Lets talk about out favorite episode stories and authors!

I just made one about shows and stories, but now I want to make one about stories, so we can just discuss our favorite stories in the replies

Have fun :slight_smile:

If this is a bust, you never saw it :woozy_face:


Who is she by Alyna M

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I like a lot of authors, but my favorite authors are Lucas, Alphan (she changed her name now), and WrittenByRo.

The reasons? Lucas create funny stories filled with drama and mystery, Alphan creates interesting side characters that are relevant to the plot and WrittenByRo creates mafia stories without glamorizing that lifestyle. Their stories are great and I highly recommend them.


My fave stories are by the author of skater and her hear beat, lol I forgot her name. But her stories are amazing!


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Suelita :two_hearts:

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My favorite author is probably Jae writes

My favorite story right now is "Ten steps to her door " by nellesepisode
Such an amazing story with a beautiful with a great story line .


oh yeah, thanks

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I don’t have a favourite, just a variety I’ve enjoyed are the cheesy stories! :orange_heart:

Eclipsis by Victoria Masina.
The ink version will always be my favorite, but it’s the only story where I’d actually choose the LI for MC who isn’t my favorite. William has always been my favorite because he’s gentle and nerdy but damn, Hank’s involvement in the story and how he is with MC just makes him impossible to not choose for her. The journey itself and the story is great too as well as memorable, characters you didn’t like before, you end liking afterwards, characters you didn’t think would be a threat, end up being just that, characters you thought wouldn’t play a bigger role, do. And the love between characters grows more than you thought it would.
I’ve literally waited years for it to be continued (yes, I checked the story every now and then over time) and Victoria recently started re-writing in LL. :laughing:

Btw, Happy Birthday!

Cpc, I just get really upset when she add early access every 6 chapters when the story was completed. Besides that, I’m good :relaxed:

I would say Envy 2, but it’s not readable for me anymore thanks to the skip the wait option. So I’ll just go with Deep Attraction

Gilded by Nala is one of my current favs. I love stories that are visually pleasing and aesthetic, and this story is maybe my second favorite on the app just for visuals alone lol. Not to knock down the plot, cause the plot is interesting as hell. I can’t wait for more chapters :two_hearts:

Summer fever by lucas

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I dont really like the skip the wait option in my favourite story too but authors need gems for ranks so as an author too, i understand but i would never put the skip the wait on my story :relieved: :white_heart:

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Wincy W.'s Moonlit Feathers/Night Raven :heart: (fortunately was able to read it before it was locked for revisions)

When I started reading Episode again, Moonlit feathers was one of the stories recommended to me and it is absolutely a fun ride! The use of words, overlay, magical stuff… Everything is perfect in that story ToT

I’m hoping to start the Ruby Tiara when I have more free time! I know it is in INK, but honestly I don’t mind since I’ve heard good reviews abt it


I have Many fav authors.for example Lucus ,earl grey tea , Ella and Heather , Victoria Addams ,etc.

My favorite story of the moment is definitely Folk’s Devils by M. Jordan, the character development is just awesome :scream:

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