Let's Talk About . . . Opposites!


If you are looking for additional great recommendations, check out In the Works : A Shelf about Characters With Totally Different Personalities!

Chasing Sparks by Talu
The Shadow Heir by Arrows @Arrows.Episode
Total Chaos by Inga
Stranger to Me by Sian
Burning Waves by Akasha Seavue @akasha
A Fetish For Perfection by Courtney Bre
First Impressions by Beatrice Davies
Rich Man Poor Woman by Susu @SusuJuju
Runaway : Trouble by Didi

Have you read any of these, if so which is your favorite? Do you think any of these don’t fit the shelf theme? Does the summary misrepresent the story? How about the cover?


The only one I’ve read is Burning Waves which I read back when it was a contest entry (I can’t even remember which one. Fantastical? Or H&V? :joy:). I remember really liking it but I’ve only read the first three episodes. Honestly, I didn’t even realise it had been updated :see_no_evil: so I guess now is as good a time as any to continue reading.
From what I’ve read and remember, it definitely fits the theme.


I read A Fetish For Perfection ages ago. Tbh, the title always gave me a weird feeling because the word fetish makes me think of feet… :nauseated_face: I do think it’s actually a really great fit for the shelf though. I think the old cover was a better representation of it though. I only read up to episode 20 though… The last thing I remember was the proposal, which I think was in episode 20 and then I got a new device, so lost all my progress, but I actually felt satisfied with it ending there oddly enough - this was also before the update to show a story’s status too, so I really did think it was the ending - so even though it’s now completed, I won’t be reading it again.

I also read the first episode of Chasing Sparks, since I read The Girl Upstairs and this is the sequel/spin off… I personally don’t see how it fits the shelf, but maybe that’s because I only read the first episode. I don’t think I’ll continue this one, mostly because I don’t like sequels/spin-offs and also because it was really heavy on the narration which I found slightly annoying. Side note: does anyone know when this was first published.

There’s a few more I liked the look of so I’ll try and read them before the next shelf :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve only ever read A Fetish For Perfection, and it’s a great story that’s pretty funny. It fits on the shelf because Ryker & Natalie are total opposites, but they complement each other very well at the same time.


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Thank you


Thank you so much, I’m glad to hear that you liked it! Hehe it was in the Fantastical contest :grin: