Let's Talk About . . . Voces Latinxs!

The I.T Girl by A.T
CONNECT THE DOTS by havana.writes
Unheart Heart by Mel&Zuzu
Bittersweet Wounds by CERI.
Bloodlines by Andi
Bound to You by lupe.writes
A beautiful chaos by PL
The Treasure of San Janier by Coni B.
Among Us by Pamela C.
A Dreamers Purpose by Kenia
The Love Scam by Layla Vex
Loud Love by MJ

Does the story fit the shelf, is it complete? Does the cover represent the story, would you reread? Who is the audience for the story, do choices matter, is the summary misleading, does it fit the genre?


I am proud to say, once again I read a story before the shelf.

I read Loud Love by MJ, but the INK version and I’m not sure if there is differences. I did not notice any Central America / South America etc characters, but then again I wasn’t looking out for them. I’d def recommend the story for someone who wants a slower pace story to build greater char development. This story wasn’t connecting to me, and I haven’t finished it so I don’t know if the ending is plot twisting, etc.

I will be reading the I.T Girl by A.T, as I adore comedies.


The Love Scam is the only one I’ve read from this shelf. I read it back in Jan/Feb for the spotlight contest.
Does it fit the shelf?
I guess so? I just read the description for the shelf and it said this is showcasing Latinx authors in the community, but idk anything about the author’s culture/background tbh, so I’ll take their word for it.
Is it complete?
No. And it’s pretty slow updates, but it’s well worth the read regardless.
Cover represent the story?
Yes… Although when I first read it I didn’t understand what the cover was until I got up to that point in the story.
Reread it?
Not at this stage, since it’s fairly early on in the story still.
Um, I’d say anyone could read it and would probably enjoy it… But then I remember it’s in spotlight, so the audience would have to be anyone who doesn’t mind spotlight since there are so many people I know will refuse to read it because of that.
Choices matter?
Summary misleading?
Not misleading, but I think what’s happened so far in the 5 episodes would also not be what you expect to happen based off of the summary either…
Fit the genre?
Well of course. It was a contest entry for the spotlight on love, so absolutely it is romance!


I just absolutely love how many stories from Latinx authors and/or with Latinx characters Episode had put on the shelf this time. Looks like Border Town had inspired it

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Perhaps, I do believe that they announced the Latino shelf during while the contest was going on, and Border Town had not won yet.

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They did.
This shelf is for National Hispanic Heritage Month which began today (Sept 15) I believe, so I don’t think the shelf was inspired by any particular story.

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Oh, I didn’t know about the month.

Anyways, I’m reading both the Love Scam and the I.T Girl.

Does the story fit the shelf, is it complete?
While I’m not as sure about The I.T Girl, Love Scam’s MC and one of the LI are both Latinx. I’m also assuming they are both written by Latinx authors. They however are not completed yet.
Does the cover represent the story, would you reread?
I’m not as far into both stories to know exactly, but at least both have the MCs front and center (sorta for Love Scam). Again, I’m not sure on reread-ability yet.
Who is the audience for the story, do choices matter, is the summary misleading, does it fit the genre?
Both seem to be for general/teen audiences, at least for those patient enough to read through long chapters. Choices matter for Love Scam definitely for character relationships, but I’m not sure for I.T Girl. The first couple of chapters are basically exposition/set-up for their summaries, but so far they are not misleading.
Love Scam definitely a romance/drama, while I see more the I.T Girl as a comedy combined with drama

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I read The I.T. Girl by A.T over the span of two days because, holy cow those episodes are long A.F. (not like a boring long, but like a good long. Really sucks you in.) One could argue that they are a bit long. Episode 1 is short I assume because of the old-max line limit and CC.

Does the story fit the shelf? : I didn’t notice any Latino Characters in the story, but I could tell that the characters (from background to main) all were from different races without the author telling me. It’s likely I overlooked some.

Cover? : I’d say yes.

Would I reread? : Honestly, I’m super tempted to reread just to nail those damn math problems. It was like Midnight, and bruh, I got 3/4. Super salty.

Audience? : I think the audience would be drama-comedy lovers (as mentioned in another post). It’s nice because most of the comedies are rom-coms or cute-comedy. This is different, and I really liked the jokes between all the characters. I think my favorite was in episode three when the MC is like ‘I need help getting dressed’ and all the characters raise their hands, “No, I need someone who hasn’t had 3 drinks today, got up before 3pm”- slowly all hands go down xD. (The boyfriend rapper is pretty funny too.)

Summary? : I’d say yes? I don’t recall it on the top of my head.

Genre? : Yeah, I’d say it’s a comedy. It’s a different kind of comedy- like interaction comedy? I don’t know how to word it besides how the characters interact with each other is hilarious. ’

I’d recommend this for a good relaxed read for comedy lovers. I think episodes took about 20+mins so make time for that.



