Let's Talk About . . . Thriller (Contest)!

The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher by Ana Stacy
Honey, I’m Home by kw.episode @kw.episode
Kissed by a Ghost by Amephira @sofieamelia
Twisted Twin by Naemi & Kat
Hello? by Evil Ebonni & Old Mate

Some topic starters : What did you like / dislike about the stories? Would you recommend? Does this story fit the shelf? Is there any story that should be on the shelf that isn’t? Would you reread? Is the summary misleading or is the cover art misleading? Note : Authors do read this


I’m forcing myself to take a break from episode, so I haven’t read much of the entries (still). I did read the Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher. I liked the story, and would recommend for a good mystery. She included tappables which was interesting. I wouldn’t reread because I’m not really into rereading stories. Summary is not misleading, and the cover art is not misleading.


Well my goal was to have read all the winning stories (before they made the shelf) and I succeeded! :smiley:
And Yay! I made the shelf :grin::rofl:
I’m a little disappointed that only 6 stories were chosen. There were a LOT of fantastic stories and some of my favourites didn’t make the shelf. Shout out to these stories:
Detenu- I loved the concept! Definitely unique.
The Game- Mindblowing. I’m still thinking about it. My personal favourite. As I mentioned on the other thread, I did think that the lack of choices, mature themes and possibly the long episodes could hurt her? I did hope it would be a winner though.
Voodoo- I really loved the directing! I actually picked this to win the directing award.
Thumbelina- I loved the twists, especially at the end.

As for the ones that won- I’m wondering who won best directing? Based on shelf placement, it seems to be Honey! I’m Home, but I’ve seen a lot of different screenshots of different orders.

The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher: This was one of my absolute favourites (I’d say top 2 with The Game). I definitely think that it’s a thriller. I loved the way the plot unfolded and I loved the different twists. There’s a lot of thought put into it. I somehow managed to put the correct person behind bars.

Honey, I’m Home: I liked the relationship/character development with the MC and her boyfriend. This story seemed to focus a lot on the “aftermath” of the kidnap which was a nice change (although I low-key kept expecting the kidnapper to jump out at her in the final episode lol). I liked the suspense when trying to figure out who the kidnapper was and I liked the choices (I died several times ahaha).

Kissed by a Ghost: I enjoyed this one but to be completely honest, I didn’t really think it was a thriller? I guess thrillers can be hard to define. The directing is very good- I loved the effects (and I really loved the overlay for the author at the start lol). This one does have a strong romance aspect to it so I can see it being popular.

Twisted Twin: Beautifully written. Really nice directing. The title isn’t misleading, but in a way it’s a little bit too obvious? I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded.

GHOSTWRITER: Pffffft. :rofl:

Hello?: Obviously flawless directing lol (truthfully, do we expect anything less when it comes to Ebonni and directing? :rofl:). I completely cheated on this one (I stalked her comments) so I survived but knowing the answers- I really like how the clues/answers are actually all there if you pay attention. I’m not a story-replayer, but I probably would have if I died lol. Also, I love that Ebonni and her fiance did this together. I think that’s really sweet. If I tried writing a story with my partner it would probably end up in tears (mine) and someone getting things thrown at them (him).


I was disappointed that they only picked 6 stories. There could have easily been 9 and I think everyone would have been happier. I read a lot of Thriller entries including all the winners. Two of my favorites did not make the shelf.

Detenu : Unique. Amazing directing. Multiple endings. Not a stalker-killer thriller, but definitely kept you on your toes. I personally had issues with rereading this story and I know it is an ongoing support ticket problem which makes me wonder if these issues led to the story not being on the shelf

The Game : Unique - Amazing directing. Still scratching my head. I am surprised, but not really, given the level of mature content in this story. Still amazing.

But the winners…

The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher: Definitely deserved to be up there. Wonderful plot, and I picked the right person who was the killer.

Honey, I’m Home: I thought the first three episodes were great, and would have been very satisfied with it ending with the third episode. The story kind of lost me after that with the happy ending and all. Still enjoyed the story.

Kissed by a Ghost: I honestly didn’t feel like this was a Thriller. It was more romance to me. Just personal opinion.

Twisted Twin: Beautiful narratives and art. Great directing.

GHOSTWRITER: My third favorite behind Detenu and The Game. Loved the multiple endings and the twist. Definitely Thriller.

