Let's talk about music (What do you listen to when..)

What do you listen to when

  • you’re sad
  • you’re bored
  • you’re anxious
  • you’re happy
  • you’re worried
  • you’re excited
  • you’re showering/taking a bath
  • you’re in the car/train/bus/walking


  • favourite song
  • favourite lyrics
  • favourite melody
  • your obsession right now

A-Team by Ed Sheeran, James Arthur songs, Amnesia by 5SOS, Better Half of me by Tom Walker.

Anything and everything :joy: (Except Old Town Road. Sorry, but I hate that song.)

I don’t listen to much when I get anxious, because when I get anxious, I get super anxious, and sometimes I dissociate or go into emotional shock, and I become unresponsive.

Quite a few TS songs, I Don’t Care by Bieber and Sheeran, She Looks so Perfect by 5SOS, among others.

Same songs for excited, and for worried, the same goes as anxious.

I don’t listen to anything then, or walking. I’m paranoid af and I don’t want to be ambushed unawares.

My favourite song? I have a few. A-Team, Amnesia, Better Half of Me, James Arthur. My favourite lyrics are probably from Easier by 5SOS, and I also like the lyrics from all the songs in this paragraph. Favourite melody, all of the above lol. My obsession rn is Better Half of Me.

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I mostly like K-Pop so most of these are k-pop song.
When I’m sad: Closer by Oh My Girl its a really beautiful song

When I’m bored: thank u, next by Ariana Grande

When I’m anxious: Breakthrough by TWICE its a powerful song

When I’m happy: Listen to my Word by Oh My Girl

When I’m worried: So am I by Ava Max

When I’m excited: Tiki Taka 99% by Weki Meki

When I’m showering: Truth Hurts by Lizzo

When I’m in the car: Bee by ROTHY

Favorite song: New Rules by TXT

Favorite lyrics: “Icy but I’m on fire” :joy: ICY by ITZY


Omg I did forget about that song, I was so obsessed some year ago

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  • Sad: Broken, Lifehouse

  • Bored: Under Pressure, Queen

  • Anxious: Weather, Novo Amor

  • Happy: It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You), the 1975

  • Worried: Dare You to Move, Switchfoot

  • Excited: New York State of Mind, Billy Joel

  • Showering/taking a bath: Free Spirit, Khalid

  • In the car/train/bus/walking: Life In The City, The Lumineers

  • Favourite song: Oooo tough thing to choose, but I think my favorite song as of now is Dare You To Move by Switch Foot.

  • Favourite lyrics:
    “If the sun don’t shine on me today
    If the subways flood and the bridges break
    Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave
    Or will you rail against your dying day.”

  • Favourite melody: Probably anything with a good amount of bass in the background. It adds so much power and energy into the song and makes me feel so hyped up when I’m down. (Not a big fan of dubstep though. That’s a bit too much bass for me).

  • Your obsession right now: Songs about New York such as NY State of Mind and Theme From New York, New York.

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I don’t really have any music that I listen to during moods

I do listen to Disney when I’m sad lol

Favorite I don’t have one :see_no_evil: I like every song that I listen to (on my iPod) and can’t pick as it changes so much

Current obsession Eminem and Ain’t no rest for the wicked by cage elephant

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my dad is the rock

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sometimes I listen to him singn in the shower
and his todger is huge

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Completely true

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Is that a Jaemin I see in your profile?

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YES! Even though my ult in is renjun and winwin too. I stan all units of nct.
Dont wanna go off topic tho so if you wanna talk we could move it to a pm.

Anything chase Atlantic, Ryan caraveo, bmth, blackbear, mcr.:woman_shrugging:

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