Let's Talk About . . . Thrill Me!


Ley Lines by Anya Reinhardt @Anya_R
Dead Roses by Beeble Hope
Rosehaven: Game of Secrets by AJ Nichole
Necessary Evil by Zayen
Melrose by Amy June
911 : Call me if you Can by Lark Noah
Haunted : Her Protector by Courtney Bree
The Kettle by April H.
Deadly Obsessions by Fran on Episode

Thoughts on the “Thrill Me” shelf?

I’m here! I’m here!

I love Dead Roses and Ley Lines, I haven’t checked out others tho :thinking:


I read Haunted: Her Protector a while ago (back when it was a Haunted entry) and really enjoyed it! It’s complete and the ending is unexpected (at least it was to me lol).


Here are the stories featured:

Have you read any of these stories? Which are your favorites? Thoughts on this shelf?


I’ve read Melrose and I think it isn’t really a thriller. However it’s a really good story!


I READ THE STORY ‘HER PROTECTOR’ it’s so interesting. I suggest you read it. It isn’t another typical love story trust me that story is sooo good.


That screenshot is missing three stories :slight_smile:
The Kettle
Her Protector
Deadly Obsessions

I’m glad to see they’re releasing shelves with 9 stories again. I personally prefer that as it gives more people an opportunity to get on a shelf :slight_smile:


I haven’t read it so this is purely a question out of interest. Not trying to be snarky lol.
What genre would you put it in and why?


For some reason it only showed up as six for me the first time I opened the app :thinking:
Now I see all nine, though — I’ll update the photo :slightly_smiling_face:


Drama or romance (maybe read its description, because that explains a lot)
it’s not as “brutal” as a real thriller would be


I suggested 911: Call me If you can! I was so exited when I saw it.


do you want to give us a quick summary? :smiley:


It’s about this dispatcher who gets a call from this man who’s been kidnapped. She can’t tell any other authorities cause the kidnapper tracks all of his calls and threatens to kill him. What happens to him is based on your choices


I’ve read the Protecter. Loved it


So I read Necessary Evil by @Zayen1 long time ago, it fact it was my first read for read in the forums (it also was in the old one, not this one) . I immediately fell in love with the story and I’m so happy that it’s finally get the recognition it deserves!!!

Congratulations everyone!!!


Agree. Good story, but not a Thriller. Especially the second half, more of a Drama or Romance.


Thank you! :kissing_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Yeah, Melrose isn’t really a thriller.


I just read the first 3 chapters of Necessary Evil, and def getting some Supernatural Vibes

Edit : I likes it, great choice for the shelf


I’m super grateful for all the love I’ve gotten on The Kettle, I’m really surprised! <3