Hello?: Flawless directing, but honestly felt too predictable and cliche.

Would I reread. No. I’m happy with the endings I got.

I would have made it 9 stories and added Detenu, The Game, and Voodoo


The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher: I loved this story because it was so unique, but I’m mad at myself for putting the wrong person behind bars when I knew who it was sdjhs. I was just like nah, that’s so obvious - but it was right. I liked how you could build relationships and that determined your ending.

Kissed by a Ghost - I really liked this story for Ed. I didn’t expect the twist (not gonna spoil) and I’d read a series about all the girls in the coven if she ever made one.

Twisted Twin - This story was insane to me in a good way. I was happy with my ending because I made good choices. It was definitely interesting, and although the title seemed obvious, I actually expected it to go the other way around

GHOSTWRITER - I replayed this story twice because I made AWFUL decisions in the first round gjkghds (whoops), but this was an amazing story and Elise put a lot of time and effort in it and it showed. I really enjoyed the concept of it, and I had no idea it’d end the way it did.

Hello? - I absolutely loved this story, and obviously the directing was amazing because Ebonni. I was blown away. There were elements of humor, and I had to replay 4 times to survive sjkfds. I eventually looked at her IG comments because I’m clearly terrible at surviving thrillers/horrors.

Also @EliseC, it’s funny that you say that because I almost added something like that at the end :sob:


Lol literally [SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HASN’T READ]: the entire wedding dress scene I was expecting her to turn around and “Hello Honey. I’m Back” :rofl:


So I read four of the winning stories. That’s pretty good considering I probably only got around to reading 8 in total

Ghostwriter - loved it. Won’t reread because Elise thankfully does bonus episodes and there’s far too many different endings for me to get through on my own anyway. Have to say I didn’t expect it to play out as it did, though there were a few things I did suspect would happen that did.

Honey, I’m Home - I died several times but for those reading this, you go back to where you made the wrong choice and are given a chance to repeat until you don’t die… So I think technically there’s only one ending? But you can die heaps of times throughout.

Kissed by a Ghost - I really liked the concept of this. Not sure if I believe in witches, but the idea of them has always been fascinating to me. I really hate author notes with a passion, but I liked what the author did with her’s and it felt like there was a Halloween theme to her whole story. The title did sort of spoil something which could have been a plot twist had it been called something else. There was a few jump scares, but nothing too bad. I picked an ending thinking it would be the “bad” one but it turns out I actually got the good one.

The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher - due to some mostly wild guesses, I managed to make every correct decision. I was shocked! At the end, it was like “because you made this choice such and such happened” and I was just laughing because I was winging it the whole way through. I thought this one was entertaining and it seemed like there were a lot of different ways this could have played out.


Congrats to all the winners! They are truly amazing stories. I haven’t had the chance to read them all yet, but once I do… Boy I will be binging! :sweat_smile:

Like; seriously! Fantastic job!


I have yet to read any other story placed on the shelf besides “Hello?” by Evil Ebonni & Old Mate, but to say the least the directing is flawless. Literally, flawless. It’s some of the most incredible directing I’ve ever seen, a definite wow factor. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Evil Ebonni. The story itself is intriguing, interesting, and sinister. I really liked the story. I’m a sucker for multiple endings so that’s a plus from me too.


Out of the contest winners, this story was the only one I’ve read so far, and it is quite amazing. A short yet (bitter)sweet police case, and what I really appreciated is the level in detail to finding clues to catch the villain. Of course I wasn’t that observant but still.

I’ve also read another story A Hell of a Story by Pencil Drew, which was a fine entry on its own plus it was set in the 50s. Not to mention Blue River by Maggie V with the classic dangerous Halloween dare.
Really looking at the search results for the context alone, a lot of stories look pretty interesting. I’m glad this contest existed

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did you really read them all, I am searching for them I already found 35 how the hell did you read them all lol :stuck_out_tongue: (not easy to find all the entries) I have read now 10

  1. The game, I thought it would get a better score, it was special!
  2. From the static, this has great potential and the story is not ended yet
  3. Tribe off malapinci I never heard of it again?
  4. Detenue great story, can’t get it why it did not make it.
  5. Till death do us part
  6. red snowflakes
  7. The faceless man: to be honest, I did not read that with enthusiasm.
  8. Where’s Joanne: it was the first what I have read and it still is one of my favorites because the end I was shocked… it is my little baby story because it was my first so I would love it to be in the top.
  9. Voodoo: this was exited from head to towns, it was like I was in that game, pushing buttons, open things, the directing, everything was great. This should have won too.
  10. The truth about your nightmares

And now, another 35 to go …



I read around 50 or so, but I read all the stories that made the shelf (that’s what I meant lol). There were a lot of entries this round. Maybe 70?

