Let's Talk About the Art Styles

< Share your favorite art styles, thoughts on the art styles, whatever, just anything that has to do with the art styles >

Personally, my favorite is ink, I wish they’d still update it, I love the expressive and cartoony look of it, limelight feels a little monotone compared to it

I tried making the same character in both art styles

I can’t make her have big cheeks or an orange-ish lip color in LL, she kinda loses personality


I prefer Limelight, but I think Ink stories have better and more original storylines and believable animations.


Ink is expressive, but Limelight has more variety in body shapes, skin tones, and physical features. People don’t use them correctly. There was a lot of same face syndrome in Ink too.


I like Limelight, I literally can’t play ink stories. There are some ink stories that are so good, I think just the animation is a bit weird

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i like the look of limelight more, but ink animations are way better imo when it comes to emotion

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That’s why I use LL, sadly ink is discontinued so there won’t be any updates for more diversity


Ink will always be my number one. Sure, LL is nice, but ink is where it’s at.