Let's Talk About the LGBT Genre And LGBT Authors Being Told That Their Stories Don't Fit The Genre

So, recently, I was told by Episode that my story, Killer Love, did not fit the LGBT Genre.

For those who never read my story,

Killer Love is a story that explore the complex relationship between two women. Jia, and assassin, and Allison, a CIA Agent and a serial killer, send love messages through their kills. Jia is canonically bisexual while Allison doesn’t have a label to her sexuality but is very clearly in love with Jia.

My story involves a relationship dynamic that’s strictly same-sex and could only be such because if one of the people in the relationship was a man there would be this concerning power imbalance in the relationship and ultimately wouldn’t work. I also wrote this story as primarily for the LGBT community who want to read and see complex relationships between two women that is strictly LGBT. Having this story on the LGBT shelf also meant reaching the audience the story was meant to reach.

There’s something really concerning about the Episode Team reaching out to LGBT content creators and telling them that their stories about LGBT people don’t fit the genre. See, I’m not the only person who had their story told that it doesn’t fit the genre. An LGBT author who wrote a story based around a biromantic demisexual character also recently got told by Episode that her story doesn’t match the genre. And the same with another LGBT author who wrote a story with a bisexual MC with a female LI branch. There may be even more stories that Episode told LGBT authors that their stories based around LGBT people in it didn’t fir the genre.

I tried to make my case by mentioning what I explained in the first paragraph about my story and I asked why my story didn’t match the genre. And they said,

“Please note that the LGBTQ+ genre is a genre meant for stories that focus on and feature characters who identify as one or more of these identities. The characters’ identities should be a significant part of their narratives, in addition to possible romantic option

And there’s a problem with that. Is Episode saying they want stories that only address coming out and struggling with identity? The issue with this perspective is that coming out and coming to terms with our identities isn’t all us LGBT people are. Coming out is just an event that occurs in our lives, it isn’t all we are. LGBT people have lives after coming out and coming to terms with their sexuality or gender identity and I thinks there should be stories that show that. As someone who is a lesbian and came out years ago, I am honestly not always in the mood for a coming out story or want to read one because I’ve passed that phase in my life. We need to see stories by LGBT authors writing LGBT people just living their lives without coming out being the central focus of the story.

Following what Episode said about what stories that match the LGBT shelf should be, let’s look at the stories that are trending on the LGBT genre. Just go on the app and check the shelf. By Episode’s standards, most of these stories wouldn’t fit because most of these stories… They were originally stories written to be female LI versions of a separate heterosexual story that came first and these stories don’t address the LGBT identities of these characters. And a lot of these authors? For the most part, they’re straight authors. Doesn’t add up that stories written by LGBT people are being told that they don’t belong in the genre but other stories that don’t even follow the definition of what Episode said LGBT stories should be.

tldr; LGBT Authors write LGBT stories and are being told by Episode that their stories don’t fit the genre because the story doesn’t make their identity a significant part of the story. The issue in that is that is a very limited idea of what being LGBT because being LGBT is just a part of us and not all we are. Also, Episode continues to allow stories that don’t follow their guideline on what is acceptable in the LGBT genre continue to stay in the genre.

Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts on this.


Agreed. An LGBTQ+ person is more than just their identity. They have everyday lives as well.

I am sorry that Episode contacted you to tell you that your story didn’t fit the LGBTQ+ genre, even though based on what you said your story was about, it seems like it did fit the LGBTQ+ genre.

May I ask if Episode sent you an email about your story being in the LGBTQ+ genre? It seems as though Episode has some inconsistencies when they look at a story and judge if it belongs in the LGBTQ+ story or not.


It happened to a friend of mine as well. The funniest part is that her whole plot is about the MC that tries to find a label that fits her sexuality but because she’s bi and demisexual she got asked to remove her story from the LGBTQ+ genre. I’m really confused at this point to what they’re expecting from this genre.


Yes they sent an email and told me to move it to the Thriller genre and they said: “Please note that the LGBTQ+ genre is a genre meant for stories that focus on and feature characters who identify as one or more of these identities. The characters’ identities should be a significant part of their narratives, in addition to possible romantic options.


That likely didn’t sound good. Sorry again that this happened.

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It seems like your friend’s story did fit what was stated below, since the plot was focused on the MC’s identity. It is confusing me as well.

*“Please note that the LGBTQ+ genre is a genre meant for stories that focus on and feature characters who identify as one or more of these identities. The characters’ identities should be a significant part of their narratives, in addition to possible romantic option"

Now I’m a little worried about my LGBTQ+ story.


That messed up, its like they are saying, An LGBTQ+ story is only supposed focus on their romantic aspects of their lives only.
Like LGBTQ+ stories should also be one-dimensional.
Hope they fix this


Girl, I’m so sorry! I literally had the same problem: my MC is biromantic and demisexual, that, in the case someone doesn’t know it, means that she can develop romantic feelings for both genders but sexual desires only after getting close to someone, and they told me that “since my MC has the opportunity to date both guys and girls” she cannot be considered queer…me being bisexual myself like: :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


That’s the problem with an “identity-driven” genre. All characters’ identities are important and shape how they see the world. But the genre really is just about coming out or specific types of same gender relationships. And it’s just a bunch of mostly cishet ppl at Episode deciding whose stories are worth telling and who gets to tell them.

I think there will always be a place for coming out stories, but there are other ways of centering identity besides coming out. Honestly my story would probably fit the expectations of the genre but I don’t want to put it there because while the characters’ identities are important in the formation of their relationships, their lgbtq identities aren’t more important than their ethnicities or status as chronically ill, which is also important to the story. And the story is really about learning to love without putting ppl and relationships on a pedestal.

But it’s weird that relatively small stories by lgbtq authors are facing more difficulties in the genre than ~mafia gays~ and wlw versions of cishet stories.


Ah, and they IMPOSED me to change genre of the story, “or else”…the else would be delete my story and ban me from the community. ARE THEY F*****G SERIOUS?! They discriminated bisexuals and people belonging to the ace spectrum in once!!!


Weren’t people having an issue switching out of the genre anyway? Like people were trying to change genres when they realized their story didn’t fit LGBTQ genre and couldn’t change it


This makes zero sense when there are stories that don’t exactly work in the genre taking the ranks. I don’t mean to be rude to anyone trending in the genre but if made your story for people who are just like you then why does it not fit. I mean it is not like your story has a hetro option and it is not a rewrite. I know you are not doing it for the ranks which some have and admitted. I mean we told them what we didn’t want in the genre but they don’t listen. If fiancee for hire is allowed then why is your not? It just seems that non LQBTQ+ people thrive in this genre instead of the people who know what it is like. :woman_shrugging:

I mean episode didn’t really think through this genre. I mean they clearly don’t have people from the community on this idea. I mean if they don’t know anything about the people that make up the community then why make the genre? :face_with_monocle: I hope they can be convinced that if those other stories can be on the genre then so can yours. I mean episode can’t even change pronouns or dialogue, I don’t think they have a say in this.


Yeah, that’s what’s really getting to me. It’s weird how a lot of the stories I’ve heard of being told that they don’t belong in the LGBTQ genre are written by lgbtq authors themselves. This genre is supposed to be for the LGBT community but instead it’s been hurting some lgbtq authors.

Yeah I heard about that :confused: It’s a shame that Episode is basically invalidating bi stories like this. Like, of course a bi MC would have LIs of both the same and opposite sex. Like I don’t know if they’re confused and can’t tell the difference between stories that are about bi MC with both male and female LIs versus the gender choice/swap type of stories that let you choose the male or female LI. Because there’s a clear difference.


I don’t know, but they literally forced me to and I could…now my story is stick in the comedy genre just because of a couple of funny scenes, even when the whole plot is about discovering themselves and their own sexuality. Come on, the title literally is “LABELS”!!! Saying me that I cannot have male love interest is a blunt invalidating my bisexuality. This goes beyond the story per se, the ranking, or whatever else. This is a proper DISCRIMINATION!


Yea it was a bug but they fixed it

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It’s just ironic (say, hypocritical) since last time I checked there are tons of stories in the genre which are either originally straight/het romances with copy and pasted female LIs or also have gender choice as well. This whole situation just astounds me :roll_eyes:


yeah, what people feared when the LGBT genre was announced actually did happen and then the worst so far being LGBT author’s LGBT stories being told that they don’t fit into the genre.


Amazing that we could predict what would happen based on our own experiences and knowledge lmao but why would anyone listen to us :roll_eyes:


I saw this topic on Reddit, my mind is still blown

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I am so sorry to hear you had to go through with that reaction from Episode’s side, @baechulgi
Anyone who’s following me on Instagram might have seen my rant about the topic already, but I might as well add those things here as well.

By excluding original stories with both biromantic and bisexual characters is blatantly biphobic. There’s no going around it. Episode’s image of what being bi actually is seems to be distorted, to the point where they’re not even recognizing different shapes of said sexuality if they see it.
I’m not even going to start on the misunderstanding of demisexuality and aphobia that happened on @Delirium_Cupcake case since I could rant about that for the next hour.

People were concerned about having an identity based genre and apparently, rightfully so. It’s not Episode’s place to start gatekeeping the LGBT+ community in this manner, especially since all of their attempts of becoming more inclusice have been purely performative in the past. These actions only further prove that fact.

This needs to blow up in the socials. I have had just enough of Episode at this point.