Let's Talk About . . . Spring Fling!


Read any of these? Let’s talk about them!

Lost in Hope by C Mackenzie
365 Days (To Find Love) by Eleanor G.
Everly After by Anya Reinhardt (@Anya_R)
Girl in Manhattan by Effy Ammer
In Full Flight by Stephanie M.
SINGLE & ready to mingle by Chrysa.Sar

What did you like, would you recommend ( and who for? ) Does it belong on the shelf, does the cover represent the story, does the summary represent the story?


Lost in Hope is one of my absolute favs. It’s very well written and thought through. I’m happy it’s got a spot on the shelf… but I guess I wouldn’t see it as a spring fling type of story. Despite that though, I’d still recommend to anyone who’s willing to listen.

The only other one I’ve read was 365 days and I think that one’s a lot better suited for the spring fling theme.


What do you think would be a bettet shelf for Lost in Hope


My favourite is Everly After by @Anya_R
It’s always been one of my favourite stories on Episode full stop.
It fits the shelf because it’s an adventure story where Everly falls into a fantasy world and encounters the brooding and mysterious Hunter, Calum. Everly needs to find her way home by travelling through the world with Calum in the search for answers. But the story is filled with secrets and lies and a back story that unfolds in the most beautiful, enchanting and sometimes heartbreaking way. The directing is top class, the backgrounds just stunning and the world that Anya has created is filled with Celtic myths and fantastical characters. It’s just breath-taking. I couldn’t recommend it more and I’m so delighted that it’s finally been featured and getting the recognition it deserves.
The story summary and cover represents it so well and I’m sure anyone who reads this will just get lost in the beautiful story that is so cleverly written by Anya. It’s like a work of art.


is the story complete ? is it still being updated ?


Love you @amepisode <3 Thank you so much for your beautiful words and support. I truly appreciate you!

I might have to disagree with my story fitting the theme of the shelf. Sure it starts in spring and there is travel and adventure, but the ‘fling’ part is surely lacking. Maybe if they titled the shelf with something more about adventure/travel it would fit.

I feel like my story would have been better suited on a mythology shelf. I’d still like to be on that if they do eventually make that shelf.


It’s ongoing. The author is still updating x


Agreed your story would be perfect for a fantasy or mythology theme, but since creators posted on IG that they were doing a spring fling shelf and asked for Spring Break, Travel or Adventure stories… yours fits the last two of those descriptions so there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it does fit and as the wise man himself Meatloaf once said… two outta three ain’t bad :kissing_heart:


:joy: I guess I can’t argue with you there!


No one argues with Meatloaf! So for crying out loud, read em and weep cos no matter what, this is no more than you deserve and because of you, I have fallen in love with Fantasy on Episode and reading this story, there is not a dry eye in the house. So don’t you look at me like that you special girl because on Episode shelves everything is permitted and I’ll go blind before I stop telling you how brilliant this story is so remember, I love you out loud, why isn’t that enough?
And bonus points if you guess the number of songs mentioned correctly :joy::kissing_heart:

  1. For Crying Out Loud
  2. Read 'em And Weep
  3. More Than You Deserve
  4. Because of You
  5. Not a Dry Eye in the House
  6. Don’t You Look at Me Like That
  7. Special Girl
  8. Blind Before I Stop
  9. Love You Out Loud
  10. Why Isn’t That Enough?

yeah? :joy:


I’m currently reading Girl in Manhattan, and I really like it. The MC is adorable!


Sorry :joy: You’re missing two :rofl:


Do you want to give a quick summary?


A shelf about getting lost? Because that’s the whole premise. Or even a “fame” shelf would be appropriate because it was a Star Power contest entry


It’s about a girl from Asia who, after breaking up with her boyfriend of many years, wins a writing contest and goes to Manhattan. There, she meets and starts falling for her favorite musician, who slowly is opening up to her but is still in love with a girl from his home town.


this shelf is now down, but feel free to continue to talk.


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