Let's Talk About ... Women's History!


Equality by @amepisode
The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
DEAD 7 by Kayla S.
Falling for Sin by CERI
Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
The Blacksmith by ERC
Self - Expression by Brenna Nelson
Hollywood Heartbreak by Jessica Swift
The Secrets of Success by Leila K

Random Topic Starters : What did you like / dislike about the stories? Would you recommend? Does the story fit the shelf? Would you reread? Doe the choices matter? Does the cover art represent the story? Does the story fit the genre? Is the story complete?


FORUMERS I know at least some of you have read Adrenaline come talk about it! I don’t bite :slight_smile:


I have read adrenaline it is so good I finished it in 3 days


Do choices matter, would you reread?


i think the choices do matter


The Ruby Tiara is AMAZING. The MC is a strong character with flaws, the choices matter, love interests aren’t forced on you. There’s so much effort and love put into this story, you can really tell. I would definitely recommend.


Is the story complete, does the story fit the genre?


The Ruby Tiara, Adrenaline and DEAD 7 are all super amazing stories. Choices matter a lot and the plots are very interesting and detailed I would definitely recommend


Haven’t read the others though.


OKAY Apparently I read Self - Expression, but don’t remember a thing about it. I think. lmao I’m pretty sure this story was on the LGBTQ shelf like 6 months ago, and the author added episode 5. I don’t know if I am going to reread it x-x


Who would you recommend those stories for? (like fantasy lovers, romance lovers, decade lovers?)


Ruby Tiara I would say more Drama/ Fantasy, Adrenaline and DEAD 7 I would Action but DEAD 7 is also a comedy


Adrenaline is listed as Drama in the Episode platform.


I guess it could be classified as a drama as it has a lot of dramatic scenes but when I read Adrenaline I find it as more of an Action series


Let’s see, I’ve read a couple of these.

Equality by Amanda Michele I think is fantastic! To begin with, she’s one of my favorite authors on this app. I feel like every time she publishes a story, she just gets better and better. What I liked about Equality is that it’s set in the future and on a different planet. I’m HUGE sucker for Sci-fi and it’s one of my favorite genres so to see a sci-fi like setting is super exciting to me. While making it an entertaining read, she also broaches important subjects that are relevant to today’s struggle and world, making you pause and reflect. Can this really be the type of future we’re headed for? As for fitting the shelf, I can see how it does, but at the same time, you can choose which gender to play and I chose to play the male side. So I don’t get to see as much as the struggle on the female side. But considering it’s about fighting for your rights and equality for all, overall I believe that it fits the theme of the shelf. When I finish this story, I will definitely re-read it just to see the other side. Choices matter for sure! She has a way of making you sometimes second-guessing even the simplest of choices. I believe that the cover art fits the story well. It gives off feelings of dissent in a futuristic setting. The story is not complete yet, but I have no doubts that she’ll finish it because she’s known for finishing things she starts.

Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni- I’m not gonna lie, I was super hesitant to begin this story. I didn’t actually start reading it until it had like 25 chapters or so. When things are so hyped up, I tend to read them and then get discouraged or let down because I find that they’re not as good as everyone raves about. However, in this case, I was glad to be proven wrong. I read her other previous works before this and knew she was talented, but every time I saw glimpses of it, it seemed rather gang like to me and I cringed because it’s one of my least favorite plot lines/tropes here on Episode. But Adrenaline is SO much more than that. It definitely belongs on this shelf and I honestly can’t think of a single thing I dislike about it. Okay, maybe the customization- I don’t like the idea that you can customize Liane because I think she’s perfect as she is. I would DEFINITELY recommend this story and hope that everyone comes to appreciate that hard work she’s put into this tale. The characters are the most captivating part- they’re so dynamic and 3D, their flaws and strengths, each individual and beautifully written. Choices do matter and the cover art accurately represents the story I believe. The genre is also fitting because you’re in for one heck of a roller coaster when you read this story. It is not complete, no, but she’s just finished with her third season so there’s quite a bit to read and I know that she’ll finish it because you can tell how much it means to her.

DEAD 7 by Kayla S. - This story was thoroughly amusing and I’ve always been fond of Kayla’s work. I laughed a few times throughout the chapters (the story is complete now) and found myself coming to adore and appreciate each character. Some things I liked about it were the character dynamics an character backstories. Kayla is really good about giving each of her characters such a unique backstory and the ability to intertwine them all together. Some things I dislike about it, some of the characters do seem a little similar to others in her works and the humor is the same in places, but I don’t think that should detract from the story itself. Riley, the main character in the story, is a strong female who somehow manages to scrape by through everything through the skin of her teeth. She’s strong in ways you imagine and unique ways that other people don’t think about when they think of a definition of a strong woman. Despite the fact that most of the characters are male, I do believe that this story fits the shelf. I might re-read one day if I have the time. Choices do matter, especially towards the end. I think the cover art represents, but I feel like it’s hard to tell it’s a comedy if you didn’t know that it was Kayla’s signature genre. Her story DEFINITELY fits the genre, even if it’s a little more serious at times than some of her other stories.

Hollywood Heartbreak by Jessica Swift- I haven’t read this one of hers yet, but I do have it on my shelf to read eventually. I just want to say how AMAZING this author is and I’m super excited to see her on this shelf. Every FMC she writes is incredible and stunning and what I believe to be a great role model. Jessica’s strengths lay in writing historicals and I’m sure this story is no different. You’ll find a beauty in the writing and an accuracy to the era that you won’t find anywhere else on Episode I believe. To me, she is the Queen of Episode Historicals and I hope that many people give this story a chance.


Are you planning on reading more on the shelf?


I want to give The Ruby Tiara a shot, but it’s one of those stories where I’ve heard nothing but amazing things and I’m scared to be disappointed. I’ll probably end up reading it at some time, and hope that the hype was well placed and it is amazing. Falling for Sin and The Blacksmith don’t really seem all that much like something I would be interested in so I probably won’t pick those up. Self-Expression seems interesting and I might pick that one up as well. Same with Secrets of Success. :smile: :heart:


Oh gosh :see_no_evil: Thank you. You’re support as always is amazing :heart_eyes:


Alright, I just had to get over here to see what’s up. I looked into Women’s History, found The Ruby Tiara, and instantly fell in love. It’s probably my favorite Episode story ever. I’m super impressed how much choices matter, how much thought is put into the world, and how we get to know a LOT about Ethania (something a lot of fantasy stories fail to deliver). If you haven’t read it, please do. The chapters are long and of good quality, the characters are complex and three-dimensional, it’s great.


Is the story complete? Would you reread?