Let's Talk About... Women's History Month



I do know the story, I read it
It’s just whimpering and misandry!!

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Women can be empowered without obvious misandry


Thank you! :joy: :heart:

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And? I highly doubt she was using the urban dictionary definition.
People use “drinking tears” in all sorts of scenarios.
“I drink feminist tears!”
“I drink Trump supporter tears!”
“I drink anti-vaxxers tears!”

Etc. Etc. Etc.


As a ftm, I see the stupid agenda from both sides
The author isn’t fooling anyone with a brain!!

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What is a ftm?

Female to male, sorry for confusion

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Heh thanks :smile: for some reason I was thinking “full time mom”

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Lololol no nooo!! I am not old enough for kids


Seriously…I am obsessed.

Teach me


So I read Villainous Heroes and Scandalous before the shelf was actually up and read Boy Tears the other night.

Villainous Heroes has insane directing! I bet I have missed a lot of important details because I get distracted with pretty overlays and what not. I think it’s a good fit for the shelf and I’m pretty sure most, if not all, choices count for something.

Scandalous as been a long time favorite of mine so I’m really happy that it got featured. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to actually play a story where you’re solving a crime - it’s that interactive type of figure out who killed your bestie story. Unrelated-ish: I really have no guesses as to who the murderer is, which annoys me, but I just honestly have no clue who it could be yet.

As for Boy Tears… omg! This is the best fit for the shelf, without a doubt, in terms of the themes in the story. It’s got some good funny moments too, but I find myself reading and being like “oh wow, so true” because it’s relatable. Spoiler-ish: There was a 7 years later time jump and it kinda took me by surprise… I really thought it would be a high school story and I’m still a little shocked that they are adults now lol


Oh, so I’m back to talking to myself? Okay :pensive:

From week 2, I had already been reading Who We Are by Jay Santiago, but I was about 4 episodes behind so I read the newest ones this week while it’s on the shelf and gahhh they’re amazing! Like seriously, the directing in this is soooo good. I remember thinking the waves at the beach were cool, but they are nothing compared to the birds eye view shot with the road trip map (this will make no sense to people who haven’t read it lol)

I think it was a good fit for the shelf and I’m really happy to see it featured. I’m pretty sure some choices matter in that they’re are going to be long lasting consequences, but I think some choices only change a few scenes, not the whole story. Would recommend for high schoolers and college students who just want something genuinely cute and funny to read tbh. Or to anyone who wants to play mini games, as there is a few of them :slight_smile:


I really am talking to myself WOW ok :flushed:

From the third week I have read two stories.

RUNAWAY is one of the very few action stories I’ve read on episode and liked. The MC is a bad ass, and I agree that it fits the shelf. Choices do matter and so far I’ve seen how most of them play out, but will definitely read on to find out how it affects the story line as a whole too. The journalist is easily my favourite character so far.

I’ve also read Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I really like it. It’s lighthearted and upbeat and every girl of the group has their own personality and traits and struggles. It feels very realistic. It’s a good fit for the shelf and for the comedy genre as well, I also think there’s a decent amount of drama too, for fans of the genre who might be reading me talking to myself and wondering.


Girls just wanna have fun is great story.
I was reading it before it went it on the shelf, I was thinking to myself like “this belongs on the shelf” and what do you know…a day later it’s on the shelf lol.

i’m physic,i’m convinced :sweat_smile:


For the fourth week I’ve read two of the stories:

  1. How To Be A Princess

I read this one back when it was a college days entry and have been loving it since (I am a bit behind though, sorry) What hooked me onto the story after the contest is how well the author developed the characters in just three episodes. There are many girls in the friend group, yet each had their own distinctive personalities and this was very impressive to me. I love the directing and the level of branching is impressive, choices certainly matter and the plot is very fun and different. Oh and the author updates very frequently and often in batches of 2 episodes.

Does it fit the shelf?
Absolutely fits the shelf, the story is about a young woman exploring her independency and attempting to break away from her family expectations and pressures.

Who would you recommend it for?

This is a tough one, because if someone told me to read a princess story I’d roll my eyes at them. I honestly recommend this story to anyone it has a little bit of friendship, comedy and even romance.

  1. The Glass Cage

I really enjoyed this story and I think it’s very well written. The story does a respectful job of portraying the realities of being in an abusive relationship. As the story progresses, choices start to matter as well.

Does it fit the shelf?

100%. The story showcases a woman breaking free from the restraints in her life, despite how difficult it may be and overcoming her trauma. I’ve seen many people say they can relate to the MC and it is comforting and inspiring being able to read a story as such, on the app.

Who would you recommend it for?

Although I do believe the story is a gem, it does deal with a lot of heavy content and can get quite emotional so I don’t think it is suitable for everyone. I would recommend it to anyone who will not be triggered by; domestic/emotional abuse.



Week 4 is still up on my app? Is it the same for anyone else?


I still have it.

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Interesting… I wonder what’s going on then…?