Let's Talk About . . . Past Shelves MEGA List! (P2)


Hi I’m Fallen. On the old site I started multiple ‘Let’s Talk About’ threads to increase discussion in the Episode Fan Community, which at the time was filled with ‘Share Stories’ rather than discussions. I was thinking about posting each ‘Let’s Talk About . . .’ individually, but chose to make a super list instead. Who knows, maybe I will hit the character limit.

(Expecting 9.02.17)

  • Pregnant Reality by Chelsea Leigh
  • Some Kind of Love by Dott
  • Pregnant by a Celebrity by Latrichia Lake
  • My Hot Mess (I’m Famous &… Pregnant?) by Sally I.
  • Rebounding: Left Pieces by Rie C.
  • Pregnant by a Nerd by Trisha

(Back in Time 7.28.17)

  • Star Crossed by rAi
  • The Blinded War by V.L
  • Regalia by Evelyn R
  • The Embers of Time by M.Jordan
  • A Loveless Marriage by Jessica Swift
  • Belonging by Jessica Swift
  • Through the Glass by E.EDepeel
  • Eclipsis by Victoria Masina
  • Blood Moon Memories by zoedeanne

(California 11.11.17)

  • Summer Fling: California Kisses by Anna R.
  • DIRTY FAME by Adeline Sky
  • LA Calling by Alice H.
  • Instantly Famous by Gianna L.
  • Shameless by Tyler Kelly
  • California Crush by C.C.O

(Good Bad Nerdy 11.21.17)

  • The Nerd and The Bad Boy by Jasmin P.
  • Gender Switching by Logan Adams
  • Bad Boy Reality by YPWrites
  • Bad for my Heart by Michaela Bri
  • To the Stars by Thea Marie Dee
  • Bad Boy’s Target by Bearinson

(Gangs of Episode 11.24.17)

  • Gangster Loving by Zara Amelle
  • Game Mafia by Noob Loop
  • Criminal Attraction 2 by Char
  • MOB Boss Daughter by Fijimily
  • Could He Be The One? by Crystal
  • A One Time Thing by Amber Samantha

(Fantastical 12.02.17)

  • Black Forest by Shelley Burd
  • LEGACY by Natasha Hills
  • Autumn: Utopia by Evil Ebonni
  • Deepest Desire by Sarah Kieser
  • A Beautiful Lie by K.Hartley
  • The Devil Within by Moon W.

(New York 12.7.17)

  • My Straight Friend by SABooks
  • Love & Dance by Andrea Elle
  • He’s a criminal by Alice H.
  • Dancing My Way To Your Heart by Rose Stuart
  • Affair with my boss by channy
  • The New York Gang by V.S.

(New You 1.2.17)

  • Taming Bad by Latrichia Lake
  • The Bunny Boiler by Jasmin Dee
  • Studs and Sonnets by writer.LB
  • Finding Yourself by Anna C.
  • On Tour by S.M. Murphy
  • The Transformation by Sandra G.

(December Picks 1.5.18)

  • BroZoned by Mette M. Peleikis
  • Falling For Winter by Queen Neen
  • Hollywood Icon by R.A. Ross AKA Clover White
  • Winter Wonderland: The Power of Ice
  • Birds of Passage by Brooke Adair
  • Winter Wonderland: Winter’s Touch

(Whodunit 1.15.18)

  • Young, Beautiful, and Broke by Andrea Elle
  • It’s Just Four Letters by Maddie V
  • I’m just a girl by Tina M.
  • Affair on Air by Melia Summers
  • Mysterious : Two Faced Murder by Elle A.
  • Eye on the Spy by Rae B.

(SQUAD GOALS! 1.19.18)

  • Side Chick’s Guide to Revenge by wrttenbymegan
  • INFAMOUS by Kayla S
  • Zezzy Montero Takes On THE WORLD by TORIAH
  • Envy by Cindy Gaultier
  • The Society by Amy Vega
  • Dirty Sexy Teenagers by Lucky V. Hewitt

(Health and Wellness 1.26.18)

  • Thousand Dollar Friend by Luna Rose
  • Speak by J.Miley
  • ANATOMY OF LIFE by Isabelle T.
  • Her Secret by Jasmine G
  • In Memory of Pebble by Luciano. A
  • See Through Me by Erica

What was your favorite? Which ones have you read so far? What stood out to you? Does the cover represent the story - or is it misleading? Plot Twisting? Do you Recommend? Would you reread? Was their multiple endings? Did you hate the ending? Is the story in the wrong genre? Will you read more? Is this pick disappointing? Do you wish they included a different story, or didn’t have a story?

DISCUSSION: Stories That Violate Guidelines

Favorites from each List

(Expecting 9.02.17)
Pregnant by a Nerd by Trisha
I really liked the beginning of this story, but feel that after the baby was born, the story dragged on

(Back in Time 7.28.17)
The Embers of Time by M.Jordan
On my currently reading list as it is still ongoing. I love the Doctor Who feeling to the story. A blend of past and present.

(California 11.11.17)
Didn’t Read any of these.

(Good Bad Nerdy 11.21.17)
The Nerd and The Bad Boy by Jasmin P.

(Gangs of Episode 11.24.17)
Game Mafia by Noob Loop

(Fantastical 12.02.17)
Didn’t Read any of these

(New York 12.7.17)
Didn’t Read any of these

(New You 1.2.17)
The Bunny Boiler by Jasmin Dee

(December Picks 1.5.18)
BroZoned by Mette M. Peleikis
Like always, Mette brings it. One of the few Limelight stories I have actually enjoyed

(Whodunit 1.15.18)
It’s Just Four Letters by Maddie V

(SQUAD GOALS! 1.19.18)
Didn’t Read any of these.

(Health and Wellness 1.26.18)
Speak by J.Miley
What can I say? This is probably my all-time favorite Episode story. The author pours her heart out and it really shows.


Hello :sunny: Of the stories that you read, do you think there is a common theme, like a secret trick to get on to the featured shelves?


I think the secret to getting on the shelf is a good plot line, good directing, and reader engagement which is usually established by the first two. I have often wondered what it was about these stories that gets Episode’s attention for them to read the stories and select them for the shelf. It is more obvious when it is a bigger name author, but I wonder what is it that got authors like MaddieV, M. Jordan, and J. Miley the attention from Episode to get on shelves.


Hi - I the only story I read on this list was INFAMOUS . I read the first chapter before the revamp, and didn’t continue. However after the REVAMP I decided to give it another chance. Its a great flow story with humor all around. Kayla is great with comedies, as shown most of her stories are in the top 100’s of Comedy. Def recommend for anyone who likes Comedy. I won’t be rereading. I dont think choices matter.


Hello - I read The Bunny Boiler first episode, and did not fall in love. Nothing really stood out to me, and from what I can tell the cover represents the story so far.


I like this story but it did take me three or four episodes to get into it. I gave it a chance because I like The Tutor (by the same author).


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: