Let's Talk About . . . May Picks!

  • Finding Ourselves Together by Kat Valentine
  • The Teenage Life of an Arsonist by ZZ
  • Being Perfect by Arrows
  • Beyond Reasonable Doubt by LillyS
  • REBELLION : The Fight Begins by Eleanor G.
  • High Infidelity by Babi A.

Have you read any of these, if so which is your favorite?
Do you think any of these don’t fit the shelf theme?
Do you think that having one story featured will effect their Fantastical Entry?
Does the summary misrepresent the story? How about the cover?


Who wrote Beyond Reasonable Doubt and Rebellion: The Fight Begins.? I love Being Perfect and I highly recommend it. I heard of Finding Ourselves Together. Is that any good? I don’t know the others.


oops… I’ll add the authors in a bit lel


Also, I didn’t see the covers on Episode when I looked this morning. Maybe they updated it after, so I didn’t know all the authors.

It’s really the favorites of the Editors of Episode right? So I guess there is not a theme?

I’m not sure. I already read Being Perfect and I’m caught up. I don’t know if any other authors are in the contest as well?? Do you?

I agree for Being Perfect both the summary and cover fit.


No problem. I’ll check to see if you did in a little while.


correct, Arrows is the only one that has a Fantastical Entry out of the six featured authors. However, in for the most recent contest outcome two authors who won, had been featured in the past two shelves. (one for sure, not sure about the other).

I don’t know if there is a theme, if there was I would guess romance . . . ?


To me, it would depend on the story and the quality. Shelves in my opinion should have a fair number of new authors in representation. I don’t know the other authors besides Kat and Arrows, so I am not sure if they are new or not. As for the contest, it should be the best quality story that wins (best directing, writing, etc.). I know it is done by reads and reader retention, but that cannot be fair if a popular author gets more reads and continued support and they are not as good as a writer/director as a less popular author.


Eleanor G sounds familiar. I wonder what else she wrote. I wonder too about LillyS, if I know who that is. So I don’t know if they would be considered popular or not. Do you know if the other authors are popular?


I only knew two, Arrows due to Sucre (her artist) whom I follow on Instagram. I also have browsed at Eleanor G’s profile as she wrote 365 days, which was featured umm I think on some type of Adventure Shelf . . . (which I made a let’s talk about. . . I think) /// side note, she has 6.9M reads and almost all (6.7M) of it is with sigh a story where a girl has to pick between three boys

Other than that, I don’t know any of the authors.


Who is the author with 6.9 M reads? Wow. I was right that I knew Eleanor. Now I recall the story but I haven’t read it yet.


Eleanor is the one with 6.9M


Ah and it’s funny I haven’t read her stories yet.


Eleanor also has a Fantastical contest entry.


oops, my bad. x-x

Thank you


That’s right… I wasn’t sure until you mentioned Eleanor’s story that it was the same Eleanor who wrote 365 days and the Fantastical story.


It was full of Romance! I was a bit surprised


Have you read any of these, if so which is your favorite?
Nope, but I added a few to my list.

Do you think any of these don’t fit the shelf theme?
Well, it’s editors pick so I guess there’s not really a theme, but can I just say how bored I am with editor pick shelves?? I like having an actual theme. Editor’s picks don’t really get me excited.

Do you think that having one story featured will effect their Fantastical Entry?
It would have to, right? How significantly, I don’t know. But if there’s people like me, who read a story and like it so much that they see if the author has anything else, then yeah it would. I guess that doesn’t guarantee a solid retention rate, but I think they’d still get a spike in reads.

Does the summary misrepresent the story? How about the cover?
I guess I can’t answer this yet because I haven’t read them lol


I’ve had bothBeyond Reasonable Doubt and REBELLION: The Fight Begins in my shelf for a while now but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. They both sound pretty interesting to me.
I reviewed Being Perfect agggeeeessss ago (I believe it’s been revamped since then?). I never got around to continuing it, but I remember thinking it was very good, just a bit narrative for me (but by memory, the narration is beautiful and very well done so if you like good narration, you might enjoy this). I might give it another shot.


“Finding Ourselves Together” is amazing. Give it a read, because it’s awesome!


Just know there’s a rape scene in episode 10 and if you’re sensitive to that, you might want to tap through and skip the moment a female character meets with the “Master”. She gets chloroformed right afterwards I believe. I don’t know what happens next because I stopped reading and removed the story from my shelf.

I stopped reading REBELLION: The Fight Begins when the rape scene appeared. Then the girl gets… chloroformed? I wish Episode authors would understand that a warning at the beginning of the story does not clear them from respecting Episode’s guidelines. I wish Episode wouldn’t put stories that do not respect the guidelines on the shelves for everyone to read (including young 13 year olds). I wish the author had given us an option to skip that scene at the very least. It’s honestly very easy to code.

Otherwise, the story is entertaining, as I said I read until episode 10. Just ignore the fact that it supposedly happens in the year 5126, because there’s no way that life in 5126 would look anywhere close to this. Even if all of the characters were asleep for 3110 years :blush: