Let's Talk About . . . Past Shelves MEGA List! (P1)

Hi, I’m Fallen. On the old site I started multiple ‘Let’s Talk About’ threads to increase discussion in the Episode Fan Community, which at the time was filled with ‘Share Stories’ rather than discussions. I was thinking about posting each ‘Let’s Talk About . . .’ individually, but chose to make a super list instead. Who knows, maybe I will hit the character limit.

(June Picks 7-02-17)

  • Maid For You ~ Alex Light
  • Eyes of Rain (Complete) ~ Vaena
  • Hidden Identities: The Vigilante ~ Sacha
  • How to Stop Cupid’s Arrow ~ Lucky V. Hewitt
  • The Difference Between (S1 &2) ~ Elle.Jay
  • Mysterious: The Lost Will (Complete) ~ Raven Rose
  • Gangster Loving ~ Zarabbe
  • Lady of the Ocean ~ Kristina Maria
  • Falling for Jax Wylde ~ J L L Robinson

(New Desires 7-14-17)

  • Bad Boy Reality by YPWrites
  • The Online Affair by J.J.
  • Rebounding with Bad by Talia Rose
  • Rebounding: Sweet Revenge by Franziska L.
  • Just Friends? by A. Knox-MacBride

(Lovable Nerds 7.20.17)

  • Pregnant by a Nerd by Trisha
  • The Elite Five by EK Peters
  • Darks Dreams by Viola Musaraj
  • MY BAD BOY ROOMMATE by Arden Cole
  • It’s all lies, darling. by Maro H
  • The Crow by Nadia Hambali
  • Heart Turned Cold by Shan.T
  • The Nerd and The Bad Boy by Jasmin P.
  • When Mia Dances . . . by Lytchii

(July Picks 8.5.17)

  • WENTWORTH by Lavender
  • The Renegades by Sonja Kingston
  • Dating a Vampire by Annie Rose
  • UNCONVENTIONAL by Lovestuperstarr
  • Touch of Betrayal by Kshitika
  • Leverage by MD

(Creatures 8.11.17)

  • Dragon in Me by Oliviahemmings<3
  • Werecats by L.O
  • Beneath the Surface by S.Langdon
  • Lone Wold by S.allan
  • Mova by E.B.S
  • Dying Embers by Rebecca M.
  • School of The Gifted & Mystical by Beccur
  • The Hunters by Catie S
  • Elemental Wars by Thyla

(Student of Love 8.19.17)

  • The Tutor by Jasmin Dee
  • Falling for the Loner by Wynter Sapphire
  • The Teacher by Metter M. Peleikis
  • Rebounding with Bad by Talia Rose
  • Mesmerized by Shelly. G
  • Becoming you by Kathrine
  • New Places by L. Guyton
  • The New Girl by Saige Mercer
  • A Girl Like You by Kaydee C.

(BFF to BF 8.24.17)

  • Best Friends with the Player by Mystery Girl
  • Curveball by Locke
  • My Straight Friend by SABooks
  • Friend Zoned by A. E. Peletier
  • Off Limits by Chelsea Leigh
  • Just a Friend to You by MB
  • Friends Like Us by M. Winters
  • Sweetest Mistake by Vienna.
  • Just Friends by A Knox-MacBride

If you don’t know how this works . . . here’s some topic starters. What was your favorite? Which ones have you read so far? What stood out to you? Does the cover represent the story - or is it misleading? Plot Twisting? Do you Recommend? Would you reread? Was their multiple endings? Did you hate the ending? Is the story in the wrong genre? Will you read more? Is this pick disappointing? Do you wish they included a different story, or didn’t have a story?


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