I also got into A Dreamer’s Purpose just now, so there’s that
Does the story fit the shelf, is it complete?
Even though 5 chapters have been posted so far, I’ll go out on a limb and say they are long and plot-heavy. The author said in her own words about how this story is semi-biographical, so it does deal with Latinx identity and a couple other race/culture issues.
Does the cover represent the story, would you reread?
Just beginning to read this, I’m not sure yet on both questions - even though it is quite interesting. Who is the audience for the story, do choices matter, is the summary misleading, does it fit the genre?
General/teen, as a plot-driven story it is so far linear, however it allows the reader for English or Spanish text, the set-up I’ve read so far so not yet, but something tells me it’s going to be very drama-filled (even though it’s considered a Thriller in the app, maybe something would happen?)

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Loving the I.T girl, Connect the Dots, and The Treasure of San Javier.

All wonderful stories that fit their genres, and the authors are great!


My friends all recommend The Treasure of San Javier when it came out and for good reason. The directing is some next-level ish, and the plot is interesting too. I definitely recommend it.
I’ve started reading The I.T girl too since people on this thread seem to like it and so far I think it’s very sweet and funny.



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Ok, I’m doing that thing again. Bare with me… Rambling ahead.

A generalization I’m making is that they all fit the shelf this time around because it’s about Latinx Authors (not having Latinx characters… though that would be nice in my eyes) and I really can’t be bothered to stalk the family trees of all the authors to check if this is right or not… Someone else would have probably mentioned it by now if one of the authors were wrongly showcased anyway.

The IT Girl

Episode one is CC only and I am livid.
Though I thought it was cool that we can choose if we know/want to learn Spanish. I assume this will come up later? Maybe one character speaks Spanish and our choice gives us a translator?

Well, the cover gives me love triangle vibes and based off of episode 1 and who I got to CC, I’d give this a tick

Since it was only CC, I don’t know how accurate the summary is for the story as a whole, but it seems a pretty straight forward summary, so I doubt how it could be misleading.

Connect the Dots

I have honestly never seen so many BG characters in my life!!
Episode one was heaps long and was a flashback within a flashback and went back and forth between the two flashbacks.
Quite a few sexual innuendos and dirty humour. Some more subtle than others.

If this doesn’t represent the story, then I don’t know what would.

Uhhh… I’m having one of those moments where I’ve literally just finished reading the first episode and can’t even remember if there was choices? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: There was CC though…

People who like to play guess-who-the-murderer-is-before-it’s-actually-revealed

Yeah, it’s pretty straight forward. Though it makes it sound like choices would matter, so maybe I’m just having a blonde moment and forget the choices

I’m surprised it’s not in mystery, but I guess it would also be classified as a drama anyway.

Unheard Heart

Ok, based on the author’s note at the beginning alone, I can confirm that there is no CC which means likely that the MC will be Latinx and no choices in the first episode but will be added in later… So that makes me think that choices won’t end up impacting the story too much.

After reading episode 1, I probably won’t continue. It just felt like it was going to be too much of a happy romance where everything works out almost too convinently… Also there was a few too many typos and grammar mistakes that were really itching at me.

Interestingly… There was totally an S&M scene :joy:

I don’t think it represents the story per say, but you can tell it’s a romance story from the cover so there’s that.

Definitely for people who want to read romance.

I wouldn’t say it’s misleading, but just kind of vague… And I think they must have been hit with that summary word limit because they’ve omitted words to fit everything in and sacraficed the sentence structure in doing so… Also they’re missing a question mark :tired_face:

Bittersweet Wounds

The first thing I see when I start this story is a reader message. It says Trigger Warning: DEPRESSION. I actually laughed out loud at this, but simultaneously felt awkward and uncomfortable… Weird way to start a story and a extremely brief way to warn people who might actually be triggered.

Despite weird trigger, I actually really liked this story and added it to my favourites.

Heck yes! I was reading this and thinking “wow this is so dramatic! I have no idea who anyone is and I feel like I’ve started at a new school and no one explaining anything to me so all the conversations don’t make sense, but I can still tell it’s dramatic!”
For the record, things are made sense at the very end of episode one… Well, sorta.

Um it’s the two main characters… Not sure the significance of the book they’re reading… I guess it represents characters, but wouldn’t say it represents the story.

I couldn’t tell how heavily they influenced scenes and the story as a whole just yet, but author has put the ones she would pick in gold, which I don’t really like because it sort of influences a reader to keep picking those options… Then your coding for the other option goes to waste

Nothing in the summary was touched on in the first episode… Aside from learning the names of characters. Though I can totally see how episode 1 has set it up for the summary to now take place.

I’ll do more of the stories a bit later, because WOW this is a huge shelf!