I found it hard to search- even my own story didn’t show up sometimes when I searched :rofl:


70 OMG I thought 35 was already much. Where can I find does? X

From this shelf, I’ve read half of the stories, but I’ll for sure get round to reading them all sometime later lol.
Anyway, here are the stories I’ve already read:

Kissed by a Ghost: Absolutely loved the directing, but, personally, I don’t think it should be considered a thriller. Aside from a few jumpscares, which, didn’t even scare me, and that is quite rare for me 'cause I usually shit myself when there is one in a movie, story etc, I don’t think it fits that category. I agree with @AnnieAEpisode, it felt more like a romance story. Title made it kinda predictable but I shit you not,(SPOILER ALERT) when the MC first met the love interest(aka the ghost) I went: Is he the ghost? LMAO.

Hello?: Well, the directing, as expected was phenomenal. It’s Ebonni we’re talking about here, duh. Her directing is always on point. The story itself was pretty interesting, had to replay it two times, 'cause I suck at surviving in Thriller stories lol. To be honest, it was pretty creepy. I read it late at night, and, well, being the scaredy cat that I am it kept me up for about an hour. Definitely fit the shelf, in my opinion at least.

Twisted Twin: I actually thoroughly enjoyed this story. Loved the plot. Directing, also great. Only thing I would change is the title, as it kiiinda spoils the story.

Congratulations @EliseC, @kw.episode and all other authors who got to be on this shelf!

(I lowkey was disappointed too with the fact that they added just 6 stories. I read other great entries as well, which, I firmly believe should have been featured.)


I’m starting to read all of them slowly, I’ll update slowly.

This post may contain spoilers.

Kissed by a Ghost: I really liked this one. The directing is amazing. The plot was really good and refreshing. (I wasn’t a big fan of AHS Coven but I personally liked this coven. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Now for spoilers. Unlike everyone, I thought we were actually cursed by a ghost, not kissed (i thought it was a word game lol) I wasnt expecting finding out that my flirt is a ghost… Although I chose to love right away rather than living :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (plus am i the only one that wanted to date a ghost just now…)

Hello?: I’m a big Ebonni stan so I read this story on my tablet when my phone was broken lol. I really liked the concept, I realized it so much later that I have to make my choices carefully. And… I died… Now for spoilers. I’ve been always obsessed with this stalker/kidnapper theme (dont know, dont ask) so my stupid ass went ahead and picked chains right away since every movie I’ve seen used chains. Also not gonna lie, this story is really creepy because the directing is just so good that it makes you think it is actually happening. That photo scene (kidnapper putting our face onto friends corpse) actually scared me
Special congratulations to Ebonni & Kade for the best directing. plus engagement

GHOSTWRITER: I’m just gonna jump straight into spoilers. Beware.

Are you effing kidding me I got the worst ending possibly. (B2) My boyfriend (who was also a private detective faking his love) died, I died, my sister is alive. And that stupid Christine saved herself!!! Im so mad right now Im gonna read the bonus episode asap and act like I got a good ending. Make it easier next time Elise or I’ll cover you in green paint and stab you :rage:(kidding, but not too much :angry:)

Honey, I’m Home: This was such a good entry, I like how the author focused on the victims more than the kidnapper. I was expecting the kidnapper to make a turn but I’m glad he didn’t. I may or may not taken 848484939 screenshots during the wedding scene :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I honestly kinda want a sequel on what was going through kidnappers mind.


Thank you for your kind words. :heart:

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Thank you lovely :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Hahaha it’s ok. Congrats to all the Winners!!

Oh it’s Tribe of* Malapinchi :slight_smile: After all I just started. It is my second story and first time entering a contest haah. But it was really fun and enjoyable…not to mention tiring to write…

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@Sydney_H, this shelf is also no longer up. Can you close this?

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