Let's talk about... That's My Jam!

The long awaited, musicians and artists shelf is out! It’s called That’s My Jam! Here are the featured stories:

Stray Heart by @Talu
Under His Skin by @kimber.episode
Thirteen Letters by @Janna.writes
Silhouettes by @aprilish
After The Fact by @nluna.ep
Slave to the Rhythm by @Olla.c
Not My Sister by @ana_stacy_episode
A Song For You by @miarose
A Brush With Love by @SG38
Addison by @GabbieC
Hello, Again by @heyyrachel.episode
I See You by @priscillaonepisode

As always, please tag the authors if you know their forums handle. I tagged their IG handles for those I don’t know ^^

Some topic starters:

  • Have you read any of these stories? If so, what’s your opinion about the ones you read? Does it fit the theme?
  • If you haven’t read, which ones are you planning to read?

Wow Silhouettes is on the shelf! @aprilish I’m so proud of you, you deserved it!! :heart_eyes:


A song for you by @miarose
Is really good!

It definitely fits the theme of the shelf. I highly recommend it to everyone. :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A Song For You is definitely worth reading.

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I can’t believe this shelf is finally out :open_mouth:

I’m so happy for @aprilish!! I know I already said it quite a few times, but her story is amazing and gets you hooked more and more with every single chapter. And this time it’s not the author who says that, I, the reader do :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not sure how much a spoiler this is, but I will blur it out just in case:

This is the only story that almost made me cry with the ending. And even if you usually prefer happy endings (like I do), believe me, it’s still worth the read.


I can’t believe this shelf is here :scream: I feel like they are compensating for something by putting 12 stories on it lol

I’ve only read Silhouettes and I love it so much. I’m really glad it got a chance to be in the spotlight. This has one of the best endings to any episode story I have ever read. It’s just so well rounded and doesn’t waffle on or drag out. I haven’t read any others, but I just read through their descriptions and it looks like there’s a pretty good variety or music and art stories :slight_smile:



I’ve read Not My Sister, def fits the shelf.

Edit - I read most of these stories like months ago. Like easily six plus and so I’m blanking a bit.

I’ve also read Slave to the Rhythm. I don’t remember much but I the story being more romance than adventure.

Silhouettes as well, I don’t remember much either but I recall an interesting and unique plot.


I’ve read silhouettes by aprilish. I really enjoyed the story and it is the perfect story for the shelf. I’ve also read not my sister by Ana Stacy.
I’m not planning on reading any of the ofther stories as they’re not really genres I enjoy reading, but congratulations to all those on the shelf!


Thank you so much!!! :sob::heart: I can hardly believe it myself


THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANNIE!! :sob::sob::heartbeat::heartbeat: That really means a lot. Thanks a million for all your support :’)))) :heart:


Thanks a ton, amberose!! :sob::sob::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


@Olla.c :heart:

@SG38 :heart:

@GabbieC :heart:


Also, congrats to everyone :partying_face: :musical_note:


I have read Not My Sister by Ana Stacy. I thought it was really funny and I enjoyed reading a story that isn’t based on relationships that have the same plot over and over. I think Not My Sister really fit the theme because it was about music & concerts of course. I definitely recommend this story to anyone because it’s a really good story. The ending was absolutely intense!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah and I’m the author of ‘A Brush with Love’. I’m so excited and honoured to be on this shelf!

If you’ve read my story, thank you so much! I really really appreciate it. If you haven’t, then here are some more details if you want to know more about it.

My story is based on Sophie, who is a successful make up artist from the UK. She moves to LA for a change of career where she lands a job working on hit TV show ‘Starstruck’. The show is about the music industry. There, she is assigned to be one of the actors personal make up artist, and that is where Sophie and Ben’s romance begins.

My story is a romance, and I want you to get all the feels (seriously, I made Ben absolute goals), but it’s also a comedy and the laughs are just as important to me. I’d like to thinkI’ve made the main, and supporting characters loveable and I hope you invest in them like I have.

Ben is the only love interest for Sophie, you’ll get to watch their romance develop pretty early on. There will be a few minor niggles along the way, but mainly I wanted to write something light hearted, that just makes you smile throughout. Sometimes we all need a break from the stresses of real life and the drama, and I hope that reading my story can help with that escape.

Thank you so much to anyone who decides to read my baby!

The story is in Ink and the MCs are fully customisable. It will be converted to limelight in the near future.

My Instagram is @sg_episode, check out my edits too!

Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You Rock Sarah! Congratulations!!!
Your story sounds very cute!


Thanks Talu! I still need to get me some more Spencer!


I haven’t had the time to check out any stories on the shelf!!:scream:

Anyone have recommendations hmu! Need new stories to read. :wink:

Hey, I’m the author of “Slave to the Rhythm”.
I still Can’t believe this happened, I’m so happy.
Thanks to everyone who read my story or considering to read it :blush:
It’s about a really ambitious MC who wants to be a DJ, you get to see how she struggles on her journey to fame and how she discovers her talent (with a twist :wink:). The MC & one of the love interests are customizable.
Check me out on Instagram @Olla.c.episode
And thanks a lot @ELx for starting this thread :heart:


Hey y’all! Author of “A Song For You” here :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who has read my story or is considering giving it a chance! It is a romance story between two musicians. The story has some original lyrics by me and lots of music and concert scenes for those of you interested in that :slight_smile:

I also have another story if you’re not into romance - it’s called “The Surface” and it’s a post-apocalyptic story in the thriller genre. I will forewarn - there is romance in that story as well but it is not the main focus.

Feel free to follow me or reach out to me on IG if you’d like! @miarose.onepisode

Much love,
Mia Rose <3