Let's Talk About ... Portia Got Pregnant (yes, Episode released this)

I doubt most people know or remember PGT, and I don’t blame you. A while back, at least a year ago, Episode released this beta called Portia Got Pregnant, another satirical/absurdist comedy story about pregnancy.

Just earlier this morning in my time, I found it in What’s Hot, though judging by the fact I can’t replay it, it’s also a beta. Still it’s slightly different from the original beta. The key difference being that the player actually gets to choose the ending, from the sappy romantic to the maybe tragic.

I wonder if anyone else has gotten this in their app.


i got Bad Bad Baby and it’s seems to be very happy about “alternate endings” lol


How is Bad Bad Baby a badder title than PGP though? :joy:

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idk i didnt even know it was PGP until a splash came at the end stating that lmao i wont lie saying the title was just too comedic for me not to read


What’s it called now?

The usual WTF moments, awkward directing and really off-colour humour aside, I actually kinda like the story so far. The themes of redemption and healing not being linear are pretty sweet, and I like how the story doesn’t pressure you as much to pay gems for certain things. I paid one or two gem choices, and both gem and non-gem choices are pretty satisfying and hilarious.

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Ok. Sum of the jokes in this r disgusting. It’s pretty standard for an episode original. Dumb gem choices, crappy directing, but it’s spotlight & ofc 2 dimensional characters… but this has been brought to my attention…

5 million ppl were affected by the explosion in Chernobyl. Ppl r still being born w radiation defects. Ppl developed cancers from the radiation and so many ppl died/lost family members/had their homes destroyed. And for episode to make a joke abt someone’s hair when they go here. Wtf episode!?


I never hated a mc that much, she’s just bland an mean for no valable reason, she doesn’t deserve a second chance


I, uh… at least it doesn’t seem like Clichéd Romance #10,000,016?


I read the beta version and it’s uhhhh terrible


They actually put this one in comedy, right? So at least we know it’s a joke or meant to be satire, unlike other questionable stories haha.


If only Episode understood what satire was supposed to be :confused:


That’s exactly what I’m saying! It’s your typical high school pregnancy story except you play as a 1-dimensional mean girl who makes the worst (and sometimes insulting) insults to other kids. Also, she’s rich and her parents don’t care about her. What is Episode doing with their lives when it comes to these stories? 🤦🏽


I have seen this story a couple of months ago in “Crushables” section. Read the first chapter and I found it too stupid to ever bother with the story again…

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Okay, since I doubt anyone else has read far in the story so far…
Quick recap -
Chapter 1 > MC gets eternally condemned to Detention but LI rescues her. In the beta, the LI recruits MC to break out several animals from the animal shelter, but here LI just has her adopt an animal.
I didn’t choose the gem choice to get one in the end but in the next chapter it doesn’t care??? So yeah, this and the inciting incident for MC to do good.
Chapter 2 > this is where this mechanic called Fates come into play. It’s basically these choices which apparently lead to wild scenes and endings. For instance, MC blackmailed a priest about his polygamy to have him teach Befernee about forgiveness. Instead, he started a new religion in order to keep being polygamist. So yeah.
Chapter 3 > Task Rabbit foot fetish. Do I need to say more? Side note though, it’s so weird this and Beating the Bad Boy just has so many real life product names and such. I’m so used with the Epi parody names, I felt someone was breaking guidelines for some reason.
Chapter 4 > MC didn’t ‘save’ anyone this time, but instead the presence of her mother made her regress hard. There was also this thing about her mom having the pool boy as a sex slave, and MC rescued him in the end. :persevere:
Chapter 5 > It’s basically the only actual Satire chapter, since it’s about this academic rival of MC’s turned bad boy. MC helped him by signing him up to this trivia bowl so he can get his GPA high enough again. (I’m not American but I’m not sure that’s how it works.) To me, that’s probably the best execution of the story’s premise.

A running gag is that MC is slowly learning about these good qualities but relates each one to her abusive past.


Thank you for putting that together, I’m sorry that you spent passes on that :flushed:

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I’ve read the entire… thing… and one of the things I don’t understand is why is everyone forgiving this girl so easily???She’s way past the typical mean girl … She constantly bully anyone in her way, running the future of a fellow student because she judged him a too close concurrence, she paid a sex worker to break her prof marriage ONLY TO AVOID A TEST !!! Plus she’s only doing “nice things” (and fail miserably by the way ) for her own profit and to avoid getting expelled !! I don’t even see what the LL saw in her to support her this way, because she made his sister’s life a hell for years, but I guess since she is pretty she has to have some good in her🙄 Once again her LL should be her rival, because those two definitely have more chemistry

I’m all for sarcasm irony and dark humor, but the jokes are disastrous (it even includes animal abuse and sex slavery jokes), the character doesn’t own any dimension…


Wow arson time


Honestly, when you phrase it like that, the story’s pretty bad and unintentionally nonsensical. I guess me, while still being harsh, giving a little benefit of the doubt is because I am used very crass humour but the earlier post about Chernobyl and stuff like made me kinda reassess.
I think it comes to how wild the story is. Part of me really thinks MC is developing but the way it is written is so beyond exaggerated and WTF…


This is from a different thread but is still relevant to the topic

I still have the story on my phone (using it to get photos for the wishlist) but yes the MC is a horrible person. One of her “jokes” was that she doesn’t know if the baby daddy of her child and her ex best friend are in a relationship or are siblings.

Yes, there is an incest joke in an Episode featured story and the worst part is that the ex-best friend does not clarify if she and the baby daddy are related or not. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: