Let's talk abt dms!

Lets sit down have some TAE and now answer the following.

  3. Explain your views abt talking to people and abt dms

I don’t have a problem with people dming me.

Sometimes it gets weird. When that happens, you just ignore.

Most times it’s r4r so…


i know sometimes i recieve


then i reply hii
and then they just ignore hahaha


I receive quite a lot of dm’s but they’re mostly about R4R’s or shop requests or something. I would probably be friends with them if they ask

In my opinion I only don’t answer if someone just pops up and says 'Hi then goes away

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I get those.

I got one that stuck. Start asking what was my favorite color and songs and where I live.

Wouldn’t answer any my questions about them being random lol.

I’m not big on random people dming me asking to be friends. It’s just not the way that works for me. My best friendships I’ve made on the internet started out as something random. Like replying to my story or smth. Then we start talking regularly and we understand each other and that’s what I love :ocean::sparkles:

But when people just do this:
Hi. Do you wanna be friends?

I’ll just decline your message request or just not reply because I’m really awkward :sweat_smile:

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I don’t mind when people Dm me I will answer but when people just randomly text me asking me to read their story I will most likely not answer.

Hey! :white_heart:

On forums open, on Insta not!

Depends on who and what about. But I’m always in for helping someone or meeting new people.

No one really does dm me on Insta randomly, but on forums yea sometimes someone pms me, I’m mean it’s often about like a question about something or something from my friends.

But other then that I’m always open here for pms if someone needs to talk about something or need some advice or help with some ideas with their story and I will be glad to help you.


Depends. If someone just needs someone to talk to then sure, but people who don’t even follow me and ask me to give their story a read, review, and shoutout (when my insta never does those) are just :unamused: :roll_eyes: .


Sure. I’m not that talkative though.

  • Explain your views abt talking to people and abt dms

Well as long as you don’t tell them your ssn, address, etc you should be fine, but not everyone wants to talk. It’s person by person.

I’m on my iPhone 5s, and failing miserably at typing.

I never receive dms lol. Or barely.

What I don’t like is people who want to force their opinion on you, and won’t even hear you out if you have a different opinion on something. “you’re cancelled”. That’s stupid, no sign of intelligence.
I also don’t like drama queens. Making a big deal out of anything irrelevant. But this is something usually kids/tweens tend to do. I immediately recognise it when I see it. And I usually try to make them see it’s not that huge of an issue, or give advice.

Other than that, I’m nice when people try to talk to me. I also try to explain stuff to them, when a more serious subject comes up. (Well, that’s if the person even keeps talking to me for that long. But as mentioned before, it happened to me too that someone dmd me and said hi, I said hi back and then they ghosted. Wtf is up with those people tho :laughing: )

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I don’t mind when people DM me. I’ll answer all of them. But if someone sends thirsty messages or random messages. I would not reply to all of them. Tbh, I really have received some thirsty messages.

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1.) Yes, they’re always open lol
2.) Yea, I’m too nice to ever decline but sometimes if our personalities don’t click it’s just so awkward and it’s like :clown_face:
3.) I’m very socially inept, so unless I’ve been acquainted to a person for a while, I feel really weird about receiving dms from people. Not in a negative way, it’s just awkward lol. To people who do dm others to be friends, please be careful. Not everyone has the best intentions. Social media in general isn’t the best place to make friends since you don’t know who’s behind the screen. Although I have made very close friends via the internet.

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I definitely agree with you! I didn’t realize that happened so much though… do you mean on insta or on the forums?

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Insta :clown_face:

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Oh yep that’ll do it…
I basically never use insta anymore to chat with people, only certain close friends. I don’t mind dms on there but I know they can go downhill quickly :skull:

But I definitely enjoy meeting new people and making friends! They just have to be friendly and not creepy lol

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  1. I think anyone can DM me on IG (follower or not), so yeah it’s open.

  2. I’m really awkward with social interaction, and most people are probably younger than me, so I find it weird if they message me with “Hey can we be friends?” It just comes off as super awkward and off-putting. I am more of an artist than a writer, so if people want to be friends with me, I always (sadly) assume that it’s because they want free art from me.

  3. I don’t mind talking to people via closed spaces (like PMs, DMs, what-not) but it does get uncomfortable for me since I am not used to doing so with people I don’t personally know. Also, I’ve received 3-5 DMs already about people asking me for art requests and it just turned me off since it feels like people only want to talk to me as if I am an art robot. I know that is not what they are trying to be, but it’s my fault I guess for not putting (NO REQUESTS) in my bio haha- I’ve already added it in my bio and it’s working I assume


mine are always open
i would love to be frnds

I agree

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Yes they are but I won’t reply unless their is something significant to talk about. Like when people have just said “Hi” then I have deleted the message or removed myself from the chat if it is on forums. Like please get to the point here, if you say “Hi” I have no idea what you want. And I also ignore story ones unless it R4R. I could never imagine going into someone’s DM’s just to ask them to read my story, it would feel as if I am using them for reads which that is basically what it is no offence.

For the people who want to make “friends” trust me DMing someone that will most likely not get a reply because it is awkward. You should never really ask someone to be your friend. If you really want to make friends try getting into groupchats or reply to someone’s story. I have made many friends by just replying to someone’s story since you actually have something to start talking off.