Let's Talk About... Missed Connections!

This is late. I miss Fallen :sob:


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Anyway, you’ve now had double the time of the judging period to read everything, so hopefully you’ll have something to talk about :blush:

MC: Under You by E. R. Gurney
MC: A Twist of Fate by @xo.alina
MC: Partners by Juan Juanita Juan
MC: My Secret Inmate Admirer by @wafers
MC: Let’s Make History! by @Jiyongchy91
MC: Lauren, the Elevator and the Handsome Stranger by Writer Jade
MC: The Valentine’s Project by Dominique Seth Da Silva
MC: Hit & Run by @AJ_Nicole
MC: Convention Tension by @Sweet_Stories
MC: The Earl and I by Dean Rivers
MC: Accidentally expected by @Jane.s1 And Cath
MC: My One Night Chance by N. J Colin
MC: Zodiac @katiexbabydoll and Jamie-Leigh
MC: Breathing Crimson by Evil Ebonni
MC: Agent Cinderella by @mavis & @EliseC
MC: Robbed by @MargoVincent
MC: Learning To Fly by @Kimberstories
MC: Without Eloquence by Kimber Valmont

So which ones have you read? What do you like? Does it fit the contest theme? Do choices matter? Who would you recommend it for? Any honorable mentions? Etc, etc.


i only read my secret inmate. that one is really good. the chapters are kinda short.


I’ve read Agent Cinderella, The Earl and I, Zodiac, and Under You. They’re all good. I’m trying to catch up, but there’s new BHM stories every week a herd of MC stories. I’ll never catch up :joy:


I’ve read Breathing Crimson, a twist of fate and Zodiac.


Good thing I reminded you :kissing:

Anyways, I’ve read Convention Tension and Breathing Crimson, and I’m in the middle of reading Zodiac and Learning to Fly.

Once again, I’m pretty impressed in the variety of stories this contest brought out, especially the several ones which didn’t make the shelf (like those under 100 reads, still pretty surprised by that)


I’ve only read four of the entries (so many good ones I wish I could add! :tired_face:) but I’m sure they’re all amazing!

MC: Zodiac


This one drew me in by how unique it was. I can be a bit of a sucker for things that involve zodiacs at time so I was all over this one (even though I knew it wouldn’t star anything dealing with my zodiac. Virgos are highly forgotten overlooked lmao) it’s got a great dystopian vibe to it and it’s obvious that the authors put a lot of thought into this community and world building and how things work. I haven’t seen it yet all that much, but your choices do matter so be careful what you choose! I like that it’s not just pure romance and it has an air of mystery and sci-fi to it. That always manages to draw me in The cover art is beautiful and definitely fits the feel of the story. I recommend this story to anyone who loves a good dystopian star-crossed lovers story!

MC: Convention Tension


This was such an interesting read and it had my inner nerd smiling! It’s a MMC story, and male leads are always refreshing on the app- this story is no exception. The main character is completely adorable and I LOVE that it’s about getting back to his nerdy roots and learning how to be more confident and sure of himself. The fact that this all takes place at a Con is just icing on the cake to me. Your choices DO matter here, and it’s all by a point base system. I’m a little irritated because I CONSTANTLY don’t have enough points even though I’ve only missed one point option I feel, but that’s just personal preference. In this one, I really feel that romance comes second in the story, to be completely honest (even though it’s labeled romance for the contest), but that’s okay by me. I’d recommend this story to those who love sweet, innocent love stories and learning how to be more confident in oneself.

MC: Agent Cinderella


This entry was honestly so much FUN! I read it as a rom-com and I just generally got a good kick out of it. The directing was amazing in certain scenes (Such as the lipstick/laser one. Can anyone say WOW?!). After all, who doesn’t like a good spy story thrown in with a beautiful stranger? Your choices do matter and can seriously effect your relationship with different people you know as well as your spy points. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not doing the GREATEST, but I’m not doing horrible either. lol I’d recommend this story to those who love a good rom-com with a dash of adventure and action on top.

MC: The Earl and I


Hands down my favorite winner on this shelf! I LOVE this story. There’s just something about Bean’s writing voice that always manages to suck me in and forget the outside world. This story is a little chunkier, as in there’s more narration, but with the way she narrates, I tend to forget I’m reading so much internal monologue, I just get drawn in easily. While it seems like a simple historical romance on the outside, on the inside there’s a dark mystery that has already questioning so much and have me on the edge of my seat. The curse revolving around the Earl has me mystified and I honestly can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Your choices, like in all of her stories, do matter so be careful to make sure that you choose carefully! I’d recommend this story to those who love dark historical romances swathed in mystery and seduction.

As for stories on the rest of the shelf, others I’m considering checking out are; MC: Without Eloquence, MC: Breathing Crimson, and MC: Let’s Make History!


I beta-read Under You since I’m good friends with the author (even if she is a twat) and I’m not surprised it got best directing. The amount of effort put into the little details and all the branching for the mini games made me exhausted just thinking about it.

You can really tell the author has a background in theatre because the scene setting and use of zooms is a few cuts above the average story on Episode.


Zodiac was my faaav. I got to beta-read it too, but the concept was unique and cool to me even if I weren’t friends with the authors.

Loved Agent Cinderella & Under You as well.


I love you my precious, thank you :sob::heart_eyes::two_hearts:

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Thank you so much for your kind words on Zodiac! :sob::two_hearts: it means the world to Jamie and I!!

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I love you mostest!!!

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So far I’ve only read three of the winners, but I’m slowly working my way through all the contest entries here, so I’ll get there in the end. I’ll probably be done when the next contest is finished. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’ve read:

  • MC: Agent Cinderella: Loved it, can’t wait for more.
  • MC: A Twist of Fate: Same here, brilliant and complete story. I’m following the author and will be reading more of their work later.
  • MC: Accidentally expected: It’s not bad and I can see why people would like it. As for me, I think it had a few too many errors in directing and story to be a winner. … Sorry :flushed::flushed::flushed:

It’s fine i respectur opinion :two_hearts::blush:

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Aww Moon you’re too kind :sob:

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::bangbang:

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There were so many incredible entries! Breathing Crimson really brought something special! Loved it so much :heart:

@Sydney_H Could you please close this? Thank you :llama:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley:

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