Let's Talk About... Paranormal!

Strange Magic by @elle_episode
Struck by lexi mae (@Cheesepls33)
666 Miles by @mysoxlike2party
Ticket to Heaven by @lovesepisode
Catching Coal by @TalGordin
Six Sense by Jasmine W (@jazz.episode)
Hit and Run by @EliseC
Undiscovered Lies by @CGConti
Powerful Mind by Inesfilipar
Save Our Soul by @MdSava
Eremophobia by Andrea B
Who’s Behind the Mirror? by Ksenia

Which have you read? Do choices matter? What were your favourite moments? Who would you recommend for? Does the story suit the theme? Does the cover represent the story? Any theories as to why there’s more stories on this shelf than other weeks? :face_with_monocle:


Wow congratz to all the authors on the shelf :clap: Reading all these stories make me never want to sleep again :sob:


I’m so excited to be on this shelf! Hit and Run was published complete over 2 years ago, so I’m surprised/excited to see it featured :slight_smile:
I have to admit, though- when I got “the email” I thought it was for the interactive shelf. I can kind of see how it fits a “paranormal” shelf, but it wouldn’t have been my first thought. It does fit a “Halloween” shelf though.

I think it’s awesome that there are twelve stories! I just wondered if it was because there aren’t many stories on the ranks?

Things I noticed:

  • At the time the shelf was released, 4 stories had <10k reads
  • Only 3/12 are in INK
  • 3 are completed
  • 3 are horror, 2 are thriller and 4 are fantasy (then 1 for adventure, comedy and action)

The only story I’ve read on here so far is 666 Miles as it was a Thriller contest entry. I don’t remember much, but I do remember really enjoying it even though I didn’t get the best ending lol (my bf died I think). It fits.

I’m looking forward to checking the rest of these out!


I’m so happy to have been apart of this shelf!! I think it’s incredible how so many different types of stories were able to fit under the “Paranormal” category,
and I have to agree with @EliseC, I think that a potential reason for there being so many stories have to do with the new ranking system… or maybe they couldn’t decide between all of the amazing suggestions, so they just put them all😊

Either way, I look forward to reading all of the stories that I share this shelf with. Congrats to everybody who is apart of the Paranormal shelf❤️


Does the shelf fit the theme?

So, like, when I first thought of Paranormal, I was looking for something eerie if not scary, if you know what I’m saying? After all, Paranormal Activity is veryyyy successful and it’s the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when you say paranormal lol. Anyway, I really didn’t think there would be any non-horror/thriller/mystery stories. I’m realllyyy surprised.

Enough blabbering! I read 666 Miles & Hit and Run, but I’m planning to check out more stories so I’ll mention my thoughts about them later!


I added some to my favorites but haven’t read them yet :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I am honestly so happy to be on that shelf :heart_eyes: I know my story doesn’t really fall into the scary category, but definitely falls into he supernatural one so hopefully people find it fitting :slight_smile: I spent almost two years on writing that story and it’s almost complete, so I’m really excited that it got to be on the shelf. I am also super happy that they picked lots of underrated stories for the shelf!! It’s really gonna help us small authors get some recognition :blush:


I’ve read none this time, but Hit and Run has been in wait list for some time.
But even not reading, I’m happy for who reached the self, congrats everyone.
Great Job :partying_face:

Another thread bookmarked until I clear my fav a little more :sweat_smile:


i’ve read sixth sense and hit and run before. amazing stories! if i’m being honest, none of the other stories caught my attention. i have a very specific taste, though.


The stories from that shelf I’ve read are:

  • Hit & Run by Elise C
  • Eremophobia by Andrea B
  • Who’s Behind The Mirror by Ksenia
  • 666 Miles by mysoxlike2party

I think they’re all good stories and they fit well with the paranormal theme since Halloween is approaching.


I read Ticket to Heaven about a year ago and I really enjoyed it. I loved the idea and it was pretty funny too, and that’s basically what I would usually ask for lol. I read that the author revamped the story recently, so I‘m planning to read the new version as well.

I read Undiscovered Lies when it was a Clue contest entry and it was one of my favourites. The directing is great and I really liked the dynamic between the two main characters. Then Sixth Sense was an AW entry I believe, and I enjoyed this too. The concept is interesting and it’s pretty interactive, I would recommend it to anyone who likes choices, mini games and point systems.

I have no idea why there are more stories on this shelf, but of course I added some new ones to my favourites, so thanks Episode :sweat_smile:


I’ve read Hit and Run well over a year ago and really enjoyed it.
I was a beta reader for Undiscovered Lies during the Clue contest and completely fell in love with the story.


Prior to the shelf I read Hit and Run, Ticket to Heaven, some of Catching Coal and I started Eremophobia but I think I just loaded the first episode and then got distracted and forgot to return to it so that doesn’t count.

After the shelf was up, I read Sixth Sense and 666 Miles which was already on my shelf.

Hit and Run is what I consider my favourite story. I know Elise will say it’s outdated, but when I read it was the first time I saw the extent to which choices could matter and I found that really inspiring and so it kinda just has that special spot in my epy heart :sleepy: The first time I played it, everyone died except myself. The second time, I played the gem version and I guess because I knew what to do, I managed to save everyone. Yay?

666 Miles was an interesting read. It’s not usually the genre I would go for but I had heard good things. I got the neutral ending, but tbh the good ending still seemed kind of dark when I read the bonus episode. Hahaha.

Ticket to Heaven is such a great story. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone and that was before the revamp. I really didn’t think it could get better, but the arcade games at the end? OH MY GOD :scream: I wish I had half the talent to do that. I know a lot might have changed since it was first published for the fantastical contest, but honestly I feel blessed that I read both the earlier version and the revamp.

I really enjoyed Six Sense too. It caught my attention as soon as the shelf went up so I read it almost immediately instead of making this topic. The directing is really beautifully done and definitely sets a standard. The coins spinning at the end menu made me actually gasp. There’s only three episodes so far, so it’s too early to where exactly it’s heading but I’m keen for updates.

Catching Coal had a really interesting plot. I’m quite far behind on it now (I think it’s almost complete) but from what I remember, there was so much drama pushing forward the plot and so it felt really well rounded. Also parents/family don’t get completely erased from this story, which is something I always look for. They are quite important to the plot. Oh and in the story you have the ability to toggle the sound on and off. It was the first time I read a story that did that :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the insights
@amberose and @Annieways, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awwww :heart:
I gave it a tiny refresh this week, changing the really cringy directing and also adding timed choices for one of the mini games (I gave 10 second timed choices, and I still managed to fail my own game and killed the best friend on my test through lol).
I also changed up the CC but that was partly because the story wouldn’t save with the old CC lol and I had to censor the word ass.

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So someone commented on one of Episode’s IG posts that they read Hit and Run and it gave them nightmares :sweat_smile:. I honestly don’t know how to feel lol. I mean… I’m glad someone found it scary, but I feel bad :rofl:

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Thank you for your kind words on Catching Coal! :blush::heart: Yes, the story is almost complete! The next update will be the double release of the finale and that’s it! :scream::grin::sob:


Aahhh! Before this thread closes I just want to say how proud I am of seeing Ticket to Heaven by @lovesepisode up there! Her directing and coding is absolutely amazing and her story is another one of those comedies that you seek out when you want a genuine laugh and to brighten your day.

I’m ecstatic she’s getting the recognition she deserves. I’m glad I got to witness how much she’s grown and pushed herself over the year since she first published it for the fantastical contest in order to create something so great :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


I am pretty sure this is a two-week shelf, just so you know :eyes:

Also I agree with everything you said


Whew, good! I didn’t know. I’m all over the place :sob:

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