Let's Talk About... Thru His Eyes

Ephermal Encounter @MerryMirrors
Psychology 101 @Annieways
Three Weeks From Now @RachelleFaucet
Corrupt Me @MargoVincent
The Indigenous by @mickel.epi
Another side of Love by EYSAFOX
Live A Little @linasofia
The Show Must Go On by @AmyJune_episode and Natasha
Maybe Someday by @Akanksha

Some discussion questions: Which have you read? Does the story fit the shelf? Does the cover represent the story? Do choices matter? What were your favourite moments? Etc.


Congratulations @Annieways :blush:


I only read Psychology 101. I’m glad that made the shelf. Congratulations @Annieways :yay:

Oh, the @ name for Margo is @MargoVincent


Gosh, it’s been a while since I last read Psych 101 but congrats @Annieways . I love the comedy and the plot and character dynamics forming so far

I hope to read some of the others though


Everyone knows I love Psychology 101 :heart_eyes:
I really do think it’s one of the best stories on the app. Yes, it definitely fits the shelf, and the cover does represent the story too. I’m really happy to see this story featured finally :raised_hands:

Some of my fave moments were when the group went to Vegas. That episode was hilarious and I think about Lily winning often :joy: I also loved the whole presentation with the stick figure diagram and when Aaron lost his bad boy mojo. Those were some of my highlights that I can think off the top of my head, but basically I love the whole story.

Stick figures

I’ve also has Ephermal Encounter and Three Weeks From Now on my list so I’ll read them this week and come back here :sweat_smile:

Also it’s impressive to see quite a few on the shelf are already complete while there was two stories with under 1k reads. Nice variety :smile:


Psychology 101
It fits the shelf, its cover is represents it well as not only it’s a school story but also the MC is being “studied” by his colleague.
The moment MC spits his drink on his dumb friend after figuring out who was his sister. And every moment of private sessions of studying the bad boy :rofl:

Congrats @Annieways :grin:


You really like to make my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I took a screenshot and shared on the Funny SS Thread, that girl must have been blacked listed from the casino after her winning spree :joy:


If you’re up to date, I thought in the last episode that sending Lily to win money would make the most sense because of the Vegas episode… She let me down :pensive::v:


Unfortunately no :cry: but I’m changing it this week :sunglasses:

Also I’m checking Corrupt me out and I’ll also come back


Three Weeks From Now is one of my favourite stories in the app. It really suits the shelf and the character is gay by default too!

Catching up with Psychology 101 is in my to-do list… along with making a to-do list, but I am glad to see it in the shelf!

The rest do not pique my interest.

Congratulations to Annie and Rachelle!


:sweat_smile: Relatable.


Thank you guys :two_hearts: Yesterday morning I thought I don’t even need to be featured, because the ranks were so messed up that I was trending already :rofl: But I’m happy and shocked at the same time that Episode chose this story, and it definitely wouldn’t have happened without the support I’ve been getting from you.

This is one of my favourite shelf themes, so I hope to check out all the stories selected. Congrats to everyone!
Since the title made me think of a masterpiece by Queen, I started reading The Show Must Go On. It has a sensitive topic, but the concept is amazing and well-executed. I saw that it was an Adventurous contest entry and it definitely fits this theme.


Oh shoot, yeah, I also forgot about The Show Must Go On. So much happens in the story, in a good way, and I love the friend’s ghost


I have only read Psychology 101 by Queen of Comedy Annie Edison but I will def try to check out the others :blob_hearts:

Yes, the story fits the shelf and i love pretty much every moment :metal2: :star_struck: :blob_sun:

Congrats Annie :partying_face: :revolving_hearts: :tada:


I came back after 6 episodes of Corrupt me

It fits the shelf as most of the time we see Andre, despite still having bits of Morgan POV. For them it’s a beginning of a interesting relationship and it’s a funny bad girl good boy dynamic.

The cover is on point despite being a male MC because you’ve the bad girl painting a graffiti.

Andre and his father moments are really funny and it’s cool to see a household dynamic. It isn’t common, what is a huge pity, but pretty cool and makes this story more interesting.

Choices matter because not only you have MC and LI points but also Parents relationship points this one leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth as I don’t like the fact that the father is pinning over his mother when he has a wonderful gf…

We also have the MC best friend that never had guts to ask him out that’s changing to catch his attention… Talking about changing I have only seen the MC going out of his away so far and that’s another that is giving me mixed feelings but it can change I’m only starting episode 7


Really lucky to be on this shelf. Thank you to everyone who’s giving it a chance!!! I wanted to take a minute to share the full synopsis of the story, in case anyone wants to know the actual plot before reading!

The Indigenous full synopsis:
it’s 2019. not much is different, technology is the same, animals are the same, even society is pretty much the same. but the way the world came about? that’s another story. when the Europeans conquered the western hemisphere, life for the indigenous was slaughtered. they were enslaved and put to work by intruders they never asked for. a century ago, The Great Revolt ended with the restoration of indigenous cultures, exile of Europeans, and most importantly, the outlaw of imperialism worldwide. the newly founded kingdom of Anevy soon became the most powerful country in the world, creating technology no other country could, and a fully functioning economy no
one dared to counter. even the planet was safe, because maintaining the environment their ancestors lived off was crucial to everyone’s happiness. but when peace with Europe was agreed, immigration into Anevy created more problems than aid. Dakota struggles with the loss of a loved one due to peace between countries, and it’s up to him to grow as a person and save the world he lives in at the same time. with the princess of Anevy on his side, a better world doesn’t seem so impossible after all.

I hope you all have a lovely week and if you choose to read I hope you enjoy! if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, I am always alive on my instagram and fanmail. <3


I just wanted to say congrats on making the shelf. I’m in dumbfounded at the opportunity to be featured along side your story. You deserve it love!


Ooh, I was absolutely stunned and happy to see a small author on a shelf. You don’t see too many which is disappointing. Your story caught my attention so I decided to read a little bit, and well, I really like what I’m reading. I’m still on the first chapter, btw! Congratulations and great work! :blob_hearts:


that means a lot, you don’t even know. thank you gorgeous, I’m so glad you like it!!