Let's Talk About . . . November Picks!

Moonlight by June King
A Lot Like Love by Lina Sofia
Beast In My Bones by KittyG
Loco Amor by Ora
The Infected by Caitoriri @Caitoriri
Without You by Georgia Sanders @georgiasanders.epy

What did you like, would you recommend ( and who for? ) Does it belong on the shelf, does the cover represent the story, does the summary represent the story?


It was only a matter of time before The Infected got featured. Fantastic story and I’m not surprised at all that it’s an editors pick considering how popular it’s gotten quickly and how good it is :slight_smile: . Great directing, choices that matter and a lot of coding has gone into this. The cover doesn’t have characters or anything on it, but it does fit the story as does the summary. I’m still an episode or so behind on this one (I’m one of those people who usually purposely stays an episode behind on stories because I hate replaying so much lol) but it’s currently in my recommendations and I definitely recommend it to people who like suspense, stories where choices matter (you do have the option to replay an episode as well in case you screw up, or there are gem choices to maximise your points), and stories that almost feel game-like. (But I honestly think almost anyone will enjoy it.)

I haven’t read any of the other stories yet and none of them really grab my attention, but I might check a couple out.


The Infected is the only one I’ve read, and I agree with what @EliseC said about it.

Can we just talk about the amount of effort that went into the simplest of things though? So when customising, you can choose to wear a head scarf, and if that’s the case, you can then choose what uniform you want to wear. Then you can choose to be wearing glasses. Then you can see the other characters to make sure you don’t make a twin. Plus you can choose to like guys, girls, both, or not have any romance altogether. I thought having all these options was really thoughtful of @Caitoriri .
The timed choices in this one freak me out a bit just because I get distracted by staring at the way the timer moves hahahaha. Ooh and also this story made me realise I’m one of the people that don’t see gem choices when ready user stories (which is weird because I did see it in one story ages ago) so I can maximize my points for free. Woop!


Have not read any of these but the Infected catches my eye


I think nearly everyone saw them in the original gem test (and also the second gem test?) so maybe that’s when you saw them?
I can’t see user gem choices either. It’s great. I missed one of the clues and was able to “buy” it for free :rofl:

The timed choices overlay coding does my head in ahhaah. So creative.


I am thrilled that The Infected finally being featured! It is truly deserving. The author puts a lot of heart into the story, directing, overlays, and characters. Choices have an impact on your relationships and dictate how you are treated by the characters. The characters are also well-rounded beyond their archetypes, especially if you have enough points to get to know them on a deeper level. And their interactions and dynamics are fun. I highly recommend it to anyone.


The asexual option is actually inspired by @FallenAngelNight13 because I’ve seen her lamenting the fact that you can’t avoid romance in most stories and it means she just stops identifying with the MC. So I put it in there for people who want to skip the love interest stuff and just focus on not getting eaten by zombies :joy:


Ahh whaa ?!? :blush: this made my day >.<


The Infected is an epic story. I replayed it 3 times just to see the visuals again :sweat_smile:

I don’t have the gem choices either, I maximize them even if I have enough :rofl:


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