Let's Talk About the LGBT Genre And LGBT Authors Being Told That Their Stories Don't Fit The Genre

Yeah I saw your rant about it and it’s terrible how Episode is going about all of this. I agree that this needs to blow up if we want to see any change with the app and how they go on with the LGBTQ+ genre, which is also why I made this thread in the first place.


No, it’s totally fine! The issue with a lot of this is how Episode deems how a story is LGBTQ+ and what isn’t LGBTQ+. Because, right now, it doesn’t really seem very clear to me. Or at least it’s just so confusing to see my story being rejected from the genre for one reason that is “The characters’ identities should be a significant part of their narratives,” but some of these other stories that do match this rule… Are still rejected?


Okay… I do not understand what Episode expected from the lgbt genre when they released it. I am a little confused, do they wish to see only one specific plotline in that genre? People coming to terms with who they really are and coming out? Sure, it is a beautiful adventure, realizing and understanding who you really are, but it’s one specific plotline and it can get overused if the genre is only restricted to that.

I navigate myself in that genre in order to find out more wlw stories because I am a lesbian and fed up with (men) male love interests. How does my dear episode expect me to find Killer Love in the god forsaken thriller genre? It’s not even focusing on thriller all that much (at least in my opinion, the characters’ relationship is the main story key.)

LGBTQ people are peopleeeee and more than just their identities! If my life was a story it wouldn’t be just me coming to terms with the fact that I like women and women only, or coming out to my family and friends. It would be so much more than simply that stage in life!


I can’t help it, sorry for the intrusion. But I’m not even in the LGBTQ+ community (I think lol) and I’m so mad at this. SO mad. I can’t even begin to imagine how mad you guys must be. This is beyond offensive.

@Delirium_Cupcake I literally remember seeing your story in the genre and when I checked just now it was gone I was puzzled! Ho anche scoperto che sei italiana hihi. Comunque sono degli stronzi e mi dispiace davvero tanto :triumph:

I already have so many issues with mafia stories as they are, to play sneaky and add a copy-pasted version of that crap only with gender bent LIs is ridiculous.

Yes. We need to riot.


When you really think about it, it’s not weird… and that’s the saddest part. Episode loves to preach and perform inclusion except for when it ACTUALLY matters.


Lmao I mean “weird” as in predictable, since the genre honestly wasn’t made for us and wasn’t something most of us asked for. It was always meant for only certain stories and only certain ways of telling them. Moving the subgenre from romance to drama was never going to change that, either.

But I do think it’s possible this is starting from people reporting stories in the lgbtq+ section for incorrect genre placement and Episode not wanting to deal it and just telling people to move their stories. They’re still targeting smaller, lgbtq+ authors though.


I used the genre as an experiment since you can play as a hetero female or gay male, and it got that email too :upside_down_face:


And also like to add that there’s this general misconception that ‘coming out’ is some sort of once-in-a-lifetime-event. If you’re LGBTQ+ you have to ‘come out’ constantly. To every new person and answer all the questions and defend yourself all.over.again. It’s not something that just happens once and it’s just done.

Im honestly through with episodes ideas of what a LGBTQ story should be like, you can have it influence your story and play an important role without sexuality being at the center of the story.

It’s like they’re treating us as some sort of super different type of people, no. The stories can be just the same and just have someone be LGBTQ.

I don’t know if particularly that last bit made sense. I’m just rage-typing. I had no idea this was an issue and it’s absurd.


Just here to show my support on this thread. I could rant on and on about this but a lot of you have already said what I was thinking better than I can say it.


inb4 the reactionaries come marching in with their obligatory “be appreciative” fanfare


This is exactly what worried me about this “genre” from the start.

I am really uncomfortable with the idea of anyone telling LGBTQ+ authors that their stories featuring LGBTQ+ characters and narratives don’t meet the criteria for the genre. It is even worse when you see female LI versions of separate stories trending under the LGBTQ+ heading. I am very confused as to what Episode is trying to do with this genre, if it’s not to amplify LGBTQ+ voices and stories.

As @hibiscusgravy says, that’s the problem with an “identity-driven” genre. Adding or removing a story from that genre comes with much more significance than it does with Thriller or Romance. We did raise this issue when they announced the new genre.

