Let's Talk About ... Portia Got Pregnant (yes, Episode released this)

honestly, i think it was more catchier than Portia Got Pregnant but not by a lot


same tho XD

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Yes, it’s more catchier, I agree. I just don’t understand why there has to be 2 'bad’s. Yeah, we get it, the mc or li’s bad like always.


Even though I haven’t read the story I’m glad I didn’t. I want to say I’m almost convinced that the people behind them is writing is horny teens with very bad sense of humor and other things. :thinking:

No defense to the teens here.


Reading people describe this story is like reading a page of MadLibs after your friend blurts as many dirty words as their 10-year-old brain could muster.

The anything-for-shock-value humour rings very 2010 YouTube for me. Make good observations and add commentary, take advantage of pacing and subverting expectations, and lastly, put effort in (the readers can have a little effort, as a treat). This kind of humour is so reliant on offending that it abandons any structure, skill, and leaves 0 room for imagination or playing on the intelligence of an audience. Do better. Be funny.

I’m not saying taboo things can’t be funny (to an extent, it’s not a black/white area and it depends on the context and how it’s played), but this is just seeing how big of a piss you can take.


I’m happy that they are reading our feedback at least x)


Oh, Episode. * condescendingly pats on head *


Ok I have to be honest I really want to read this story ONLY because there is an ending where the MC is the leader of some type of s*x cult.


This is weird, because when I read the version that just got erased, the scene is different. Either to not spoil the story or to make it less relating to actual religion or something and more cult-like.

This is UNREAL.

It seems like someone just hacked Episode. The story is violating practically EVERY Episode guideline. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And the horribly offensive an insensitive jokes… wtf


What do they mean by offering up the baby?

Was Episode really gonna have an ending where the MC murders her child?


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Me too and I wanted to read it😭

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Ummm this is the trash they are promoting? This is pretty sick.


Same but I wanted to read it just to make fun of it

I wanted the free gems​:joy::joy:


Who doesn’t want free gems? :joy_cat:

:joy::joy::joy:episode is weird
When I have decided to start reading the story boom I don’t see it again
They need to chill AHRSRTND

How instrumental was this thread in getting them to take this story down?

And may I point out that three of us have made Portia’s nicknames swear words?