Let's talk about: #NotMyAriel

Since I am a black woman, y’all cannot call me racist.

First, I love the idea of more black princesses and Disney characters! 10000000% we need more black people portrayed in Disney. Ariel is my favourite princess, ever since I first saw her movie when I was 3. Even after our first colored princess, Jasmine, then Pocahontas, then Tiana and Moana, Ariel remained my favourite. Tiana is a close second, but no one has ever replaced Ariel for me.

To be honest, if Halle has red hair in the upcoming movie, I’ll be happy! But I will admit I do prefer a white, blue eyed Ariel, because it’s who I grew up with and it’s who I want my future children to grow up with. I’d be fine if it were like any other live-action movie, but because of this whole #notmyariel thing, Halle is one of the first things to show up, and now I’m afraid the original Ariel will be drowned out pun not intended by the new Ariel. What are your opinions?

in case you didn’t know, Disney announced a live action The Little Mermaid, with Halle Bailey as Ariel

look at her, she’s beautiful!!! and such a good singer too. If this does happen, i want Terry Crews as King Triton



I think Ariel should stay the same Ariel image

That’s just my opinion though because I believe that nothing should change the original story, she was my childhood she will be my one and only


actually, in the original story by Hans Christian Anderson, she was green lmao. But ik what you mean


The book creaps me out

I read it on wiki what happens

I’m a 90s baby, so Disney’s 1989 Ariel was my Ariel and will always be my Ariel

I’ve tried to talk to many people about my views on IG but nobody listens as they call me racist


the black community feel very strongly about this, and usually so would i, but i don’t think the people who are against this are racist, just upset. I know a few black people - like myself - also want the white Ariel…are we racist?? no


I had a problem with it in the start. but its the same problem I had when they changed the look of sims 4. changes I dont like them.


i know what you mean

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I still don’t think I’ll watch it because Ariel isn’t my Ariel and Eric isn’t going to be the perfect Eric either


We’ll see

BATB was ok and Aladdin was ok

Cinderella was the best though I think


i’ve loved all the live action movies so far, and i will definitely watch TLM

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I might once it comes on my ipad, I won’t pay to see it


I believe Ariel should be portrayed by an actress who looks like the Ariel we grew up with. I mean hey, I’m all about diversity and everything, but why change an old character that everyone recognizes as blue eyed redhead when they could create more stories that involve a black princess/main character?
People love Moana, Tiana, Jasmine, no one cares about their skin color or origins! Does the lack of diversity in old Disney movies suck? Absolutely! But is that the right way to ‘fix’ it? No.
Ariel is my favorite Disney princess and I’ll obviously watch the movie and love it, will also support the actress when I can because some actual racists are attacking her when she’s completely innocent and actually has the perfect voice for Ariel, but I still wish she would’ve been portrayed by someone who looks like the 1989 Ariel


That’s exactly what I think

No princess should be changed


Honestly I wouldn’t mind at all I’m also a black woman :joy: and I love the idea of having a black Ariel. Also honestly I don’t really mind at all I mean it’s not like they’re saying they’re gonna remove the other Ariel. And anyways the very first story by Hans was actually a merman and he was gay and fell in love with the prince and yeah ya know they were together. So really I don’t believe when I hear people say boooo they don’t like this way but honestly they’ve changed up Ariel so much the real one was a dude :joy: but I say they should make more black princesses like one from Africa or something or Jamaica or they can make up a place. Or even making princesses with different races and ethnicities. I’d have that so amazing. I believe they need to make more princesses based on how our world is changing. Even a curvy princess! Ughhhh that would be amazing!


I agree with you, it would be nice for Ariel to look like she did in the cartoon, when it comes to live action remakes I always prefer for the actors to resemble their originals. But I’m not against it though, Halle is very talented and beautiful. I’m sure she’ll do great, she even sounds somewhat like Ariel did in the original.

Frankly I don’t care about the casting as long as Sabastian is voiced by a Jamaican actor I couldn’t care less about who plays who, I’m just excited for the movie


In what verson was that. I own orginal verson of all H.C Andersen stories and in that one he dont even describe how she look

its a damm pain to read because of all those old Danish words you need to google the meaning off

also of topic. but I have the danish voice actor of prince eric Autograph( he voice like half my childhood)

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i agree

i think changing old characters is a way of Disney making up for being diverse-less in the past. I think making new colored and diverse characters is way more progressive, shows how much the world and society has changed. From 1938 to 1991 there were only white princesses, then Jasmine came, then Mulan and Pocahontas and Tiana and Moana! Moana was even more realistic than all of them, Disney is becoming more diverse already but this is a lazy way of adding more diversity.


Changing the skin tone of a princess that was already white doesn’t make it diversity.

I’ve tried to tell people this, but everyone ignores me. (I’m a black woman too) I’ll watch it though, I think she’ll be good as the new Ariel. We do need more black princesses


I don’t care if Ariel changes or not.

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It’s not like they’re taking anything away from you by making a remake where she’s black. If you want your kids to watch a version where she’s white, show them the animated one ¯_(ツ)_/¯


that’s what i’ve heard while reading tweets and stuff, but i’ve googled the original story and here’s what he says about her
They were six beautiful children; but the youngest was the prettiest of them all; her skin was as clear and delicate as a rose-leaf, and her eyes as blue as the deepest sea; but, like all the others, she had no feet, and her body ended in a fish’s tail.

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