and Mafia’s Fallen Angel - hence the title of OP.
Admittedly I already have a strong bias against mafia so I didn’t feel like reading it until now, but I was curious on what happens.

Le Rambles

Firstly, straight away I noticed Episode has a new CC template. In the past, it bugged me so much that the CC templates in previous featured stories were so limited and usually cared more about readers choosing gem hair than inputing more eye shapes and lip colours. Here, not only all and then some hairstyles, eye shapes and lip colours and more are in the CC but also a seamless way to CC body type too.
On a side note, I also remembered the cliff BG from the first featured story, so I was amused. Then again the story partly takes place in the same school as Falling for the Enemy (I believe) so it makes sense.

Anyways, like Mafia in Manhattan there is also an LI gender choice. Now I’m playing the male LI branch. Part of me wished that Episode bothered to make the description gender-neutral to reflect that but oh well.

Now I think about it, I can’t help but compare this story to other mafia featured stories. Case being, the premise is that MC has a near lifelong crush on the LI. In the original he’s (Kian) the son of the MC and LI Ryder Beck/Shirley/Whatever from the previous story, but in the featured his name is Caden Knight and his father’s name is … Hunter (nice derivative Episode :v:). Then, because reasons, MC and Caden have to go to the same summer camp - which made me flashback to Bad Girl Boss which had a similar plot point.

Like Falling for the Enemy, MC and LI come from opposing families a la Romeo and Juliet, but MC is the daughter of the mayor and you already know about LI. Also, the story description also says that the LI would have to rescue MC at some point from an attack, so I am really looking forward to that - not.

If anyone wants to know more or has anything to add, go ahead.


I don’t like Mafia stories anymore as well but I only read these to get gems and screenshots for the wishlist thread. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I only read the first chapter but it wasn’t anything to make me read more. And to add to you saying the description should be gender neutral. I think they should start putting the girl LI and the plus characters on the main covers of at least a few of their stories because although we have the option to choose in most stories it would be nice if the representation was also on the cover. :thinking:


That’s also a good point! And seriously, I kinda feel bad that I kept mentally comparing this story to the mafia stories that Episode already adapted. And turned out that the Attack scene was … so meh. These types of scenes are very overdone and this one is just so especially bland. IDK, maybe I would read one more chapter to see.


I can’t even go through gem stories lmao


Oh, god the mayor dad is so unlikeable.

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Also, I hate this trope of the LI doesn’t want to admit that they like the MC but makes sure that no one else gets to have a crush on her or god forbid ask her out. Also the MC never gets a say in if she wants to be in a relationship with anyone or not. I guess Episode stories thinks that women should have not say in what happens in their lives and that being single and happy is a sin.


Just ur usual cliche mafia, innocent girl w rude mafia then filled w gem choices, how original :revolving_hearts:


Personally I do like reading mafia stories sometimes, but I have to say that some of them are just the same… cough cough ~episode originals~ and the character development is ~terrible~

The community author stories episode re-make are never going to be as good as the first, because how can you condense 30+ chapters into 10 or less and still have the same character development…

For example, you said

And I think in the original we get to see the MC develop more later in the story, to the point where she could probably survive without the LI. But in the episode version the story is only a few chapters, so we don’t have enough time to see the MC develop into a more independent person.

Also… can I just say the ‘attack scene’ that the MC needed to be rescued from was a bit underwhelming… like that was meant to be one of the main points in the story ~cringe~ but it wasn’t realy life or death… it was just kind of slow…

And also kind of ~sexist~

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Dang episode showing their true colors

Like we totally do NOT live in a patriarchal society!!


Exactly. Not sure to be more frustrated at the use of a tired cliche or the fact it was executed so mediocre-ly.


Bumping, probs gonna look into chapter two -and maybe some of the female LI branch too

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Says the obvious default character.

Also, I saw that this story uses some white flash transitions during scenes when a character is doing something, like in Falling for the Enemy. Would be kinda nice for Episode to have put in a flashing lights warning an option to skip those.

And, um, IDK what to think about the female LI’s default appearance. It’s kinda cool to have a ‘butch’ female LI, but the hair is just off for me

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