Let's Talk About . . . Through His Eyes!


I’m happy for a male lead shelf —

The Dark Prince by Nis
The “Bad Boy” Game by JC!
Killer Instincts by Maddie V
The Freckles on Mars by MeMyselfAndI
Donor Daddy by Otterstorm & LettyH
The Blank Page by Janna Valentina

Genre? Recommend? Fits on the shelf / doesn’t fit the shelf, cover represents the story, do choices matter, is it finished — etc.


There’s a Male Lead shelf now? I need to check that out.


I’ve read the first two episodes of The Dark Prince, but it’s not my type of story, so I won’t be continuing.

The summary is pretty catching, and describes the story well. He is a prince, who meets a girl who he really likes. I don’t know if the cover fits the story (it might be to match her other story H & V : Annabelle).


Ok, so I was really excited to see this shelf!

The blank page
I had already read this prior to the shelf and it’s amazing. I feel like it’s a unique story, even without considering the rarely seen male POV. Would definitely recommend… and come to think of it, I think it is on my recommended shelves anyway.
Suits the shelf :heavy_check_mark:
Cover represents story :heavy_check_mark:.
Choices matter :heavy_check_mark: to the point where you feel bad when you make the wrong choice because a character doesn’t trust you or you hurt their feelings, etc.
It’s not finished, but it’s pretty good chapter length anyway.

Donor Daddy
I started this a couple of weeks ago because the description drew me in. I’ve read a few chapters, but it didn’t grab me enough to keep going. But I will agree it does fit on the shelf and cover represents the story.

The “Bad Boy” Game
I started reading this after seeing it on the shelf. I’m only about half way, but liking it so far. I guess it’s a bit predictable but in a good way. MC is exaggerated just enough so that you see the comedy in it, without feeling like all you’re doing is just making fun of the “bad boy” stereo type. It’s sort of like a guilty pleasure read. And it’s really well directed and paced well. So yeah. Nice to see a half-cliche from a different POV.


Do you think you are going to read any others on the shelf?


I put The Dark Prince on my list, so might get around to that one this week.


I have read all of them except for The Freckles on Mars. I gotta say, I like pretty much all of them. I read The Dark Prince, The “bad boy” game and The Blank page before the shelf even came out. The one that I highly recommend is Killer Instinct. The story line is pretty unique, the characters are funny and it’s a comedy, which happens to be my favorite genre. The next one after that I recommend is The blank page because again the story line is pretty unique and I love that this story line is told from a male’s perspective. There are lots of twists and turns, choices matter a lot and its full of vine references.


Do you plan on rereading any of them?


I read all of them except for the Freckles on Mars. I do plan on reading that one soon though.


new shelf, yAss. i’ll check it out and comment here later.


I only read Dark Prince so far but have been wanting to read The Freckles on Mars, Donor Daddy and The Blank Page.


I liked The Dark Prince btw.


Want to give an example of a different scene? Like in a cliche version this happens whereas in the BBG this happens…


Do you want to give a quick sum of the Dark Prince, and why you like it ?


I like stories that are funny and filled with romance and it fulfills both of these categories.


@fallenangelnight13 did you also want to know the basis of the plot?


It’s up to you, i’ve already read it but for someone who hasn’t might find it helpful.


Out of the six, so far I picked up the Freckles on Mars since I was following MeMyselfandI in the app. It has an interesting premise plus I loved this overlay art in the first chapter, even though personally I think the directing’s a bit basic. It’s still very engaging, even if the plot picked up slow in my eyes. For Drama(/Romance?) fans, totally recommend, plus the 2 MCs have quirky POVs.


Did you like the ending?"


Actually, tbh I’m still on the first chapter, and the story only has eight chapters. But at least I’m curious to see more