I feel like this one hand some more Latinxs representation than the others. Probably because there was no CC, so I felt like the characters had heritage. Also this one had some more Latin words used (that got translated).
It’s not really my kind of story unfortunately. Not too much was given away in the first episode, but I believe our MC Carmen in this one will be forced into a marriage to an old childhood family friend who is part of a cartel…

Looks like we’ve gone for a literal take on the title with this one, since the cover is lines of blood with the two main characters posing in front.

Probably people who like gang stories, or stories where you fall in love with someone after your forced into some kind of situation with them.

Choices Matter
I don’t think so… Or not too much yet. Had a dressing game, a choice of what drink to have at the club and a choice to dance or wait for someone else to come back then dance. Can’t remember any other choices.

Bound To You

Male MC woo!
Heavy on the narration - it’s beautifully written, but I have become so used to visual stories now that it’s difficult to focus on 20+ narration bubbles one after the other.
Really reminds me of the movie In Time. By the sounds of things, when they turn 18 they get given a bracelet that counts down until they meet their soulmates? (This was probably explained more in the narration that I couldn’t concentrate on) So it’s like In Time except inside of dying when time runs out, you meet your match?? I think… I might continue this one to find out

Too early to say if the cover really represents the story.

If you liked the movie In Time, you’ll probably like this… Or if you like CC, you’ll like this. Or if you like male POV stories, you’ll like this.

It’s a little vague. I suppose it’s not misleading, but I would have preferred something more specific, especially considering the first episode revolving around these bracelets.

A beautiful chaos

This story also has a trigger warning for mental illness (though it does have more than a reader message this time)
Limited CC - so I’m assuming we’ve got some Latinx characters
Oooh @Caitoriri did you know you were credited in this one? Hehe

It’s pretty, doesn’t tell you anything about the story though… Or I guess it tells you it will be sad since the characters are crying.

It’s a pretty straight forward summary. Not much else to say here.

Yeah, definitely gives of romance vibes.

People who are not going to be triggered by mental illness. There was a few lines in the first episode where I could see how it would be triggering to some, and I imagine there could be more intense moments further in to, so I’d take that warning seriously.

readerMessage advises me my choice will be remembered. Don’t think it will impact the ending though.

The Treasure of San Javier

Wow, the directing is crazy good in this!
I really like the relationship between grandfather and granddaughter - don’t see too much of that on Episode.
Also feel like this is one you should pay attention to. Like I think I’ve been giving subtle clues and hints… so might be a good one to save for a binge read since I get the feeling MC might be able to die if you make too many mistakes.

It does give off a bit off a pirate adventure vibe, so I’d say yes.

They do matter, they will be remembered. Also, tappable overlays…

I don’t like how romance-centered the summary comes across as. It was such a good adventurous read, but when you look at the summary, it sound liken it’s going to be ALL about the sexy love interest JR, so that disappoints me a little bit.


I’m back again :laughing:

Among Us

So you can either CC or you can leave them the way author intended them…
The directing is pretty flawless and I all the backgrounds really flow with each other and make it feel like it’s really set in one town.
I don’t think the ending of episode 1 was that great of a cliff hanger, but I’m adding this one to my reading list because the directing was pretty neat and that’s enough to keep me around.

They do matter… I think the really important ones are in gold.

Another one for people who like the romance genre. But I did say I was sticking around for the directing, so I’d say it’s also for people who don’t mind a bit of romance as long as they also get to see it done with pretty backgrounds and overlays and zooms.

I wouldn’t say it represents the story, but I guess it’s kind of hard to represent a romance story on a cover

Maybe… it talks about romance among friends but I think the two main characters are more strangers to start off with. Minor details :sweat_smile:

A Dreamers Purpose

I think it’s super cool the author offered to have the episodes be in Spanish or in English.
Author has said some of this is based on true events so I’m wondering what parts and exactly which character is her.
It’s quite fast-paced so far, I think to set the scene
Also, episode 1 is a lot of narration… I don’t think this will be the case with the whole story, because I think again, it’s to set the scene

I don’t think the cover gives away any details of the story.

NOT for people who are easily triggered by sexual assault

Well there was none in the first episode, but before the start there was the choice of language, so I’d say that was a choice that mattered. But no plot related choices so far to judge on.

Loud Love

So you get to customise 3 characters.
Episode one consists mostly of a flashback with MC telling her therapist about her heartbreak.

Umm… It’s just two characters, so doesn’t represent the story and I guess doesn’t represent the characters either since it’s all CC lol

Nothing in the summary was touched on much in episode 1… But after reading episode one and then rereading the summary, I could see where it’s going.

Like CC? This story’s for you. Like short(ish) episodes? Also for you.

There were a few… I think they impact a couple of scenes but I don’t think they change the ending

So now after reading every story’s first episode, a couple trends I noticed:

  • Most stories were either about crime/criminals or contained some crimes or something illegal.
  • All stories, from my impression, will have romance in them.
  • Quite a few stories addressed mental health/mental illnesses.
  • Variety of LL and ink stories.
  • Variety of stories that did include CC and that didn’t include CC