Let's Talk About... The Way To Win A Contest


But it still had nothing to do with rubric score or retention. They said one of them would be granted, they didn’t say how. Its just assuming at this point. And opinions are not facts :grimacing:

PS: BeebleHope is pregnant I think? Maybe thats why she couldnt visit. Amy T could’ve been busy as well

And we don’t know the locations of these writers. Maybe whoever closer gets the prize.


Actually- the rules state “how” the grand prize winner will be chosen but it seems to be completely different to how it was actually chosen lol.
To my knowledge, at least one of the other authors on the shelf said they’d like to be eligible for the grand prize, so please don’t say the winner was the ONLY author. That may not be true (and might make the winner feel like she won by default).


But still, its not about retention or rubric score. We don’t know how Episode picked the grand prize winner. Even if you’re a grand prize winner, its still same as other winners on the shelf. There were no best directing winner as this shelf was not for competition. It was just for partnerships.


Silence is very good… it actually makes you wonder why are people okay with criticizing Episode about their stories but not about other stuff.


Going to be honest. You’re basing your argument on your assumptions. You’re misinterpreting the instructions and things and using it to argue.


And your basing it on assumptions as well. We don’t know how it works. We CANNOT assume it, just like you say. So, “A small non popular author won the grand prize!” is not really a valid argument to say non-popular authors can win. For all we know, no stories on shelf are better than others, simply because of the fact that not even best directing was chosen.




I think @EliseC is a good person to take help from. She wins every contest she enters. This means that her story does really well in the rubric and retention. She can be used as a great example! Her story Cyberstalking is very interesting! I read it yesterday


Sorry for the hostile comments before. Hope you didn’t mind :orange_heart:


Yes Elise is actually one of the people who made choices matter even in the old days, I must say, a lot of her stories probably inspired Episode to start making their choices matter.


I’m sorry as well, just don’t like it when Episode completely goes silent. We should stick together.


I want answers on retention as well.


Probably not until December. They reposted the first tip this month… I’m still shocked that no one noticed this in the team…


I have no idea why they repeated the same topic. I’m rereading the rubric post for my story.


I guess they were confused or didn’t see it. It doesn’t give a good image to them though. This kinda shows they don’t care too much :sweat_smile:


So stories must have at least 3.0 average score for being featured on shelf?


I think personally for me, one of the biggest downfalls for the one competition I did in the past was asking non-Episode community people to read my story.

My family had good intentions, but they never actually read it the whole way through, which lowered my reader retention score.

Make sure that the people you ask to support you are able to read the story completely. You don’t need a bunch of family members meaning well to lower your score.


Yes, but I doubt they can go to that point. I think something like 3.5 would be the least for a winner.


I wonder if there’s a story with perfect 4.0 score🤔


I did the same. But I read my own story on their phones. For the next contest, I’ll host a discussion thread and then create a promotion thread for everyone to share screenshots and links.