Sighhh :pensive:


I filed a feedback ticket with Episode an hour ago and received an answer. I asked, if I was allowed to share the contents of their response (edit: and they said yes :smiley:), so I’ll do that: Basically, they reiterated that the genre was indeed meant for “characters that identify as one or more of these [LGBTQ+] identities” and that all characters that identify as “bisexual, biromantic, demisexual, aromantic, or other identities in the LGBT+ sepctrum are eligible for this genre”. They told me that they are working with their reviewer team, to handle incorrect genre reports appropriately in the future.

I hope this is helpful for all of you, who were affected!


I’m sorry to hear you went through that, I saw that on IG and I had to comment here. It sounds like your story and many others are perfect for this shelf, especially if the author is lgbt themselves, they know best how to represent characters from this community. I’d try to maybe send them a ticket about it


I just wanted to say that the harm Episode cause by excluding members of the LGBTQ+ community is enormous. And who even are Episode to gatekeep the community anyway? They are actively discriminating against LGBTQ+ authors and stories after years of spreading inclusive messages.

Bisexuals are LGBTQ+

Biromantics are LGBTQ+

Demisexuals are LGBTQ+

Episode have no right to say otherwise.

If you’re reading this and you’re bi/aspec, you are 1000% valid. You are LGBTQ+. You are welcomed in the community. Your voice will be heard.

Episode, biphobia & aphobia is not a good look.


Bumping this post for visibility. This shouldn’t just be swept under the rug and forgotten. I have submitted a ticket to Episode with my concerns and recommend others do as well.


I AM LIVID. This story, that was banned for being so offensive to the LGBTQ+ community, is now back on the app… in the LGBTQ+ genre!!!

let’s talk about the story burning flames by cora

How is it that this cishet author that completely disregarded and disrespected our community previously can re-publish on the LGBTQ shelf with what was a disrepectful, totally skewed and inappropriate portrayal of our community… and an LGBTQ+ content creator with a biromantic demisexual is NOT ALLOWED on the SHELF?

Sorry, I’m a little angry.

Please don’t use this as a reason attack Cora, I just wanted to use this as an example of Episode’s hypocrisy. Besides, Episode’s the one that okayed it being back on the shelf. I also have to state for transparency’s sake, the disrespect and such experienced from her was during the fiasco with her old version, I cannot speak for what happened with the new version because she blocked me (and everyone else) when we tried to reach out to her to help with the first version. I also have to state I haven’t read the new version so I’m not sure if her portrayal of the community is any better but I have my doubts as she blocked everyone that tried to help her.

How is it that a cishet author who’s “LGBTQ” story was banned for being so offensive to our community be allowed to republish that banned story in the LGBTQ genre, and an LGBTQ content creator with a biromantic demisexual is NOT ALLOWED to publish in the LGBTQ genre!?


Okay, looking at that… Yeah the story looks like a mess when it comes to things. I’m going to check it out but this kinda left me feeling a bit sour seeing this :confused:

I’ll edit this and be back with my views on it but if it still has what was mentioned in the thread… Yeah… Idk how I’d feel about that.

Edit: I’ve read 3 episodes. So far it seems like the author removed the problematic stuff from before. So… I think it’s okay for now?

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When a story is banned it is usually ineligible for republishing. I don’t have the details on this particular story but would you please send in a ticket to report this? Submit a request – Episode

Unfortunately, a story is not necessarily reviewed before it is published. Sometimes authors think that they can just republish and it will be fine. Depending on the situation this can lead to a platform ban.

The best way to get information like this to the right people is always through a ticket.


Hi Arlene! Thanks for your response! I did submit a ticket regarding this earlier today so I hope it will be addressed. Thank you!


It’s good if she removed all the offensive stuff, but that wasn’t the direction I wanted my comment to go lol.

It’s the principal of the thing: I’m just mad that they removed legit LGBTQ stories and allow that one on the platform, essentially gate keeping who they let into the LGBTQ community, excluding some of us that identify as LGBTQ+, and including some cishet people that have a rocky past with the Episode LGBTQ community.

I hope that makes sense, I don’t want this post to turn into something about Cora at all. This is about Episode’s hand in things.